STARSEEDRESISTANCE - Nihilist Embracement. A targeted individual "super soldier" milab resource site, a resource for those under directed energy assault in mkultra programs, as this evil planet is extinguished, largely by the BLACK OPS American super soldier groups that piss in the Universe's face with their barbaric butchering mentacide programs.

 ** Legal disclaimer: Everything on this website is fiction.
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Washington: Release me from the program
These progressive, enlightened people where burned alive 770 years ago. Me too and I'm still burning, only in a worse 2014-high-tech way. We share the same story basically.

"According to the Cathar approach to dualism, a good god made the heavens and the human soul, while an evil god entrapped that soul to suffer in the flesh of the human body and in material and worldly things of the earth – an evil place. Salvation, according to the Cathars, lay in the human soul's escape to the spiritual realm from its prison of flesh in the material world." Here - and thanks to Iron Maiden: Cathars    And some damn good music with lyrics below.
No offense to anyone, but some stupid, totally unrelated observations may be in order as the evil known as organized religion is used widely as a glue amongst the forces that are persecuting me.

Helpful TI support links.
European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH)
Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillence
Peace Pink
Tortured in America
Ritual Abuse Links and more

I heard a rumor once that officers in the American military are now only promoted if their IQ is s below a certain score. If that's true it explains a lot of things. 

 Who's the dude in this video?  Let's review.  We're letting him out - NEVER.

"The Internet is causing tremendous problems for them... they're running a race, they know they only have so much time to get control and hive the humans." "And things can come unglued very fast." huh? See Preston James interview in links section.n.

Nihilist Embracement plans on posting tips for TI's soon. You can find many tips by searching the net - obviously.
First and foremost - if you start hearing voices in your head contact Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance immediately and get as much information as you can. Listen to interviews with Dr. John Hall - the more recent the better in my opinion - and contact Dr. Hall if possible. Talk to as many well known professionals who are familiar with electronic torture and gangstalking as possible. In other words make as much noise as you can and educate yourself as much as possible in the process. Create Youtube videos carefully, accurately detailing your experiences and link to other Targeted Individuals. Treat what's happening to you like you would an accident where your hand is severed or something like that. DO NOT stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not happening. Do not try to carry on as usual - stop everything and put 100 % of your time and effort into stopping it.  Your best chance of getting out - thus saving your life - is in the very begining.  NORMAL is over. There will never be any such thing as Normal again. COPY THE LINKS FROM THIS SITE TO YOUR OWN BLOG AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you post your experiences. This will serve as excellent support. Tell the domestic terrorists (that's what they are) that you don't give a damn what they do to anyone else, you just want to be left alone and if they don't go you'll make them pay an exhorbitant price every step of the way. Attack them viciously and relentlessly.  NE has injected some humor into recent postings so the site is a bit more readable and less morose (given the subject matter) - but take this advise seriously and pass it along. This will save lives.

Some Tips for Targeted Individuals:
- Never contact the police, hospital, 'mental health' worker etc unless you have a very good strategy, know who you're dealing with and have a very good reason to do so. Contact someone on a buddy-list in a TI support group instead.
- Psychiatric 'medicine' is poison and will make you insane. Never take it.
- Get as much physical exercise as you can. Get into martial arts. This will help in many ways.
- If you are getting pounded with frequency attacks - mental and physical pain, try this:
take 2-4 Benedryl's with 2 Valorium root pills (can get at health food store). This will give a nice little buzz and take the edge off the torture.
- Remember something very important. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Think about the big picture.
- Listen to Classical Music. Reggae is good too.
- Get a large heavy steel chain and put strong neodymium magnets on it and put it around your neck. This will have the effect of weakening the electromagnetic waves hitting you.  Try putting neodymium magnets on different places of your body, especially lower legs and wrists. You may try puting several magnets between two pieces of duct-tape then putting the tape on the inside of a baseball cap so the magnets are always against your head. They may find a way eventually to get around this so keep experimenting with it. Remember to keep all of your magnets away from your computers, cell phones etc or they will be destroyed.
- Only do this if you have to. Aspartame/Phenylalinine is an excito-toxin, a brain drug basically. And in caffeinated sodas helps you focus. Something about this has a way of counteracting the worst effects of electromagnetic neural torture. It instantly re-wires your brain in a way, getting it back on track. Only use a small amount and on occasion. This is a pesticide created specifically to kill lots of people. However in small amounts on occasion it's no different than any other drug. I prefer small shots of strong espresso and a few sips of regular coke instead. If you need relief you need relief, do what you have to, but stay away from hard drugs.
- Torture your torturer's if you are under RNM. This may not be applicable to every TI but you can try it. If you are getting live voice to skull from handlers it may work.  Turn on a radio and change the dial to a non-station on AM where there is terrible static and high pitched squelching coming and going, turn the volume way up. It's especially effective in a car. You may hear the torture agents actually scream at you to turn it off. Caveat - it will hurt your ears too.  Same principle may apply to visual things as well. If you can stomach staring at disturbing things you may be able to inflict psychological damage back on them. Trust me on this.
- Preserve your sanity and your health at all costs. Commit to winning this struggle. Do anything you have to. Martial arts will empower you. Get to the gym and go at it on punching bags etc. Take plenty of vitamins and health foods. Go in the opposite direction of suicide and fortify yourself in every way. Do anything that suits you to re-establish your sense of power.

Comedy hour....come back to this vid if you get too depressed from further reading..
Back before future president Hillary got into politics I bet you didn't know she did some work with Cheech and Chong. This kind of scene is common in Washington. 

I probably should have used Pelosi or Feinstein or someone else other than Hillary as a prop in my little Cheech & Chong vid ad-line. As far as politicians go I like the Clintons, especially Hillary. That may sound crazy and will surely offend the Rush Limbaugh types.  I like the Clintons if for no other reason than that President Clinton publicy acknowledged government experimentation and torture programs like Monarch and MK-Ultra on American citizens, and he publicly issued an apology on it. Obviously these programs did not stop though. They were simply driven further underground, further into the shadows of deep black operations - especially easier to do since 911. 

I appeal to the Clintons to please help to release myself and others from this covert 'milab' MK-Ultra program.

Anyone high enough in government who can access my file, feel free. You certainly have my permission for what its worth.

A crazy thought

TI's always ask, when is this going to end, am I trapped in this for life? I see one way out, and it's not far-fetched. First of all, the problem is your country's secret military operations, whatever country you happen to be in. Therefore you need liberated from your government, meaning it has to be destroyed with the military-related structures that run these operations GONE. WIPED OUT. In America this may well happen.  What if the United Nations ran what is now the USA?  America's hidden special ops human experiment-torture programs would cease because the American military wouldn't really exist anymore. When America is under United Nations control then I can have my mind back. I can have actual dreams at night, I can have private thoughts. I can think any damn thing I want. I can let my mind wander. I can relax. I can be human.  I'm strongly PRO-UN because of my situation.  I have ancestory going back to early colonial days in New England and Virginia, ancestors who faught in the Revolutionary War, both sides of the War Between the States, D-Day, Vietnam etc. If things like that really mattered then why am I being tortured to death in my own "country"? I welcome UN liberation. Anyone who gets me out of this is a liberator.

Look everyone, We got pulled into a  MKULtra Black Ops Navy Seal Super Soldier program. Look at us now.

Look at us now

AND SUPER SOLDIER Program Directors

Used against our will and on a termination program after being thoroughly destroyed and de-humanized.

Do you reap what you sow?

wHo do we, the ringleaders of this wicked transhumanist mil-cult really serve behind all the camoflauge of ideology? Who hired us?
you got it!

Art above is the work of Chet Zar.

Sept 13, 2014 - More sadistic destructive tortures are back. More stuff this morning. While overall things have lightened up some, they handlers can't take it very well when I simply recall all the tortures they've done to me over the past 33 months and the rage and wounds I feel. I've openly said before, I should have been put in a trauma unit this time last year. Now the handlers have to live with my pain and deep damage.

Sept 7, 2014
America's MKULTRA mind control program was launched in 1953

The physical equivalent of electronic neural torture, mental rape is this. Take a good look.
Electronic neural torture = meth

I heard a rumor once that officers in the American military are now only promoted if their IQ is below a certain score. If that's true it explains a lot of things. 

Sept 6, 2014 Going into the 33rd month of hell on Earth under the Beastware system. 33 months of unreality. I'm neutral in all human conflicts but it doesn't matter. I'm going down. You can't fight town hall. You can only take care of yourself. All I know is what comes around goes around.

Aug 26, 2014. Who would want to be associated in any way with secret agencies such as the special ops military and their likes? We're talking about the darkest of dark. EVIL. This is the real Mafia. And EVIL rules this planet, that's a fact.

I think back a lot to when I was alive. My life was full of inner and outer happiness. Life was life. Very often problems that I thought were big turned out to be minor and I ended up with nice little windfalls, extram money and time. I reflect back alot. I pretend I can go back in time, knowing what I do now. Things would be very different. I'll be posting advice on how to avoid being a TI and targeted in general by the Spy state we are trapped in.  How to Avoid Becoming a TI

Now I can't enjoy anything. It's not my mind. How I wish that weren't true. This is something the massess can't comprehend. They say things that were only true in the past, that applied during the Human era which is over for active TI's... things like: 'your thoughts create your reality. You manifest what you think about,' etc.  If they only knew.  I blog this constantly: I have no private thoughts of any kind including memories.  I am not allowed to have real dreams. Any, and I mean any, new experience I have that isn't synthetic is captured by the 'soul catcher' technology. You should think about that profoundly, those of you who can think.

Aug 25, 2014. Is a collapse of America possible? For the sake of Targeted Individuals, lets hope so.

Aug 24, 2014. Has the American military industrial complex become a War Crime in and of itself?

Is the American government-military-ind-complex everything it propogandizes North Korea, Iran, Syria and occasionally Russia to be? NO. It's worse. Immeasurably worse. All those, namely black ops military, make it the torture state that it is. Torture seems to be the one area the militarized bastardized bipolar fruitloop circus that calls itself America seems to excel at these days. Mark my words that as you're reading this people around the world including America are being tortured to death -- by the American military/government.

Aug 22, 2014. I think back to how I was before my  torture prison sentence started. It's unreal. I fantasize about it in disbelief. I truly can't comprehend now what it was like to be free, how magic it was, how incredible it was to have private thoughts, to have real dreams. Another TI I know related the same feeling a while back.

What wil the end result of all this be for this planet? A gas cloud in the asteroid belt. I bet ya.

Is it too much to ask for help from the Red Cross? Should they not be setting up centers to treat victims of electronic torture all across America? By the way, the states hardest hit are California, Texas and Florida.

You know, everytime I see a Tall Grey I hear that old Edgar Winter song, Frankenstein, somewhere in my e-zombied head. How's Haliburton doing these days? Can the Frankensteins of the beltway and black ops projects, if you will, fish out some reparation checks to their domestic terror victims for starters?

Advisory to those thinking of joining the military. There's nothing wrong with the military per-se.  The problem in 2014 America though is that military personnel are more likely to become targets for milab super-soldier programs. Don't want to be a de-humanized lab-rat, stay out. Anyone with a military background past or present, from my observations, is a better candidate for the MK-Ultra nightmare.

By the way, who is it that's paying the butcher's bill now and in wars to come? Is it generally the poor or is it the offspring of the Tall Greys and the big-wigs you see on your Isis Ferguson (the new name for your TV)? It's all like a big reality game show, the stuff you see on Isis Ferguson. The hosts are the elite and/or their technical assistants and the lower classes are the entertainment fodder, the clowns. Everbody wins! A whole lot like the Cheech and Chong magic trick scene you see above. Evil and stupid and cheap-amusement-entertainment-cravers get along famously together. Ain't that a peach?

To clarify, Cheech & Chong were great. What you see on your Isis Ferguson and in theatres today is pure sewage.

Aug 21, 2014. Here's the leader of the Tall Greys explaining why I need to remain in the Super Soldier program. Sean Happity, a Draco Reptiloid, had the Tall Grey Lizard King on for a full segment on this.

Don't be confused by this TG's references to Isis . These are merely cover stories made up of code words for the more astute class of super soldier.
I'm confused as to what Isis is actually.

I know it to be Isis Ferguson since that's all I see and hear when I have on any form of news. It sucks that a TV doesn't own me, or I mean that I don't own a TV but I plan on getting one once I save up enough money, and I'll hump it in the middle of the night. That's better than actually watching it. I'm going to name my new TV Isis Ferguson.  Everyone should name their TV since it's a part of the family right?

If you don't believe Tall Greys exist just ask this former Tall Grey abductee. I still remember an encounter I had with them on a highway in  the desert about 2 a.m. one morning back in 2010 or 2011. Though the American desert is very far away from where I live, there I was in the middle of the highway and with a relative as well. They held an oval shaped device to my groin which took semen from me, then they put up a big screen of some kind across an empty highway to show me something important but I never did remember what it was. There was a column of about 30+ of the lanky Tall Greys straggling along the highway.  As I was awaking to the screen memory - um I mean the true memories of the real experience (laugh) that it was, a hologram of some kind was displayed over my bed of a blonde haired man who liked me and a grey-hybrid female who did not like me. The blonde guy told me things were difficult but that they'd be alright.  This was back before the navy took over. The 'abductions' stopped when the navy came along with their mentaciding mkultra prison program.

I still remember the way the first black ops group (greys) would 'pull' me at the begining of an abduction. It was always scary and weird. Mind control victim Jim Sparks describes the process well in his book.

I hope some Hollywood type doesn't steal my name Isis Ferguson but I can see it happening because it's also a hot name for a porn star.

Them creepy greys got exposed and stuff.  Innocence lost.


Oh, the hell with it... I'll tell you about the Tall Blondes AKA Pleiadians, Nordics, whatever you want to call them. Pictured below are the successors to Semjase who serve as space ambassadors to Obama. They cleverly snuck their way into the cast in a movie called White Chicks as a form of disclosure to the public.

My first Nordic abduction was in June 2011. For a fake transhumanist remote neural mind trip experience - meaning artificial, it was incredible. I still remember every detail. I had around a half dozen Nordic 'abductions' in all. Most of them were rescue mission. I'm still astounded when I hear super soldiers doing big interviews talk about their "missions." Super soldiers or stupid soldiers? In fairness, with so little info on this stuff in the past, yes it would be very difficult to believe anything other than what was being put in your head by the people doing this to you.

Nordics are the GOOD guys. You'll hear some mind-control ('abductee') victims say: no, there are bad factions of Nordics too who gave in and sided with the greys or some crap like that. But basically in the genre of man-made aliens they are the supreme good guys who want to save humanity.

The drugs they (covert t-humanist military) use on the victims are very powerful. After Nordic 'abductions' I usually felt super elated with a sense of goodness and good will, wanting to be positive and only open to positive news etc.

I had a major Nordic rescue mission on Thanksgiving night 2011 where I (we - myself and a nordic) rescued a woman being held by greys at an undergound base beneath a building in the city I live in. There were some elements in the experience that later made me suspicious that it was fake. Nonetheless it left me in an artificially high mood. That morning however, when I walked outside I saw military planes flying overhead, single file, and they didn't stop - all day long, everywhere I went I had military planes flying directly over me. Then a couple weeks later the first transhumanist super soldier surgery came. This time I was taken from my home physically sometime during the night, and I awoke under heavy anesthesia to a creepy screen memory. It took over a week for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off. I've said more than I wanted to... The 'alien abduction' experiences tapered off and finally ceased a couple months later - replaced by a more personal, constant, worse form of the 'program'.

By the way, I have not had a real dream since December 2011 when I was advanced to the hardcore TI version of the 'program' and no longer just an 'abductee' milab. Not one. Every 'dream' / nightmare I have is a synthetic mind movie created by a handler. In the past they were almost always nightmares to varying degrees.


Aug 20, 2014 Note to self - I supposedly have a real live kid (son) from the navy breeding program. I don't believe this was disinfo/hoax. Just thought I'd type that out for what it's worth. I told them repeatedly I didn't care. I'd rather assume it is a hoax since it's a moot point because he's a property of the super-state and not for me to see. They even told me I'd never even be allowed around these kids anyway. Standard stuff to add to the trauma. They show idiot fake-alien-believing milabs fake images of them with their 'hybrid alien grey child' and crap like that. That's as close as they come to telling them that they're being used in genetic research and breeding programs. Most of these poor 'alien abductee' victims never figure it out.

One of the biggest themes and first things they show you in the super soldier program is that "something is going to happen," meaning there will be major wars or other collapse type events in the future, and that you'll be a part of it. This runs the range from total economic collapse to alien invasion. You're being trained/prepared for it. Lucky you! If being in the state I'm in is preparedness and strength I'd hate to see the opposite. I want my specially bred son to take my place in these future battles. I'm too old and don't know how you take sides amidst total chaos anyway.

I've lately visualized a shrink checking out this site. I can see the look on his face when he pulls it out of his hands. It's indescribable in words, you'd have to see it. He's deeply troubled and almost in a kind of grief. He wants to help me. "I help people," he often says to himself. But now his faith in humanity and all he knows has been crushed by the worst case of extreme clinical insanity he's ever professionally encountered or even heard of. "This person MUST be committed immediately to a maximum security asylum for life," he says. But that's where he is. I was actually free, which is where the NWO navy scum came into the scene.

I have to admit something though. Never in my life (which ended in December 2011 when this electronic prison program started) did I think anything like this could ever happen to me, could ever be real. At moments it's still surreal. It's a sign of sanity that there's still a part of me that refuses to believe any of this is real.

Aug 19, 2014 I remember a speech a former CIA scientist gave primarily for TI's. He said we just have to be patient. It will take time for the bad guys to be overthrown. There's little we can do about these powerful technologies right now, unfortunately, they're in the hands of evil people, he said. Really, evil people rule? Evil and its best and necessary friend, stupid. 

Oh, about Robin Williams. He was iced. Simple as that. Anyone with an IQ above the trainable range can figure that out. This is one of TPTB's cute little tricks - murdering you and framing it as a suicide. Like Susan Watkins. They took this man's beautiful, successful life and destroyed it in a macabre, embarrassing, debasing evil way, marring memories of him and his name and legend, turning something beautiful and gifted in to something disturbing and sick in a sense. They're going to get a huge bang for the buck on this. Aside from personal reasons for killing this awesome guy consider this point: How many times are the masses going to hear the word 'suicide' in months to come and equate it with many things relating memetically to themselves both individually and as numerous powerful societal group identities? And they'll hear it from 'the voice' -- you know, that trusted TV newscaster quality voice that's required to even be a TV or radio host. 'The voice' conveys a tone of truth, sincerity and authority. It sounds legitimate. When the sheeple here it, subconsciously they accept it as truth. They will hear the word 'we' a lot, linking them into the herd, placing a warm arm around them and making them cozy in their mediocrity and loyalty to a generalized, multipurpose lie machine.

So, on the topic of evil, yes it's not limited to just America and the West. I guess you could call it part of the human condition. I remember this brainless, sandal-wearing love-and-light drip talking about "the glorious future of mankind." Yup. You mean the glorious future of a gas cloud in the asteroid belt.

What kind of country murders one of its most uplifting celebrities and in such a macabre scarring way? An evil one.  Break out the Abu Gharaid pictures as a reminder. Ever stumble across any of these on the net? It's unreal.

What the psychopaths did to RW they can do to anyone. Remember David Carradine? How many other 'suicides' in retrospect were nasty smear murders? I think we have a new term: Smear Murder. Not only does the psychopath kill the victim biologically but they grotesquely butcher his image and cast an indelible ugly, scary, disturbing pall over his memory. I don't enjoy writing this kind of stuff - I'd rather be a funny - so why am I? Because of the high probability they'll do something like this to me. Some of the lower level handlers did try to kill me numerous times. They also would tell me constantly outright and subliminally to kill myself. I don't know how many times I woke up in the middle of the night to a handler's voice telling me to kill myself when they thought I was still asleep. 

There are neuroscience tricks they use to block my memory of many traumas and tortures they did to me. They use very good neural-programming to rewire me to make me functional on the surface to keep me going. I can't truly get real trauma counseling which I need while I'm still under RNM. The handlers can't take this. How could they? The first step in trauma treatment is to break away from the attackers but you can't.

One of the most important things a TI should do is an anti-suicide Affidavit which perfectly explains what's being done to them and calls for a full investigation should something unfortunate happen. I did this and it's on file. I've also taken other steps to damage them if they kill me.

The other thing a TI can do is keep in mind the bigger picture. This is a war. It's invisible and asymetrical but very much war. We're victims on the front line.  Against the backdrop of this reality it makes the whole thing more easy to grasp. and a little less painful. 

What do the Chet Zar pictures on the left symbolize? My existence. What's left of my mind and soul. Truly.  It was therapeutic looking at these. I need to do it more, maybe sketch some of my own.  You'll be electromagnetic diarrhea one day too.

Nearing the anniversary of hero Aaron Alexis' famous response to his torturers. RIP brother.

Hey speaking of anniversaries... Starseed Resistance is going on its second year. It was about two years ago I started this blog around 3 in the morning while being tortured and sleep deprived by the navy handlers.

Anyone in gov't checking out this site? (ha ha).
Can you tell us, gov't man, is it true that you refer to the Internet now as the "Enemy Communication Platform" ?

Being in the TI community you get to learn a lot of inside terms and concepts like this. If learning this stuff is a silver lining to being in a sadistict torture labrat program then I guess I'll take it, but I'd rather be deaf, dumb, blind and left alone.

I'd love to hear from some of the doctors at the CDC who used to work with me. Where have you been? Lets do lunch.

Aug 18, 2014. BURIED ALIVE. What's it like to be electronic, to be in a force field (frequency fence) every second? There are times when I actually smell electronic to myself. My head is constantly ringing with a tinnitus like a modem that's establishing a connection, it sounds like that and a computer that's revving up and overheating. And it's slowly killing me. I don't feel human. I'm not organic, natural at all. In fact there is no 'me'. 'Me' is now a body with most of the life-force removed or deadened, just a hybrid human-machine body in an  electronic bitstream. Really to be very honest it's more like a corpse. I think the term here is ZOMBIE. I feel weak and powerless and psychologically like a defeated doormat. I exercise some but not like I used to. I will never do anything but slowly die under this labrat termination program.

Another aspect of hell here too is that that I'm guaranteed to lose at everything important I'm involved in.  I'm always in a weakened, disoriented state. In 31 months of extreme trauma/torture I haven't had one single second where the electronics were turned off and I was myself and could rest and think in private. Not one second. I'M A MACHINE, A ROBOT ZOMBIE. I'd cut my left hand off to be free. This isn't life.


August 14, 2014 I saw this video in Nicaruagua and it struck a chord with me. The place still has a piece of me. While I am now a de-spiritualized prisoner forced into Nihilism I do believe in love still. It's like a rare gem. It's just the essence of it, the energy of it.

Do I relish revenge on my torturers? Yes but I don't seek it. They murdered the entire human species, I swear it. What's coming to them is beyond anything I even want to think of. This is a pool I wouldn't want to even dip my little toe into. Who are they - the super soldier program bigshots -? An errand boy for the Illuminati. I am handcuffed to these mentaciding butchers. It's like that T-shirt that says "I'm with Stupid." Would the "Illuminati" have released me from this torture program at this point? Yep, I bet they would have.

I'm fucked and accept it but not like they are in the long run.

Those here for the first time: This site is very very raw and you should distrust everything on it! Lies Lies Lies! Disinfo!
Really this is for people who are losing their lives and worse by these evil involuntary transhumanist projects. Any regular sheep ('the filth' by some nomenclatures) or love and light sissy who ends up here will not read past the top banner - and will flee in horror to their refrigerator for a bucket of Ben & Jerry's, Budweiser and buffalo wings and waddle to their big-screen tv room and gorge their newly truth-poisoned heads with their life-numbing pesticides to seek relief.  Or flee possibly to their bedroom for a dildo. Have gender roles in the West not been totally reversed? This is where the dildo comes in brilliantly. Totally politically correct, even if it's white. It doesn't discriminate and caters to both sexes (even if that's not easily distinguishable in 2014 America).

At the end of this page, if you're a misanthrope too raise your hand.

Oh, about the latest sad news this week. We (society) lost a great person to a terrible, deadly 'disease.' Now, how is your mental health? Are you taking the "medicines" you need? Have you been in for an evaluation lately? Just start with some counseling - it can't hurt. And right off the bat the first question asked by the 'counselor': do you own guns? No but I punch the clown with my left foot. Want to watch? That's what I always say.

August 11, 2014 Since December 2011 a small team of special ops Navy (mostly SEAL) personnel have monitored my thoughts every single second. When I say monitored what I mean more fully is that they torture me whenever I have a thought they don't like. These idiots have never opened a psychology book in their life.  Aside from unbelievable MASSIVE trauma, they've created deep complexes, outrageous complexes. Can you imagine somebody telling you night and day every second "don't think about kangaroos"? How do you then not think about them? And then they constantly remind you to not think about what they're reminding you to not think about. Can you imagine watching TV for 2 days straight and all the while being told not to watch it or think about it and then told afterwards to never think about what you saw and heard? And when you do think about it - which of course you naturally do - they torture you. They call this torture "getting revenge." They train their torturers (handlers) to "get revenge" when you have an unpleasant thought or any thought you're not supposed to have. to have.

Then these morons expect you to be one of them! To be on their "team". My hatred for them is beyond description. The tortures go way way way beyond what I've just described, although they've lessened in recent months. It's still CONSTANTLY like having your mind in a steel tooth trap. Imagine a wolf with it's leg caught in a steel trap. Excactly. Or being claustrophopic and locked inside of a small closet. It's like having your head in a vice. You have no private thoughts, feelings, memories. All gone, and in my case all totally trashed and perverted. I can no longer think about any family member, living or deceased in a positive, non-visually perverted or sick way.

They'll make your mouth or other part of your face twitch or do something of a sick nature to you physically then in the background in your brain whisper "do you feel that"? thinking that their voice is coming throught subliminally. Their system sucks so bad, and I'm so used to it, I hear everything in perfect crystal clear detail. It's like a loud cell phone in my head, masked only sometimes by a loud tinnitus ringing.

31 fucking months of "don't have a thought, don't have a thought, don't have a thought, don't have a thought..... " That's what most of this system amounts to. Absolute thug morons standing by waiting for you to have a thought or feeling then reacting to it. Imagine it, and imagine it still going on for someone who they've tortured worse than an ABU GHARAID prisoner who now has unending complexes and trauma and can only think of negative, dark, macabre, twisted and gross things.... Secondly, you've heard of a bitstream. Well this is a "shitstream". The effect this system has on me is to totally kill the SELF. It instead demodulates/converts my thoughts/feelings etc into electomagnetic soup transmitting it back and forth to the handlers. From the very begining 'I' automatically involuntarily spewed negative insults and disgusting thoughts/words. I have ZERO control over the cloned computerized region of my brain that interacts with these NAZI monsters. I have a good general understanding of what's happening, the distributed processing model. Many victims do. Read Robert Duncan or watch Jesee Ventura's Brain Invaders documentary. An average person with any intelligence can see how it's generally set up. Computerization of the human brain is slowly being leaked into mainstream media but only under the lie of something that's futuristic and 'under development'.

First of all, who came up with this system? You'd think scientists at DARPA and NSA would be smart.  This system is designed to mentally rape, plunder, interrogate and torture the subject to death. Period. It murders the SELF - and you have teams of personnel interacting with the hijacked real-time pain and wreckage of a victim they're presently torturing and the ongoing  psychological/emotional pain damage they've already created which compounds.  HEY NSA AND DARPA. YOUR SYSTEM IS A SLOPPY BARBARIC BUTCHERING PIECE OF SHIT.  METAPHORICALLY, IT'S NOT A FIGHTER JET, MISSLE OR M-16, IT'S A SCRAP OF 2 BY 4 WOOD. IT'S A CRUDE, SLOPPY ELECTRONIC TORTURE SYSTEM.

Here's an excerpt from another TI - he wrote this shortly after his targetting started.
"It’s quite simple really, yet brilliant at the same time. After an individual is selected for targeting, his or her unique brain signature is mapped using wireless technology. Then, radio signals, not unlike a simple cell phone signal, is sent from a cell phone tower directly into an individual’s brain. This technology is known by several terms, one of which is V2K, which stands for ‘voice to skull’.  "
Description of v2k

30 plus months of "don't think this, don't think that.... " constantly. Manual, live operator thought control by the most notorious evil torturing human-rights violators this planet has ever seen - AMERICAN MILITARY.

The milab version of RNM is an electronic straight jacket. They want linear, computer-like, meaningless dick-and-jane 2nd grade grammar type thoughts-converted-to-words out of you and when they get anything else they 'get revenge'.

It's gotten better to some degree, the most horrific tortures are gone, the worst, most evil torturers are gone (it appears), but the straight jacket is still on, and anything can happen anytime. This is a termination system. The good news is that due to it's inherent barbarity news of it is spreading and those newly targetted can get up to speed quickly on what's going on. Maybe sooner than expected it won't be a secret anymore at all. Human incompetence and bad judgment is the one factor they have against them.

FYI - How did my targeting initially start (before the hardcore mkultra synthetic-telepathy and RNM)?

With fake alien abductions. "Alien abductees" are duped mind control victims pulled into the NWO as transhumanist labrats or other 'persons of interest'. They have no idea what's really happening to them. The cat has come out of the bag to some extent here. I've been on TI support calls where people have openly (correctly) stated that "alien abductions" are really NSA-based abductions where the victim is left with screen memories and sometimes other gimmicks to convince them they've been abducted by greys, reptilians or nordics. I know of a mainstream reporter who impressed me right off the bat in saying, 'oh yeah, it's common knowledge alien abductions are done by the military'. I'm glad I've contributed to debunking this hoax over the past two years.


Knowledge of Targeted Individuals -- electromagnetic tracking, mind control, torture, zombie gangstalking -- is spreading.  It  actually has the characteristics of a movement. That is, knowledge is spreading deep, slowly and powerfully, establishing deep roots that won't go away. TPTB miscaluclated in my opinion. It's the underwater wave, the one you don't see coming. The truth on this scourge now is like an archipelago of small fires scattered all around and instead of burning out they are getting hotter and stronger even though they don't appear to. All that's needed is a good wind to come along, and presto, they connect and we have a raging three-state forest fire.

All that's needed is for bigger 'alternative' media talk show/news shows to simply start mentioning Targeted Individuals and their claims. (The disinfo on gangstalking won't work). Many smaller talk shows already do talk about it. It WILL naturally go upstream. The house of cards will collapse. You can't have talk show hosts with an audience of tens of millions of people (who in turn talk to their friends and post comments etc) talking about TI's, especially if they tie in the human wi-fi aspect. At first they will slam and discredit TI's as psychos. And that's fine. There's NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY. 



So TPTB have to make their next major move before the herd gets a clue, assuming there is some major agenda.
August 10, 2014 I have a friend who said a little while ago something to the effect that this planet will end up a gas cloud in the Asteroid Belt when this is all said and done. Funny how this observation comes out time and again by those with any degree of intelligence and observation of fact. It's a tiny number of people to be sure which makes it smack of even more truth. What the masses think and say is bs.  Lies are shouted. The truth is whispered in private.

Hey, here's another maxim: There's a difference between power and control.

I think of the myriad ways this applies to the responsible parties in the Navy super soldier program who keep me in this botched RNM frequency-fence mkultra prison program. 

By the way, I'm not a nationalist. I'm not an anything other than an Nihilist. America isn't a nation so it's impossible to be a nationalist. If I weren't a Nihilist thanks to 30+ months of soul-raping mentacide and physical electronic torture, I'd be a Globalist because relative to being a prisoner in America, what else could you be in terms of ideology at this point?  The only idea I have that can help people is to start a group that declares themselves non-combatants on this planet in every way, abiding by the Cosmic law of non-interference. They are exempt from all agenda's in return and are not electronically targeted (totally exempt - harmless nobodies like Quakers). You should say, it's not my job or obligation to interfere in destiny. I'm not getting involved. Think of those imbeciles who go on and on about having a "soul contract." Did you know you signed up to be in this hellhole? That's right, you agreed to be incarnated here as a fallen mistake, a fur-less chimp who was intentionally designed to only use 10% of it's brain. You agreed to come here and be a martyr! Take a stroll through an honest history book. I want nothing to do with humans at all now. Neither do the people who run this place; that's why they're creating a new version. That's if you believe the conspiracy stuff anyway, which is to say, the material they openly publish to the global public. And most of the population is indeed too stupid to believe their honest presentments and plans for them, let alone object to it, and thus consents.


Now back to the handy super soldier program's results for this planet. It's either the gas cloud in the asteroid belt or something like what happened to this place...

August 6, 2014. Well we're nearing the anniversary of the Navy Yard shooting. I love, honor and lyonize Aaron Alexis. So much so that I am keeping his picture on my cell phone and a framed printout on my wall. Why? In my opinion he may be Jesus Christ. The real one. If there is a Jesus it's Aaron. He's not dead, he LIVES. He was dead as a RNM, Synthetic Telepathy victim but now he's alive. Any and every type of metaphysics or entity that I turn to in prayer is fully real-time captured and recorded by the ELF soul-catcher prison system that I'm trapped in. The Navy rips off even the tiniest organic feelings - even still. I am no longer spiritual. That's long gone. They killed that with their electronic technology and inhuman torture. Well now that I worship Aaron (my Jesus) they will reap the hell he will have for them.
Aaron is an American hero and patriot. I've already covered that.
Aaron acted in self defense for himself and for mankind in attacking the forces who he believed were torturing him to death. The twelve victims were killed by Aaron's psychopath handlers, not Aaron.

I was talking to another TI and good friend a while back. He is under much of the same system that I am. He said "I don't know what you call this but it isn't life." It was the way he said it. Only other TI's under electronic torture/imprisonment could understand. The thing is, it really isn't death either so it would be wrong to call it a waking death. Robert Duncan described it best in his first book The Matrix Deciphered  as a personal customized hell. I think it's actually beyond the common view of hell. I'd rather be in that version than this one. I'd at least have my mind back I think. I'd have private thoughts and feelings, maybe even on occasion real dreams. What am I? An evil bitstream of electro-mental shit. This is their grand accomplishment.

Peace, Love and Life to you Aaron.

Is this not the hottest porn? I'm sick of being teased. This is the only solution I know of that saves us. CME Hottie
And this is the problem:
THE FALL OF MAN - that's what this website should be called. I'm considering a name change. By the way, all credits for this website and any other related published material go DIRECTLY to the Special Ops Military that Administrates the Super Soldier Programs (Navy especially). They pulled me into the Program, tortured me forcing me into the TI  truth/awareness/whistleblower community. I preferred a quiet neutral lifestyle. I heard another TI say the other night she was proud to be a "fighter,  a martyr"... "my philosophy is you have to die sometime anyway" she said.  Well that's not my philosophy. I owe nobody nothing. I want my freedom at all costs and to live as long as I can. It's not my job to try to save the world from itself.  Nobody ever made anyone else healthier by making themselves sick, made anyone richer by making themselves poorer. I'm forced into pushing the limit with America's secret intel police groups by publishing this crap, which is a form of suicide in and of itself. I want out of hell.

picture by David Dees  
2014-7-17 When do I and other TI's get our freedom? Or at least when is there a major change, for example, the global agenda advancing into the next major phase? I predict sometime in 2017 after a Republican president or Hillary is 'elected'. It seems to be the pattern that major false flag attacks/wars are initiated under Republicans now. Hillary is a special cyborg though. The economy 'recovers' under a ''Democrat" but they don't do a good job with defense thus when the next borg gets sworn into office they soon have to step up to the plate and go to war to fix the lax security caused by the previous "Democrat" borg. In reality though there's no difference between any cia president, they're all identical borgs serving the agenda. Replican vs. Democrat... It's like comparing Budweiser to Miller; they both suck and make you sick to your gut. Libertarians are the same, maybe we can call them Coors. It's hysterical.  Russia and China should play their cards exactly how they have been, just watching America, Britain and company off themselves internally. All great things are destroyed internally aren't they? Of course geo-politics is sort of a fake paradigm except to the extent that there are still some real countries that still exist like Russia. In contrast, America, Canada, Australia, Britain are all pimped out franchises. As the David Dees graphic above clarifies, it's all a falsification.  TPTB have time on their side. They can take their sweet time and roll out an anti-climactic global imprisonment - final re-architecture. No need for huge false flags but there probably will be a major one in a few years. All bets are off. Meanwhile my mind (and those of many others) and my entire person is tortured every second in a mentacide slow-motion murder machine by weapons that are banned by the Geneva Convention.  As I've said before, everything my torturers have/are/will use me for in their sick projects will backfire on them catastrophically. The incredible thing is they know this via their own queries. Fools. It's just too redundant to talk about anymore at this point.
Manuaga is a funky town that is pretty safe. Oh yeah, who is underwriting - who engineered this whole thing? It's my old friend Don from NSW. I hate his guts, I hate this sick transhumanist group. HATE. I have some things to say about what they're up to - that's the problem with using a milab torture victim via rnm/syntel. Despite being massively sleep deprived and under powerful neural management to keep me falling for their scams in order to 'get free' I still figure out the gameplan. When I do I kick them in the nuts as hard as I can. Why the fuck doesn't the cia or another group take these idiots out? I want nothing to do with any of this. All I want is my freedom. This guy is a total moron. How much can you take? This will blow up in your faces like no tomorrow. Somebody with a brain please step in. It's not me. 

Time for an update:
Nicaragua July 10, 2014

Are you a gangstalking (organized stalking) victim? It's simple, as the link below points out. Everyone (even animals believe it or not) are simply remote controlled around you, taken over by demand and controlled just like puppets.  There's been a flurry of spoofs by shills in the TI support group community lately to try to re-bolster the idiotic lie that there are millions of "gang members," including family and friends, literally everyone around you, who are being paid to mess with you. The below link goes overboard on movie references... but he knows exactly what he's talking about. His information is 100% correct..
How Gangstalking Actually Works

Jan 25, 2014 This site would have been taken down months ago if I had been released. It is still active and now serves as an unabashed whistleblower site becuase of, and per, the direct order of Donald and a handful of Navy MKUltra controllers who told me to talk publicly about covert mind-control related technology and operations.

April 17, 2014 - When does it end? The best solution is to let me go, period. Others have gotten out, why won't they let me out? It may be I'm stuck in this electronic prison hell with no hope.  Let me out and this site comes down, simple as that.

April 22, 2014 - Contacting human rights groups all over the planet to report the crimes against me and petition for my freedom now. More on this to come.

Any insider, RNM handler, who can come forward please do so. Ask for amnesty. Talk to the Inspector General in Navy Special Ops at MacDill and in San Diego, as well as Dept of Navy officials at the Pentagon. 

Amnesty International is catching on?  It's a start anyway. Hey Amnesty Int'l - do you really think these monsters commit these atrocities 'legally' and only to Muslims and only in other countries that 'allow' torture? You tell the truth in a careful, acceptable way then cover your ass at the end.   


Chemtrails aerosoled over me on the spot everywhere I went in Washington, weekend of July 13, 2013, including an unreal display like few I've ever seen, directly over the Capitol Building, as I approached. See link further down on page for the youtube video. I've had localized chemtrails over me every day since December 2011, directed by the Navy.  This website will start covering this subject - geo-engineering and mind control, black ops NWO secrets - in greater technical detail now.  The American people and mankind are in deep trouble. They have no idea what's been built around them. Anyone who is not afraid of the NSA and the rest of the secret police-state feel free to scrape as much intelligence as you wish off this ficticious messed up website. I'd suggest caching the pages or text on your pc and revisitng infrequently.

More frequency intensity coming - DOD document    Feb 23, 2014

Letter to Jesse Jackson    Jan 29, 2014

Summary: I'm being murdered by way of Mentacide, a slow-kill no-touch remote electronic torture to death. By who? Five Navy Special Ops officers/directors who use several teams of SEAL, regular Navy, private Blackwater-type contractors and sometimes Air Command. I believe Air Command are actually the main over-arching entity. Why am I being killed? To cover up two years of unreal torture on a guy who was supposed to be an asset. Supposedly they've spent over $100 million easily on me, and sold me to very high levels of the military/national security as an indespensable asset to be used during x, y and z events. The 5 Special Ops officers who run the project would have to tell the higher-ups that they have totally destroyed me mentally, spiritually... totally, totally destroyed. It's not MKUltra, it's extreme torture abuse by extraordinarily ignorant controllers who tortured me worse than any common Targeted Individual I know, as bad or worse than POW's. It's a massive coverup now. The average visitor here will think this is insane. How can they kill an asset when that asset is expected to be used later? If you understand transhumanist technlogies then you get it. They'd still have the guy who exists only in the laboratory. The only good intel I have on the parties involved is the main director's first name is Donald. Another major controller is Tim.

Brief background-timeline:
pulled into the "program" starting in November 2009 with Army (fake-alien abduction/milab)
In 2011 Navy groups began using me. Air Command probably involved. Full SEALs induction started in December 2011. Navy Special Ops is involved also.  I'm used still extensively. I'm used in labs, hospitals around a city in the Southeast US.
Doctors, scientists and high command officers have no idea how bad I've been tortured the past 2 years under the SEALs group. It's not MKUltra, it's hardcore TI torture-to-suicide. It's very hideable, deniable though. The higher-ups have been massively lied to. Most of the doctors, scientists involved doubtfully know how evil and horrific the usages of me are and what they've done and are doing to mankind. They may think they are just fixing me up with super-soldier components and general studies and standard medical exams/treatments.

more info? reference book "How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension" and below videos requesting freedom.
Government agent? If you think this site blabs too much lets talk about why I publish it and why I'm still  used as a labrat after 4 years. Why haven't I been released? Somebody's lying, somebody's covering up a very big expensive lie. That would be the people who have used me to justify opening a new center here, claiming big successes. Talk to ME, and to as many handler personnel as possible. Note that many of them have probably had their minds xxxxxx to forget or obscure it all.

Important clarification. My problem is not the NSA, DARPA, CIA, NAVY, NAVY SEALS or other groups. My problem is the the 6 to 10 main idiot controllers (NAVY SPCL OPS team) that are murdering me to cover up their massive blundered project and horrific torture of me. That is the problem. Period. There are other higher level officers who have been involved in this project who can tell the truth but they don't or they would need some kind of amnesty. Other SEAL teams can come forward too. Just what kind of blundering idiots are the majority of the main team? Watch the video below from July when they called in massive chemtrails over Capitol Hill during my visit. You got butfucked on the world stage.

Here's one of the navy special ops project directors of the black science evil soul-catcher project that murdered the human species - well it's a pretty damn close picture anyway. I HATE all nazi's. American Nazi

 New book by Sam Jenkins on Amazon:   How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension - Transhumanism - End of the Human Era
 Request for Freedom

 Navy SEALs Psychic Warrior Milab Program

Soul-Catcher 'proof of concept' technology from two decades ago (successful)
Thoughts on Edward Snowden: It's a start. Upside - he has brought lots of attention to abuses and dark side of government programs against the American people. Negative: I haven't heard anything from him regarding electronic mind control. I doubt he knows anything about it. The entire scandal almost serves as a 'good offense' in the sense that the best defense is a good offense. The best way to hide something really big is to make a big deal out of something relatively mild in comparison. It makes a good cover.
Update Summer 2013: No doubt chemtrails are used all over the DC area but... are they sprayed directly over the Capitol Building every day, if ever? Hell if I know. But I'd think that would raise major suspicions. Watch my footage carefully. The skies are relatively clear ahead of me and then they get spayed massively directly overhead as I approach. Especially note how the chemtrails then totally clear over the Capitol Building after I leave - yet they are sprayed right over me as I am walking further down the Mall towards the Washington Monument. No I'm not paranoid or a Walter Mitty attention-seeker. This happens everywhere I go. I just happened to be at a place called Capitol Hill and they really went at it. The interesting question the reader should ask themselves is why? Why me?  Personally I think they really over-reacted during my visit to the Capitol. I don't practice Psi anymore. I abhore it now. Yes, chemtrails are used widely (in geo-engineering) and for other purposes (no further comment - figure it out) but believe me, I still get real beauties directly over me everywhere I go. All information I've published in my book and online is 100% accurate. I just want out. I refuse to be involved in human conflicts. I don't take sides. I just want out. Just go the f away. I'll keep documenting and posting stuff until you do. I welcome help from anyone who can get me out of this Seals black ops cult. Anyone.
...By the way casual reader, military and gov't personnel or whoever you might be, "our" world/planet/dimension is shunned by all intelligent, benevoloent life. Humans are being turned into remote-controlled, soul-less shadow beings; really, two dimensional shadow-like entities. That's the big picture: Expolitics. Geo-engineering/transhumanism is a means to an end. And that end was shown to you in the movie The Matrix.

So Welcome. If this site saves a few lives it's worth it. The purpose of this site is to provide a warning to sentient beings. It does not contain happy news.  If you're just looking for "Love and Light" you're in the wrong place.

I realize this site is a bit sporadic as I've had to develop it under a lot of duress and ongoing torture. It's worth it to read it though. The subject matter sounds science fiction but it's true.
Dark factions of the US Military are electromagnetically sequestering, studying, stealing human souls to:
1. Weaponize them
2. Play God in deciding who gets to re-incarnate and where a person's soul goes after they die.

This is a part of the NWO plan you probably haven't heard of. The entire population of the planet is affected. All human beings are essentially "targeted individuals."

Update 8-28-13 for any TI's who want to know how the monster torturers who run these murder programs use personnel to carry it out, see the log dated 8-28-13.

First off, to the general public: If you aren't aware of mind control and remote electronic torture (synthetic telepathy, mk-ultra, nano-implants, etc) - then read these links: Mind Control Weapons 101  , Electronic Torture   ,  Electronic Warfare - by former CIA  

To military/gov't:
I am a former "milab" and torture victim of a US Navy SEALS black ops group and am on a death sentence. I believe this group is operating out of Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA and also uses me at the CDC in Atlanta. Any military/CIA reading this who know about these projects may think I'm just going through the breaking-in period - no, read on.

Is this stuff for real? I've never heard of anything like this.  Start here: Reality of Synthetic Telepathy

Background reading / primers:
1. EVERYBODY should download, read and spread this free pdf by Robert Duncan:   The Matrix Deciphered  . I also recommend his book Project Soul Catcher.
2. GWEN towers and HAARP:  Gwen towers - total control    GWEN, HAARP, Mandatory HDTV
3. Youtube and Google nanotechnology if you aren't familiar with this.
4. Google Electronic Warfare ("EW") and Directed Energy Weapons ("DEW") aka Electromagnetic Weapons
5. How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension: Transhumanism - End of the Human Era   by Sam Jenkins. Among other things, this book contains some tips for MILABS and other targeted individuals.

Once you grasp the basics you''ll see that the current wars with tanks, planes and troops are a charade, distraction. Tanks, planes and troops are visuals for the masses "back home", that's all. All the economic markets are totally rigged. Most domestic terror attacks, shootings etc are faked. The entire world, all 7 billion brains on the planet, are remotely controlled. The world is enclosed in a manmade electro-magnetic frequency band, which facilitates one massive brain network. Every brain is accessible. Every human is just like a node on a computer network. It's that simple. Oh, and so are their souls. I'm no christian but.... the book of revelations comes to mind here (same thing is said in many other ancient texts too).

Anyone who is of influence or has any power is now a remotely controlled robotic puppet. End of story... except that at some point everybody will be a Stepford wife. It can't be reversed or stopped.

So I don't repeat myself, read the link in the menu's section about 2012/Mayans. It's too late. Enjoy material things, have as much sex as you can, party. There was indeed a dimensional shiift,  a downward one for the 2-legged waste products. Only a very infinitesimal amount of real organic humans will not disappear. Mankind has been written off. A beautiful Acension process was underway but idiot humans (most of them) are exempt, they've been cut off from it and, in my mind, they don't have the right architecture anyway. They're just cockroaches really, as a wacky Englishman I know calls them, "transgenic chimps." I cannot help even if I wanted. I'm totally destroyed, rotten, broken. I'm a beaten down MK-Ultra torture victim, a covert lab-rat abductee of the military industrial complex who has been sliced, diced and driven down into near nothingness and then encased in a synthetic electronic cage. I cannot even experience nature anymore.

If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim (targeted individual) please read this - and propagate it. Americans are being tortured into suicide and mental hospitals by military black ops groups. I'm one of the few that's lived to tell about this from the inside but I won't be around long now. If this simple web page saves one life it's worth it. As I'm an electronically mind-controlled torture victim existing in an electronic frequency fence, it is difficult for me to have the time and the concentration to format things such as this site as well as I'd like. At one time I was great at web design and writing. Most of the content on this site is simply spewed out from me at odd hours in the early morning after I've been awakened by a handler to a lucid nightmare or other type of torture. For me it's a form of therapy and retaliation. As well, there is useful information here for Targeted individuals, especially milabs.

I NEED HELP DISABLING THE NANO-IMPLANTS IN ME. As far as I know it's almost impossible to even jam these. I've tried magnets, faraday cages etc. A frequency jammer with hopping and spectrum spread features that goes to 5ghz or higher would probably work.

I'm a civilian living in suburbia and I've been through torture as bad or worse than GITMO prisoners. Nobody will help. The only people that can are other military units or high level politicians. I've written letters to high-ranking officers in the Pentagon in various branches of the military. I got a little bit of response from the Marine Intelligence but that's all.  I'm tortured via synthetic telepathy (syntel) and other electronic means, mostly mental. Incredibly loud ringing in my head, narcolepsy, throbbing, twitching, wild hallucincations both visual and auditory and mind movies of relatives being raped. They typically insert these in the target's mind as 'staged memories' when they wake you up at various times during the night. This is what navy seals do, at least these ones.  The treatment I got under the Army MILAB system was fantastic compared to this. The incredible thing is that these evil idiots still expect me to help them. I hate them beyond words. They, in their own words, are forcing me to suicide. The only thing that will save me is:
1) Somebody killing them. I believe there are about 30 of them total and they're at Dobbins AFB. They also take me to the CDC in Atlanta where they keep my clone.
2) A cosmic or other incredible cataclysm that knocks out the grid. With no electricity their frequency fence (force field) won't work.

They've supposedly spent over $100 million on me. It's difficult to justify killing a super-soldier.  There's a lot of red tape from what I understand. This is the only reason they haven't killed me yet. They did actually try back in September 2012 via major torture.  But they can try to force you to suicide or a mental hospital.  

I understand there's an electronic xbox or whatever type of game that idiots play called Navy SEALS black ops. Well let me tell you about the real one, a true story. A black ops SEALs group killed mankind! They inducted me around November 2011 as a milab and wanted me to be one of them. Fortunately it failed catastrophically but their usage and torture of me still goes on. These idiots tortured me psychologically via synthetic telepathy for months on end (and still do) because they simply didn't approve of my thoughts. They would tell me to stop thinking of something and repeat it incessantly and torture me literally all night long and throughout the day. I'm a shadow of my former self now. These idiots talk to you non-stop even well after the break-in phase. The mind has no firewall - once your mind is taken over i.e. injected constantly with outside voices and thoughts and dreams and feelings, to say nothing of your spiritual psychic-neural faculties being wildly experimented on and manipulated - you are no longer 'you'. It's not 'your' mind. You cease to live but rather exist as a soul-less radio-communications device. I had contact with REAL et's, benevolent ones over the past 5 years. Not the fake greys and reptilians (military staged dreams). I can tell you, mankind is fucked. There was a bifurcation. A small number of humans ascended over the past couple years but still remain physically here on this doomed planet. The archon-controlled Western military-industrial complex via geo-engineering (chemtrails), HAARP, nanotechnology and other technology cut God and celestial connections off from this planet. Humankind is indeed dead; the Mayans were correct. You are all slated to either be exterminated or turned into literal hybrid robots under total mental and physical control with your souls harvested.  Moronic "channellers" who talk about ascension make the perfect discredit cover-story for ascension. It was real indeed, "was" being the key word. Eventually, in probably a few decades at the very most, humans will not exist at all. There are just countless scenarios for electronic population control that will get out of control and destroy what's left of the already failed human experiment. What about the good et's, won't they help? Nope.  They did what they could, and spiritually evacuated various souls. The planet is quarantined now and they're just standing back watching it de-evolve in the final stages of the biggest freakshow that's ever taken place. Continuing my run-on megaparagraph, I resisted this black ops group as best I could and I have absolutely nothing to do with them or any NWO group. I utterly disavow and disassociate myself with them and their insane soul-raping mad-science evil.

"Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Scandinavia, wrote in the September 9, 1999 issue that Scientific American magazine estimates that after the Millenium perhaps ALL people will be implanted with a "DNA microchip". How many people realize what it actually means? Total loss of privacy and total outside control of the person's physical body functions, men-tal, emotional and thought processes, including the implanted person's subconscious and dreams! For the rest of his life! " See Humanity is Implanted link to right.

All Targeted Individuals NEED to read The Silent Massacre  (in PDF) and pass it around - It answers scores of questions and can help save your life.

I'm a bitter guy. The Navy has ripped off my soul and extrasensory frequencies with multiversal ascension forces and is using it for their own purposes. They could broadast this into others to make them think they are having a 'Christ second coming' kind of experience.

David Icke and Alex Jones of InfoWars nail the transhumanist agenda and how horrible and "ugly" it is - the end of man, the end of nature.  I am not a fan of Mr. Jones but he does a great job here. There's an InfoWars magazine issue headlined "The End of Humanity; Rise of the Robots." This gets good around the 23 minute mark and onward. Note, video is mistitled 'total financial collapse'. 
Transhumanist agenda, robotizing of humans in rapid progress

The Grinch that stole Ascension: the archon-controlled Western military. The whole planet is essentially being cut off from God and the heavens through technology that the brainless slave-public can't even fathom.  

Read a post from Mia, another Starseed being used by Black Ops military as a lab rat. She is absolutely correct.
Another Starseed Lab Rat
Doctor, nurse or scientist?
The entire world and cosmos are enemies of this Navy group of monsters who have tortured me beyond imagination and destroyed my life.  They truly represent no group of humans and are enemies of other NWO factions. Their experiments and uses of me will backfire on them catastrophically. They've brought unspeakable harm to the entire planet. All enemies of theirs are friends of mine.
Contact email: nonukesever at

End of story.

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Another Starseed Lab Rat


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