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2014-7-17 When do I and other TI's get our freedom? Or at least when is there a major change, for example, the global agenda advancing into the next major phase? I predict sometime in 2017 after a Republican president or Hillary is 'elected'. It seems to be the pattern that major false flag attacks/wars are initiated under Republicans now. Hillary is a special cyborg though. The economy 'recovers' under a ''Democrat" but they don't do a good job with defense thus when the next borg gets sworn into office they soon have to step up to the plate and go to war to fix the lax security caused by the previous "Democrat" borg. In reality though there's no difference between any cia president, they're all identical borgs serving the agenda. Replican vs. Democrat... It's like comparing Budweiser to Miller; they both suck and make you sick to your gut. Libertarians are the same, maybe we can call them Coors. It's hysterical.  Russia and China should play their cards exactly how they have been, just watching America, Britain and company off themselves internally. All great things are destroyed internally aren't they? Of course geo-politics is sort of a fake paradigm except to the extent that there are still some real countries that still exist like Russia. In contrast, America, Canada, Australia, Britain are all pimped out franchises. As the David Dees graphic above clarifies, it's all a falsification.  TPTB have time on their side. They can take their sweet time and roll out an anti-climactic global imprisonment - final re-architecture. No need for huge false flags but there probably will be a major one in a few years. All bets are off. Meanwhile my mind (and those of many others) and my entire person is tortured every second in a mentacide slow-motion murder machine by weapons that are banned by the Geneva Convention.  As I've said before, everything my torturers have/are/will use me for in their sick projects will backfire on them catastrophically. The incredible thing is they know this via their own queries. Fools. It's just too redundant to talk about anymore at this point.
Manuaga is a funky town that is pretty safe. Oh yeah, who is underwriting - who engineered this whole thing? It's my old friend Don from NSW. I hate his guts, I hate this sick transhumanist group. HATE. I have some things to say about what they're up to - that's the problem with using a milab torture victim via rnm/syntel. Despite being massively sleep deprived and under powerful neural management to keep me falling for their scams in order to 'get free' I still figure out the gameplan. When I do I kick them in the nuts as hard as I can. Why the fuck doesn't the cia or another group take these idiots out? I want nothing to do with any of this. All I want is my freedom. This guy is a total moron. How much can you take? This will blow up in your faces like no tomorrow. Somebody with a brain please step in. It's not me. 

Time for an update:
Nicaragua July 10, 2014

Are you a gangstalking (organized stalking) victim? It's simple, as the link below points out. Everyone (even animals believe it or not) are simply remote controlled around you, taken over by demand and controlled just like puppets.  There's been a flurry of spoofs by shills in the TI support group community lately to try to re-bolster the idiotic lie that there are millions of "gang members," including family and friends, literally everyone around you, who are being paid to mess with you. The below link goes overboard on movie references... but he knows exactly what he's talking about. His information is 100% correct..
How Gangstalking Actually Works

Jan 25, 2014 This site would have been taken down months ago if I had been released. It is still active and now serves as an unabashed whistleblower site becuase of, and per, the direct order of Donald and a handful of Navy MKUltra controllers who told me to talk publicly about covert mind-control related technology and operations.

April 17, 2014 - When does it end? The best solution is to let me go, period. Others have gotten out, why won't they let me out? It may be I'm stuck in this electronic prison hell with no hope.  Let me out and this site comes down, simple as that.

April 22, 2014 - Contacting human rights groups all over the planet to report the crimes against me and petition for my freedom now. More on this to come.

Any insider, RNM handler, who can come forward please do so. Ask for amnesty. Talk to the Inspector General in Navy Special Ops at MacDill and in San Diego, as well as Dept of Navy officials at the Pentagon. 

Amnesty International is catching on?  It's a start anyway. Hey Amnesty Int'l - do you really think these monsters commit these atrocities 'legally' and only to Muslims and only in other countries that 'allow' torture? You tell the truth in a careful, acceptable way then cover your ass at the end.   


Chemtrails aerosoled over me on the spot everywhere I went in Washington, weekend of July 13, 2013, including an unreal display like few I've ever seen, directly over the Capitol Building, as I approached. See link further down on page for the youtube video. I've had localized chemtrails over me every day since December 2011, directed by the Navy.  This website will start covering this subject - geo-engineering and mind control, black ops NWO secrets - in greater technical detail now.  The American people and mankind are in deep trouble. They have no idea what's been built around them. Anyone who is not afraid of the NSA and the rest of the secret police-state feel free to scrape as much intelligence as you wish off this ficticious messed up website. I'd suggest caching the pages or text on your pc and revisitng infrequently.

More frequency intensity coming - DOD document    Feb 23, 2014

Letter to Jesse Jackson    Jan 29, 2014

Summary: I'm being murdered by way of Mentacide, a slow-kill no-touch remote electronic torture to death. By who? Five Navy Special Ops officers/directors who use several teams of SEAL, regular Navy, private Blackwater-type contractors and sometimes Air Command. I believe Air Command are actually the main over-arching entity. Why am I being killed? To cover up two years of unreal torture on a guy who was supposed to be an asset. Supposedly they've spent over $100 million easily on me, and sold me to very high levels of the military/national security as an indespensable asset to be used during x, y and z events. The 5 Special Ops officers who run the project would have to tell the higher-ups that they have totally destroyed me mentally, spiritually... totally, totally destroyed. It's not MKUltra, it's extreme torture abuse by extraordinarily ignorant controllers who tortured me worse than any common Targeted Individual I know, as bad or worse than POW's. It's a massive coverup now. The average visitor here will think this is insane. How can they kill an asset when that asset is expected to be used later? If you understand transhumanist technlogies then you get it. They'd still have the guy who exists only in the laboratory. The only good intel I have on the parties involved is the main director's first name is Donald. Another major controller is Tim.

Brief background-timeline:
pulled into the "program" starting in November 2009 with Army (fake-alien abduction/milab)
In 2011 Navy groups began using me. Air Command probably involved. Full SEALs induction started in December 2011. Navy Special Ops is involved also.  I'm used still extensively. I'm used in labs, hospitals around a city in the Southeast US.
Doctors, scientists and high command officers have no idea how bad I've been tortured the past 2 years under the SEALs group. It's not MKUltra, it's hardcore TI torture-to-suicide. It's very hideable, deniable though. The higher-ups have been massively lied to. Most of the doctors, scientists involved doubtfully know how evil and horrific the usages of me are and what they've done and are doing to mankind. They may think they are just fixing me up with super-soldier components and general studies and standard medical exams/treatments.

more info? reference book "How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension" and below videos requesting freedom.
Government agent? If you think this site blabs too much lets talk about why I publish it and why I'm still  used as a labrat after 4 years. Why haven't I been released? Somebody's lying, somebody's covering up a very big expensive lie. That would be the people who have used me to justify opening a new center here, claiming big successes. Talk to ME, and to as many handler personnel as possible. Note that many of them have probably had their minds xxxxxx to forget or obscure it all.

Important clarification. My problem is not the NSA, DARPA, CIA, NAVY, NAVY SEALS or other groups. My problem is the the 6 to 10 main idiot controllers (NAVY SPCL OPS team) that are murdering me to cover up their massive blundered project and horrific torture of me. That is the problem. Period. There are other higher level officers who have been involved in this project who can tell the truth but they don't or they would need some kind of amnesty. Other SEAL teams can come forward too. Just what kind of blundering idiots are the majority of the main team? Watch the video below from July when they called in massive chemtrails over Capitol Hill during my visit. You got butfucked on the world stage.

Here's one of the navy special ops project directors of the black science evil soul-catcher project that murdered the human species - well it's a pretty damn close picture anyway. I HATE all nazi's. American Nazi

 New book by Sam Jenkins on Amazon:   How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension - Transhumanism - End of the Human Era
 Request for Freedom

 Navy SEALs Psychic Warrior Milab Program

Soul-Catcher 'proof of concept' technology from two decades ago (successful)
Thoughts on Edward Snowden: It's a start. Upside - he has brought lots of attention to abuses and dark side of government programs against the American people. Negative: I haven't heard anything from him regarding electronic mind control. I doubt he knows anything about it. The entire scandal almost serves as a 'good offense' in the sense that the best defense is a good offense. The best way to hide something really big is to make a big deal out of something relatively mild in comparison. It makes a good cover.
Update Summer 2013: No doubt chemtrails are used all over the DC area but... are they sprayed directly over the Capitol Building every day, if ever? Hell if I know. But I'd think that would raise major suspicions. Watch my footage carefully. The skies are relatively clear ahead of me and then they get spayed massively directly overhead as I approach. Especially note how the chemtrails then totally clear over the Capitol Building after I leave - yet they are sprayed right over me as I am walking further down the Mall towards the Washington Monument. No I'm not paranoid or a Walter Mitty attention-seeker. This happens everywhere I go. I just happened to be at a place called Capitol Hill and they really went at it. The interesting question the reader should ask themselves is why? Why me?  Personally I think they really over-reacted during my visit to the Capitol. I don't practice Psi anymore. I abhore it now. Yes, chemtrails are used widely (in geo-engineering) and for other purposes (no further comment - figure it out) but believe me, I still get real beauties directly over me everywhere I go. All information I've published in my book and online is 100% accurate. I just want out. I refuse to be involved in human conflicts. I don't take sides. I just want out. Just go the f away. I'll keep documenting and posting stuff until you do. I welcome help from anyone who can get me out of this Seals black ops cult. Anyone.
...By the way casual reader, military and gov't personnel or whoever you might be, "our" world/planet/dimension is shunned by all intelligent, benevoloent life. Humans are being turned into remote-controlled, soul-less shadow beings; really, two dimensional shadow-like entities. That's the big picture: Expolitics. Geo-engineering/transhumanism is a means to an end. And that end was shown to you in the movie The Matrix.

So Welcome. If this site saves a few lives it's worth it. The purpose of this site is to provide a warning to sentient beings. It does not contain happy news.  If you're just looking for "Love and Light" you're in the wrong place.

I realize this site is a bit sporadic as I've had to develop it under a lot of duress and ongoing torture. It's worth it to read it though. The subject matter sounds science fiction but it's true.
Dark factions of the US Military are electromagnetically sequestering, studying, stealing human souls to:
1. Weaponize them
2. Play God in deciding who gets to re-incarnate and where a person's soul goes after they die.

This is a part of the NWO plan you probably haven't heard of. The entire population of the planet is affected. All human beings are essentially "targeted individuals."

Update 8-28-13 for any TI's who want to know how the monster torturers who run these murder programs use personnel to carry it out, see the log dated 8-28-13.

First off, to the general public: If you aren't aware of mind control and remote electronic torture (synthetic telepathy, mk-ultra, nano-implants, etc) - then read these links: Mind Control Weapons 101  , Electronic Torture   ,  Electronic Warfare - by former CIA  

To military/gov't:
I am a former "milab" and torture victim of a US Navy SEALS black ops group and am on a death sentence. I believe this group is operating out of Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA and also uses me at the CDC in Atlanta. Any military/CIA reading this who know about these projects may think I'm just going through the breaking-in period - no, read on.

Is this stuff for real? I've never heard of anything like this.  Start here: Reality of Synthetic Telepathy

Background reading / primers:
1. EVERYBODY should download, read and spread this free pdf by Robert Duncan:   The Matrix Deciphered  . I also recommend his book Project Soul Catcher.
2. GWEN towers and HAARP:  Gwen towers - total control    GWEN, HAARP, Mandatory HDTV
3. Youtube and Google nanotechnology if you aren't familiar with this.
4. Google Electronic Warfare ("EW") and Directed Energy Weapons ("DEW") aka Electromagnetic Weapons
5. How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension: Transhumanism - End of the Human Era   by Sam Jenkins. Among other things, this book contains some tips for MILABS and other targeted individuals.

Once you grasp the basics you''ll see that the current wars with tanks, planes and troops are a charade, distraction. Tanks, planes and troops are visuals for the masses "back home", that's all. All the economic markets are totally rigged. Most domestic terror attacks, shootings etc are faked. The entire world, all 7 billion brains on the planet, are remotely controlled. The world is enclosed in a manmade electro-magnetic frequency band, which facilitates one massive brain network. Every brain is accessible. Every human is just like a node on a computer network. It's that simple. Oh, and so are their souls. I'm no christian but.... the book of revelations comes to mind here (same thing is said in many other ancient texts too).

Anyone who is of influence or has any power is now a remotely controlled robotic puppet. End of story... except that at some point everybody will be a Stepford wife. It can't be reversed or stopped.

So I don't repeat myself, read the link in the menu's section about 2012/Mayans. It's too late. Enjoy material things, have as much sex as you can, party. There was indeed a dimensional shiift,  a downward one for the 2-legged waste products. Only a very infinitesimal amount of real organic humans will not disappear. Mankind has been written off. A beautiful Acension process was underway but idiot humans (most of them) are exempt, they've been cut off from it and, in my mind, they don't have the right architecture anyway. They're just cockroaches really, as a wacky Englishman I know calls them, "transgenic chimps." I cannot help even if I wanted. I'm totally destroyed, rotten, broken. I'm a beaten down MK-Ultra torture victim, a covert lab-rat abductee of the military industrial complex who has been sliced, diced and driven down into near nothingness and then encased in a synthetic electronic cage. I cannot even experience nature anymore.

If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim (targeted individual) please read this - and propagate it. Americans are being tortured into suicide and mental hospitals by military black ops groups. I'm one of the few that's lived to tell about this from the inside but I won't be around long now. If this simple web page saves one life it's worth it. As I'm an electronically mind-controlled torture victim existing in an electronic frequency fence, it is difficult for me to have the time and the concentration to format things such as this site as well as I'd like. At one time I was great at web design and writing. Most of the content on this site is simply spewed out from me at odd hours in the early morning after I've been awakened by a handler to a lucid nightmare or other type of torture. For me it's a form of therapy and retaliation. As well, there is useful information here for Targeted individuals, especially milabs.

I NEED HELP DISABLING THE NANO-IMPLANTS IN ME. As far as I know it's almost impossible to even jam these. I've tried magnets, faraday cages etc. A frequency jammer with hopping and spectrum spread features that goes to 5ghz or higher would probably work.

I'm a civilian living in suburbia and I've been through torture as bad or worse than GITMO prisoners. Nobody will help. The only people that can are other military units or high level politicians. I've written letters to high-ranking officers in the Pentagon in various branches of the military. I got a little bit of response from the Marine Intelligence but that's all.  I'm tortured via synthetic telepathy (syntel) and other electronic means, mostly mental. Incredibly loud ringing in my head, narcolepsy, throbbing, twitching, wild hallucincations both visual and auditory and mind movies of relatives being raped. They typically insert these in the target's mind as 'staged memories' when they wake you up at various times during the night. This is what navy seals do, at least these ones.  The treatment I got under the Army MILAB system was fantastic compared to this. The incredible thing is that these evil idiots still expect me to help them. I hate them beyond words. They, in their own words, are forcing me to suicide. The only thing that will save me is:
1) Somebody killing them. I believe there are about 30 of them total and they're at Dobbins AFB. They also take me to the CDC in Atlanta where they keep my clone.
2) A cosmic or other incredible cataclysm that knocks out the grid. With no electricity their frequency fence (force field) won't work.

They've supposedly spent over $100 million on me. It's difficult to justify killing a super-soldier.  There's a lot of red tape from what I understand. This is the only reason they haven't killed me yet. They did actually try back in September 2012 via major torture.  But they can try to force you to suicide or a mental hospital.  

I understand there's an electronic xbox or whatever type of game that idiots play called Navy SEALS black ops. Well let me tell you about the real one, a true story. A black ops SEALs group killed mankind! They inducted me around November 2011 as a milab and wanted me to be one of them. Fortunately it failed catastrophically but their usage and torture of me still goes on. These idiots tortured me psychologically via synthetic telepathy for months on end (and still do) because they simply didn't approve of my thoughts. They would tell me to stop thinking of something and repeat it incessantly and torture me literally all night long and throughout the day. I'm a shadow of my former self now. These idiots talk to you non-stop even well after the break-in phase. The mind has no firewall - once your mind is taken over i.e. injected constantly with outside voices and thoughts and dreams and feelings, to say nothing of your spiritual psychic-neural faculties being wildly experimented on and manipulated - you are no longer 'you'. It's not 'your' mind. You cease to live but rather exist as a soul-less radio-communications device. I had contact with REAL et's, benevolent ones over the past 5 years. Not the fake greys and reptilians (military staged dreams). I can tell you, mankind is fucked. There was a bifurcation. A small number of humans ascended over the past couple years but still remain physically here on this doomed planet. The archon-controlled Western military-industrial complex via geo-engineering (chemtrails), HAARP, nanotechnology and other technology cut God and celestial connections off from this planet. Humankind is indeed dead; the Mayans were correct. You are all slated to either be exterminated or turned into literal hybrid robots under total mental and physical control with your souls harvested.  Moronic "channellers" who talk about ascension make the perfect discredit cover-story for ascension. It was real indeed, "was" being the key word. Eventually, in probably a few decades at the very most, humans will not exist at all. There are just countless scenarios for electronic population control that will get out of control and destroy what's left of the already failed human experiment. What about the good et's, won't they help? Nope.  They did what they could, and spiritually evacuated various souls. The planet is quarantined now and they're just standing back watching it de-evolve in the final stages of the biggest freakshow that's ever taken place. Continuing my run-on megaparagraph, I resisted this black ops group as best I could and I have absolutely nothing to do with them or any NWO group. I utterly disavow and disassociate myself with them and their insane soul-raping mad-science evil.

"Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Scandinavia, wrote in the September 9, 1999 issue that Scientific American magazine estimates that after the Millenium perhaps ALL people will be implanted with a "DNA microchip". How many people realize what it actually means? Total loss of privacy and total outside control of the person's physical body functions, men-tal, emotional and thought processes, including the implanted person's subconscious and dreams! For the rest of his life! "  See Humanity is Implanted link to right.

All Targeted Individuals NEED to read The Silent Massacre  (in PDF) and pass it around - It answers scores of questions and can help save your life.

I'm a bitter guy. The Navy has ripped off my soul and extrasensory frequencies with multiversal ascension forces and is using it for their own purposes. They could broadast this into others to make them think they are having a 'Christ second coming' kind of experience.

David Icke and Alex Jones of InfoWars nail the transhumanist agenda and how horrible and "ugly" it is - the end of man, the end of nature.  I am not a fan of Mr. Jones but he does a great job here. There's an InfoWars magazine issue headlined "The End of Humanity; Rise of the Robots." This gets good around the 23 minute mark and onward. Note, video is mistitled 'total financial collapse'. 
Transhumanist agenda, robotizing of humans in rapid progress

The Grinch that stole Ascension: the archon-controlled Western military. The whole planet is essentially being cut off from God and the heavens through technology that the brainless slave-public can't even fathom.  

Read a post from Mia, another Starseed being used by Black Ops military as a lab rat. She is absolutely correct.
Another Starseed Lab Rat
Doctor, nurse or scientist?
The entire world and cosmos are enemies of this Navy group of monsters who have tortured me beyond imagination and destroyed my life.  They truly represent no group of humans and are enemies of other NWO factions. Their experiments and uses of me will backfire on them catastrophically. They've brought unspeakable harm to the entire planet. All enemies of theirs are friends of mine.
Contact email: nonukesever at

End of story.

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