(* this page is being republished 2015-08-01. disregard references to 'army' - this is an archived page from 2013. the real over-arching group is 'Air Command'. I didn't really know that at the time. they also aren't based out of dobbins).
Dark factions of the US Military are electromagnetically sequestering, studying, stealing human souls to::
1. weaponize them
2. play God in deciding who gets to re-incarnate and where a person's soul goes after they die.

This is a part of the NWO plan you probably haven't heard of. The entire population of the planet is affected. All human beings are essentially "targeted individuals." I realize this site is a bit sporadic as I've had to develop it under a lot of duress and ongoing torture. It's worth it to read it though. The subject matter sounds science fiction but it's true. This is the personal account of my experiences since 2010 and what I know to be fact.
If you are a Starseed - Hide. Archive this site to your computer by saving the pages to your hard drive - THEN Leave this website and never come back. Do not post anything about your experiences on the Internet. Stay off of all 'ascension' and star seed related sites. You are at risk of being tracked by the black ops military.  You must be reclusive.

I'm a MILAB of a black ops navy seals group that I believe is working out of Dobbins Air Force Base. It's mostly a failed project. The handlers personally hate me. They continue to torture me well past the 'break-in' phase. It's been 16 months now. I've been through torture as bad or worse than GITMO prisoners. Nobody will help. The only people that can are other military units. I've written letters to high-ranking officers in the Pentagon in various branches of the military. I got a little bit of response from the Marines.  I'm tortured via synthetic telepathy (syntel) and other electronic means, mostly mental. Incredibly loud ringing in my head, narcolepsy, throbbing, twitching, wild hallucincations both visual and auditory and mind movies of relatives being raped. They typically insert these in the target's mind as 'staged memories' when they wake you up at various times during the night. This is what navy seals do, at least these ones.  The treatment I got under the Army MILAB system was fantastic compared to this. The incredible thing is that these evil idiots still expect me to help them. I hate them beyond words. They, in their own words, are forcing me to suicide. The only thing that will save me is:
1) Somebody killing them. I believe there are about 30 of them total and they're at Dobbins AFB. They also take me to the CDC in Atlanta where they keep my clone.
2) A cosmic or other incredible cataclysm that knocks out the grid. With no electricity their frequency fence (force field) won't work.

They've supposedly spend over $100 million on me. It's difficult to justify killing a super-soldier.  There's a lot of red tape from what I understand. This is the only reason they haven't killed me yet. They did actually try back in September 2012 via major torture.  But they can try to force you to suicide or a mental hospital.  

Note, as of April 24, 2013 I'm taking down my blogs of tortures for certain privacy concerns.

Yes, I'm now a misanthrope basically. I was put on this planet to help mankind but the seal rapist, pedophile, torturers have turned me into a near misanthrope. I do care about other Starseeds. Ordinary sheeple who support the Matrix I am just indifferent to.

excerpt from March 17, 2013 blog.
5:07 a.m. Right now my clone, which is either partially closer to the real me, or is the real me, is at a medical facility close by at xxx and they're doing experiments on/with it to..... "save mankind."t;

What I've told you about 2012 and how this sick parasitic idiot called a human has passed into an archival, quarantined permanent stasis, a dead species, continued only in robotic form under the direction of archons, is totally true. We call this 'transhumanism' by the way.

Saturday used to be my holy day. The abductors - sleazy seals and sick 'doctors' / 'scientists' do their sickest rituals/exercises with me on Saturday night/Sunday morning. They want to tap into my cosmic friends - which are their enemies - and use them in negative ways i.e. 1. study the phenomena 2.  milk it and harness it any way they can.

Tears well up in my eyes when I think of how this can only backfire.  I truly have been brought to the conclusion that humans are oversized cockroaches now.  Agent Smith (of The Matrix) was correct when he called humans a virus.

Someone pass this on to the "doctors" working on me.  I despise you, you sick ghoul-on-a-stick worshipping losers. All you are doing is fucking yourselves worse. What you are doing with me TOTALLY AGAINST MY WILL is precisely why mankind has been rendered killed.

Did anyone hear me? Mankind is a contained virus now. The real powers that be have pulled the plug.  The best and brightest scientists are scurrying, studying and using me (they call me a "freak of nature," an "anomaly") to try to, I assume break out of the dark quarantined black hole (probably this hell world is in some kind of actual black hole). I'm laughing. They take every thought I have dead serious.  Things can only go one way. The Megaverse detests human scientists/doctors/military in the military industrial complex; you might as well just bundle in the whole damned species. All these evil monsters had to do was just leave me alone. No they couldn't do that. I was a "threat to mankind."

Lots more good cop / bad cop going on this weekend. As I've said they use the new handlers as good cops, keeping them totally blind, a lot.

Halllelujah! It's Sunday the day of Our (fake) Lord. I love it!

If "I" disappear, I'll be at the famous international medical facility by Emory. They'll eventually, of course, kill me and then do continuous exeriments and exercises with my soul. I cannot tell you how strongly I condemn these evil mad scientists - pieces of shit. When I'm drugged out of my mind at their lab and I "consent" to help them they're just digging themselves deeper.  God hates them. They're plastic, evil garbage and ultimately a reflection of this damned planet. The black ops military at the behest of their masters killed mankind.

My greatest hope is that the evacuation of souls ("ascension") was fully complete.
Love and Light to benevolent ET's. 
To 98% of  humans, especially those like my idiot family, thanks for the entertainment, you retards.