Regular Logs.
1-2-2017 If this site suddenly comes down or something really out of character with it gets posted etc it means I'm dead. 

Thinking back to the seal and air force handlers.... the last words I heard them say before they fled in 2015 were "I'd need a million dollars an hour to stay and do this job now." And they mimicked Donnell badly on his colossal fuckup-coverups-failure.

In case you didn't know... there is NO psychic, milab project going on whatsoever. NONE. There hasn't been since April 2013. All it is is a hardcore TI torture to termination program with outrageous lies fed to the corrupt AFSC/AF to cover up the truth.  Donnell uses the HE software / grid to neurally control women who he wants to rape, and then enters their home with his ex-convict team, wearing black ski-masks, and makes them self-unaware zombies and rapes them.  He tortures me horrifically and submits bogus AI recordings etc and lies about a fake 'psychic' type project to justify sequestering me.

general background -
To any mil officers/agents who it may concern:
I was first pulled into 'the program' in 2009.
November 2011 they started hardcore MKULTRA milab program with full super soldier surgery on Dec 5, 2011, then ongoing synthetic telepathy and hardcore mkultra RNM which turned into full blown torture.
Finally in spring of 2014 the worst of the torturers were separated when the main controller managed to create a new fake project.
Seal capt never could go straight to Air Command and tell them what happened since it would have caused extreme embarassment and probably a court martial.
Torture still continued badly though after spring 2014.
October 2014 I am fairly sure I was supposed to be 'back burnered' by Air Command and become a 'has-been' milab. They would technically keep me in the program and just check on me to make sure I'm not being accessed by anyone else etc. This would have been perfect. This is what I wanted and want. The problem - why wasn't this done? Again, Air Command would have queried me, interrogated me subliminally while asleep and then known everything - and he would be court martialed. So... he came up with a scheme bonding with CIA, getting them to put pressure on Air Command high level leaders to totally release me from the program... CIA's interest: they would get me totally after I was fully released and no longer checked on at all by Air Command.  This is what's happening now. I'm being handed off to them. I know covert operations very well now - gangstalking, human wifi networking types stuff, general surveillance type stuff. They are totally setting up all around me.
Whenever I publish something big or contact the military, this two-faced traitor Capt goes to work right away generating a slandering bs AI report to cover himself. 

The only time the torture has been letting up at all is when I think bad things about Donnell's kids. Why? Because he records it. He tortures me into thoughts, ideations etc that he wants to record, and then lets off the torture, so the only way I can get relief is to think about his ugly stupid kids.

If you want the bottom line on eric, the rapist, torturer, murderer monster who is responsible for ALL of this insanity, here it is:
How does someone with the power this character had/has end up on his knees begging other factions behind the scenes to bail him out of his fuckups, and begging his lifelong friend who runs the super solider program to keep covering up for him?  He is mentally ill and all the forms of weakness and extreme stupidity that go along with it.

Why does the retarded chimp Donnell torture me non-stop? It's retarded. Look at the scene in the movie Gamer, with the fat slob remote-controlling the woman and guy to have sex and basically slobbering over himself as he gets off on it. Imagine that setting but Donnell is like a spoiled ignorant brat playing a virtual reality game who gets upset when the human he's connected to has a thought he doesn't like, so in response he tortures the victim thinking in his retarded mind that that will make the mind-rape victim not have another thought like that. That's how ignorant this evil retarded piece of shit pussylvania hick is. It's been like that from day one. Nothing has changed. Donnell is that stupid. Most people learn from their mistakes. Not this incorrigibly stupid coward. It used to tell other handlers 'don't take that - get revenge' whenever I'd have a thought or reaction to how they were torturing me. Again, not one thing has changed in the five years that this sadistic monster was brought in. Donnell is mentally retarded.

Think of a sadistc retard redneck who gets a puppy and screams at it to come, and when the poor thing just pisses and quivers the retard beats the shit out of it and says "that will teach you". That's Donnell. I've just perfectly described Donnell. Good job, every evil piece of shit who promoted him and covered for him along the way, and bought his insane bullshit stories.

Donnell's daily horrific nightmares / soul-rapes are for 'revenge' for my thoughts during the day..
One day, the entire planet will pay for this. I promise. It stood back and watched. Only other TI's know and care. But with other TI's there's a broader program - you can at least see/understand it, even though it's evil of course. At least it makes sense. In my case I shouldn't even be a TI.  But I am a TI and the worst one I know of for one reason and one reason only: A mentally ill, mentally retarded evil pussylvania hick with the highest security clearance there is and a totally cloaked identity - granted by other corrupt cowards - the macdill morons.

They'll pay one day. The entire world will pay for what the cowardly evil corrupt Macdill Morons have done.

Donnell will not stop torturing me ever. It bio-physically can't. It's a rapist. It wants me to submit. That's what it gets off on, power. It wants me totally broken and to submit. I won't. Ever. I will keep mentally attacking it and its little whores and inflicting as much damage as I can, every way I can.
The human race is picking up the tab for the damage this evil pig (who they coddle and enable) has done to me.


April 2017 update on youngest donnell whore playing drums:
The youngest donnell whore is taking drum lessons. Necrophiliac soul-raping archon thief ignorant cultureless hick donnell not only got his little whores into horses - copying me so far as to take them to the same horse farm I went to, but now he also got his little whores into music - specifically drums, ripping me off there too. This evil pig has plundered every single aspect of my life, ripped off everything including my soul and mind/intellect. This pig has a gigantic library of ripped off soul-impressions - recorded to computer, and he can and does enjoy playing my ascension-etheric essences into his own soul-less cockroach self. There is NOTHING this evil rapist hick hasn't ripped off from me. If this doesn't convince you what a deplorable psychopath it is then I don't know what will. Those who know me know what I was into, my interests.... well what do you think about this evil pig now ripping off the drums. This 'ultimate sport' retard always has the whore-skinheads switch control back to him if I start playing my drums so he can enjoy it vicariously like he's playing. Now he's ripped off the whole thing getting his precious little whore into it and simultaneously giving me sick sexual nightmares involving my kid and drums. Can you comprehend this? Can you really? And you support this evil soul-faggot. You actually believe there is a 'psychic' project. It's Shawshank Redemption -- donnell is Warden Norton and I'm Andy Dufresne.  (4-14-17)

12-16-17 Freezing, need help with the cold. Out of money.

12-12-17 Sinking further financially. No money to pay most bills. No heat, house is freezing in an unusually cold winter. Foreclosure in progress. Probably on street in 6 weeks.

Blessings to all TI's and the homeless.

12-10-17 Still under financial siege by devil. Need money worse than ever. Totally broke. Living conditions deterorating.

11-27-17 I am praying for the devil's financial siege to be broken.

11-24-17 I need money desperately. Slipping fast in downward spiral. Otherwise things actually a bit better with star family's help. I will be homeless though.

Blessings to all ti's.

11-23-17 Mason-donnell never stops. "I know you hurt." What a genius.

All the usual, it all goes without saying.

Blessing to all those in unpopular countries being starved, to all the poor, this Thanksgiving.

11-16-17 Financial situation is worsening. I can live without heat and air conditioning but it is miserable and unhealthy. I can't live without a house to hide from the white zombie stalkers. I will end up living in my car or worse.

Blessings to the stars. Blessings to ti's and everyone already living in their cars or worse.

11-1-17 Totally broke and losing my house in foreclosure now. Need money now badly.

10-28-17 Credit to the stars for showing me how to treat heart attacks. I am sharing this with the world.  How to successfully treat heart conditions:
Red wine and more red wine. Drink as much as you can and on an empty stomach. You must have an empty stomach when you drink - and keep an empty stomach except for the wine - this is key. Fast as much as possible and drink at least 2 or more large glasses and resist temptation to eat. When you eat (especially solids) blood is diverted away from the heart to the stomach to help with digestion - so don't eat. You need constant, full blood circulation in the heart if you have a cardiac condition. You also need to do full, major colon/bowel/intestine cleanses, you must be 'regular' and not carrying waste. Learn how to fast for 2 or more days at a time. When you do eat, limit yourself to a liquid diet, light soups and protein drinks. I drink at least a half bottle of red wine every day. The magic works the more you fast and the more you drink. Obviously stay at home where you can do this safely. In their own words, "it sounds crazy" but it works.   Also, never drink soda or carbonated drinks of any kind. Eliminate them completely from your diet.

10-22-17 I am a U.S. Navy Seal.......
   navy seal kills Baal navy seal kills Wonder Whore

navy seal


I mourn for all the other cool musicians as well. Too many to even count, and too painful. Hurting  bad still over this.

10-11-17  "No you can't take, no you can't take it, no you can't take that away from me ... I'd rather die than give you control."

10-5-17 Totally broke, can't pay basic bills including mortgate, will lose home and be homeless. Can't find job let alone keep one. I need a handout. Anupam could help.

9-17-17 - Lee had to flee. And getting bitch-slapped the whole way down.

9-12-17 I plead for the illegal atrocities against humans to stop.

 I need about $7k to get mortgage caught up and keep my house for a while. Things are very difficut. Hurt. Devil group won't stop.

8-16-17  I'm glad to see the confederate monuments come down. It's long overdue. There are certainly more statues that can come down.

I need the seige on me broken. Those who can hit white zombie and company please do. Hitting at the inner metaware generates the most bang for the buck.

Blessings to all ti's.

8-14-17  Under seige. Need the stalkers off me. Money is gone. Just holding on..

8-12-17  Usual stuff. Heart is in bad shape. I can especially feel it in bed when electronics are turned down some. I can't lay on my left side or my stomach. Finances are trashed, totally broke. Stalked by usual monsters, white zombie. Mentally damaged, severely mentally damaged by these monsters. Their veiled threats against my family and self are becoming more brazen. They have tremendous power.

Blessings to all TI's and other ELO victims in this place.

8-10-17 My heart condition is very poor. I cannot eat even light amounts of solid food without major angina pain and heart attack symptoms. My body is starving and I need exercise and energy but it's a catch-22. I am stuck in this state until I'm dead. I'm stalked by ELO and White Zombie, the worst bands ever.

Blessings to all TI's.

7-30-17 Same mental tortures, health is getting worse. Very little form of exercise. Heart has all symptoms of the ongoing heart attack / heart failure state it is in as soon as electonics are lowered and especially after I eat any solids. I'm fucked.

I need bundy-donnell the necrophiliac monster dead.

7-28-17 I'm in fear of the ordering of the killing of any one of my few relatives and framing me for it. Then ELO can get me into a jail where they can then put me in a 'new one' using their evil raytheon equipment. On top of that would be the compounded madness of the situation, the double, or triple trajedy of it all. They want my stuff.

My health is poor, sharp pains to chest and tightness etc whenever electronic stasis is lessened. I am under seige. I just hope I get a natural, organic death and my family and I avoid an eternity of torture-hell on a supercomputer like others are enduring right this minute. I need the monsters off me completely.

bundy-manson-donnell the heaven rapist did all of this. I need it dead.

Money situation is now very bad. Money is evil. If I had a billion dollars I'd give it all away or burn it somehow.

Blessings to all other TI's especially the spiritual.

7-27-17 I NEED THE AIR FORCE TO GUARD MY KID. SHE IS AT EXTREMELY HIGH RISK OF BEING ABDUCTED BY THE OTHER FACTION AND BEING PUT INTO A 'NEW ONE'. Her conciousness, soul-essence, mind etc would be stolen and put on a supercomputer and tortured beyond description. Other bad things will be done to her too.

7-26-17 Evil, it's all 100% evil what the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) has done to me via  bundy-donell and his 'men' over the past 5+ years. And the air force is to blame for all of it. The air force had the power to stop it at any given time. There's no limit to what ELO is going to do to my family and others and much much more. Everything is going to get way worse, abysmally worse and I'm defenseless to protect myself and family. I have no power or control over anything. The air force is to blame totally for all of this.

I think donnnell may drive a small black sedan with tinted windows. The evil pussy may have all gray hair now on the sides too. Possible sighting.

I need access to this evil pervert's family.

9:23 pm massive mental rape the past couple of hours by bundy-donnell. Intense mental rape. And remember, anything the illegal invader luciferian computer inside your head thinks or feels in its virtual hell dimension cognitive-computing environment can and will be held against you in a kangaroo court of bullshit. Imagine playing a tennis match where you get to somehow be inside of and control and fuck with your opponent. And it counts as legal! 

I'm the exact opposite of bundy-donnell in every way. We aren't the same species. I am being tortured, mentally raped to death by the enemy. No way out, now way to win with this setup. No way.

7-25-17 My heart and overall health are very poor, worsening from attacks from what's his name and his rape-mindcontrol system. I need asylum away
from the enemy.

7-24-17 More sleep deprivation. Mental tortures. Programming to self-sabotauge myself mentally. My heart is in a state of pressure and throbbing- tightness. Health is very poor, feel very weak. Mentacide. No way to survive, I'm going down.

7-22-17 My heart is in bad shape. I have to take advantage of the electronics being turned on strong enough in order to be able to even go for walks, do the lightest exercise. Mental torture, madness on top of madness. Nobody will kill manson-bundy-donnell.

The monsters created indescribable deep unending mental-emotional grief-like wounds in "me" then use these and fabricated thoughts to frame others in the war of mental masturbation so that the firefighter is accused of being the arsonist and visa-versa.

If someone/thing were to widen the parameters of an unconcluded war and maybe kidnap family then their own loved ones could be at the same risk of zero mercy down the road.

My body is weak but I need to fast and try to rest as much as possible. I need manson-bundy-donnell dead.

7-20-17 This is from the Wikipedia article on ted bundy. It describes navy seal captain eric donell accurately:
"He sometimes revisited his secondary crime scenes for hours at a time, grooming and performing sexual acts with the decomposing corpses until putrefaction and destruction by wild animals made further interaction impossible."
Biographer Ann Rule described him as "a sadistic sociopath who took pleasure from another human's pain and the control he had over his victims, to the point of death, and even after".[4] He once called himself "the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you'll ever meet".[5][6] Attorney Polly Nelson, a member of his last defense team, agreed: "Ted", she wrote, "was the very definition of heartless evil."[7]
"He often revisited his secondary crime scenes to engage in acts of necrophilia,[298] and to groom or dress up the cadavers."

Again, this describes eric donnell, a true necrophiliac. Worse, he commits soul rape, soul-i-cide, heaven-rape, plumbing depths of hell nobody could conceive. His shameless bald-headed ex-con whores do it as well, they're weak, cowardly cult members.
So here is the face that comes close to navy seal captain eric donnell. Not far off actually with a salt and pepper beard.

7-19-17 My heart is worse lately. The electronic stasis is keeping me alive. Sleep deprivation and mental tortures all night. Too tired to type. Being humiliated with my stuttering which is worse and to the point of not being able to get the first word out at all. Things are bad. No money. No way out. Waiting for death. Over 5 and a half years of non-stop trauma torture with not a single second, let alone day, of freedom to stop and rest and think. Not one. Every TI I've known on this kind of system with this level of torture is dead by 5 years. I'm already over the limit. I keep going for chance of revenge.

7-16-17 My heart is fucked. I don't know how I'm alive. Is there any part of me that isn't fucked? My mental health is gone. Massive emotional and spiritual scars like the Grand Canyon are deep in my whole body - like what you feel during intense grief, just massive riptides of indescribable wailing pain that twist all positive thoughts and feelings into evil shit.

7-14-17 My heart is very bad again lately from being shaken heavily repeatedly again. This had stopped for a couple months but it is back now. I have thoughts that break through the brain-clone gauntlet and the auto-torture program kicks in which remote controls me to make my whole upper body violently shake which rips my heart. I do lots of powerful herbs, garlic, vinigar, fish oil - everything I can but it won't help. Surgery would not have helped because the cause of the heart attacks is still there attacking my heart.

I need donnell and its team and their families in my possession.

Mental rape by donnell's brain clones is unreal. I begged everybody to shoot the mentally ill hick. I will find it.

7-11-17 Massive mental rape going on as usual. Retard manson-donnell will sometimes change the settings so that I am not emotionally anesthetized like he did today when I was driving home. Deep indescribable emotional/mental/psychic pains ripped through my whole body, my whole being. They come in waves that just don't quit. Bottomless deep pain. These are the effects of the unreal spiritual and mental rape for over 5.5 years non-stop. Also, a little more shaking my heart.

I want to fuck donnell's children so bad. I continue to exist for only this. If you were me you would understand.

pervert manson-donnell admitted he has jacked off while wearing his white navy kneel uniform. I know how to interrogate their puny brains.

I mentioned how manson-donnell recorded the emotional wailing of the skinhead (tom I think) and played it to me. I relish every second of stuff like this. My cyber-brain has these recordings stored as well - I memorize perfectly the impressions of my enemy's pains since they are relayed straight into my brain. I play them back to the enemy and score big - like I just did.

7-10-17 Sleep deprivation continues. Nightmares continue. Mental rape continue. Non stop synthetic telepathy since December 2011. No break ever. My heart is weaker again. I visualized being in manson-donnell's house last night and it put me in severe shaking mode, shook my heart badly and it is very weak now, has been throbbing and aching ever since with pains radiating up and down my left arm. Very tired lately. Mental exhaustion.

On positive note, I made some of the skinheads cry by forcing them to look at something gruesome - actually it's a picture on the home page here. They flipped and had to sign off turning control back to their retarded pimp. Oh, forgot to mention that idiot queeg recorded their emotional pain - (I heard it live real-time first) and played it back to me after they were off while subliminally pulsing a message through my right foot telling me to stop hurting them. Hurray! How humiliating it has to be to have a mentally ill boss who pisses in your face repeatedly.

7-8-17 More sleep deprivation past 2 nights and nightmares. As weak as I am I still do whatever I can like stomping my foot into the floor as soon as I stand up from bed pretending it's lisa's face I'm stomping. That's my protocol for getting out of bed every morning. Every piss I take I imagine the faces of the donnell family in front of me. I visulaize slowly skinning them alive etc..

My heart is bad. Taking lots of vinegar and garlic, stuff like that. I will never recover though. Heavy pains and throbs in chest are still there and worsen whenever I lift anything too heavy. I have substantial blockages.

Money problems as usual. Made to feel like a loser, I lose at everything basically - by design. That's how it works. Need more dead military. Something to cheer me up. Fantasizing about my special time to come with warden norton's family.


7-1-17 Usual tortures, terror. Mental damage immense. The real me would collapse and die from shock. The mental breakdowns actually first started around September 2013. They just kept rebuilding me, re-formatting my brain every single night. Back then they did more physical stuff to me too (aside from just constant remote neural stuff) to restore me and keep me going. I would have preferred death especially if I'd known how bad it was really going to get. It's unreal. There is zero positive aspect to 'me' at all anymore. None. It's a total loss. Worse than a loss. The real me is full of rage and bitterness. I have no positive feelings towards anyone or anything. Everything I loved, especially family, was raped in myriad ways including phsyical electronic molestation right in front of me while the world stood back and watched. I'm reminded of the bullwhipping scene in the Clint Eastwood movie "High Plains Drifter".  When I say I'm the worst torture victim I know of I'm not kidding.  They wouldn't stop reading my mind, let alone all the other tortures on top of it. I screamed my head off over and over 'TURN IT OFF, TURN IT THE FUCK OFF'. But manson-donnell wouldn't. Ever. Instead it started these scams about how I'm going to get my freedom - he'd have lower handlers play roles about how I was going to be released in a couple weeks. Some of these guys were inmates he'd used. I remember how morose they were when they'd tell me how they were used and that I was never getting out.  Even when I was causing extreme damage to his navy kneel team and they were turning on it, the evil sub-retarded pussy wouldn't let me go. It could have let me go back then with a few mouse clicks. I'm in hell. Those who read my mind are fucked. It will always, always backfire. That's mathematically guaranteed. They're guaranteed to lose and get hurt. I'd run as fast as I could from the hellscape mind-raping, soul-raping software. I'd run as fast as I could from me.

I hope its little hairy cocksuckers suffer badly one day.

Another day in hell.

6-30-17 Heavy zombie state. The irony/paradox again is that the electronics provide a kind of life support system, and artificial 'life' environment, that keep the TI alive while they're being tortured and degraded. No muscle mass, weak. More nightmares. I live for the prospect of revenge. It was this time last year that major shaking and vibrating and giving me stroke-level blood pressure etc was going on. Much of the neural damage that led to my stuttering was created last summer when they finally got enough filtering set up letting the system be on what I call 'auto-murderer'. The brain-clone controller(s) inflict tortures automatically when I have a thought they don't like, including forcing me to shake and verbally laugh-cough and other things. This is their way of protecting themselves from my thoughts and putting me on the back-burner while they enjoy their lives. Revenge.

I hope I've helped other TI's. Blessings to you all.

I need my soverignty. I need my heart fixed. I need death. I won't be given my freedom by supreme evil, nor will I get my heart fixed. Death will get me free. Tortures continue, mental rape every day. My mental health - what's left of my mind - is terrifying. PTSD off the scale. Every thought is quickly twisted into something gross and/or suicidal, catastrophic. mkultra at its most evil. Deep, deep mental, soul, pychic wounds and scars that are constantly ripped open. Manson-donnell and the 5 baldheaded whores don't stop. I've inflicted deep damage on these losers. I think donell may really live in the polo fields. I need its address. Cocksucker lisa may be going off to college this August, or else this is the ugly creature's senior year in hs.

My stuttering is humiliating. I had to spell out the first word of the sentence I was trying to say the other day at a bank, to the teller. I'm an embarrassment to family, friends etc. And I just have to take it. I can't tell them the truth. I have to be a slowly decaying fruit like Flowers for Algernon or whatever it was called.

I'm the worst soul-rape torture victim I know of. The left side of my brain is totally computerized, luciferized. "I" have zero control of thoughts, emotions etc in that region. And actually it has spread more generally into the right side too. I mentioned before my bi-location technique. It works but is impossible to keep up for more than maybe 10-15 seconds at a time. I keep having to come up with new ways to kill the mental pain, sickness, evil of the electronic jin beast invader and find some kind of inner kernal of strength, remnant of self. I am like humpty dumpty, completely shattered with uncontrollable, involuntary waves of mental, spiritual rape pains ripping through my entire being. Usually these are triggered by the retarded pennsylvania hick's mkultra programming - its keywords really trigger it. It can be triggered easily by general anxiety, terror of having a thought - since I've been tortured out of my mind for exactly that for the past 6 years almost  - tortured for having a thought. The layers of madness and insanity to this is indescribable. Another aspect of this system is that is is a constant deposition. I am constantly under audit - the way it has been used on me due to the extreme incompetence of 'ultimate sport' donnell.

I am convinced the 'real me' i.e. my spirit does not exist in my body any longer but instead somewhere outside it. I remember about a year ago the soul rape was so bad that on one night I got up from my torture-rack that used to be called a 'bed', to take a piss, and I was bi-located - and not by manson-donnell or a skinheadwhore either - which they can do but didn't. My spirit was around my body - hovering around me like a ghost - it was me from high school age, unmistakeable. I will never forget it. This is the kind of stuff this sick heaven-raping soul-rapist pervert loves - it is the most evil creature in cosmic history - it loves looking at the evil spectacle it created. A serial rapist-killer who slowly kills a beauty queen leaving a nasty scar on her face and jerking off to it or coming back again and again to look at what it did. On that note, I remember the sick near-death experiments manson-donnell did to me. I'll describe one in particular a little bit right now because it may help others who've had this. BTW this is NSA technology. In the AI neural hell-scape software in your brain/body they create a powerful evil-fairytale like landscape with a large alluring castle on a mountain in the distance and going there is like taking a special acid-trip, a wild and scary but wierdly 'fun' journey. It's sick actually, really really evil and creepy beyond words. You are in a little mideival type town in a valley and when you take this journey it's like a dare. You kind of sneak through some passages and secret trails up the mountain to the castle. What's actually happening here, I believe, is a near-death type experiement where they are beaming your soul essence out into the cosmos and monitoring it via you - like a stargate. When I find manson-donnell and its family I am slowly going to skin them alive and do things to them that have never been done to anyone. I promise. For others who read this and may be lab-rats of luciferian evil like this I hope this helps you. I've given advice on this page on how to physically protect yourself by locking your bedroom door and windows and always sleeping alone and only in your bedroom - which is the single most important thing you can do. Yes, if they really want in they'll hack-saw and do whatever other physical damage to bust in but it's very likely they won't. They like being covert and leaving you with impression that they get you through advanced or 'alien technology'  depending on which group is messing with you - actually they usually don't want you to know that you are being physically accessed with at all by them. They need to appear elusive and untouchable with little or no trace of tangible evidence thus unlikely they will go to extreme of busting down your door. The remote neural tortures and synthetic lucid nightmares will not stop just because you lock your bedroom door and are physically inaccessible when sleeping - but they won't be able to get your consciousness-energybody and leave you as a shallow soul-less zombie copy of yourself. Nothing I've ever disclosed is more important than this. Nothing.

I'll fight for my sovereignty and the possibility of revenge.

Peace, blessing to all other victims.

6-11-17 Heart in very bad shape. I need to fast more but very difficult to do under torture.

manson-donnell is on vacation right now. I think it is at the beach with its two hairy ugly little cockcuckers and zombie wife. It would be awesome if its cherished dog was dead when it got home.

I live for revenge. It's paltry skinhead team is having nervous breakdowns, in very bad mental shape as I've described, and of course worsening. They are not fit to be around weapons. This is what this great 'military man' does to his assets.

I made manson-donnell milend 'ultimate sport' cry again the other day. It can't take reality... that's all I can say. manson-donnell is a fraud, charlatan, coward, sub-retarded turbo-pervert soul-faggot luciferian with access to the reality management network. It had to have been one of the most powerful people on the planet and look what it did with all that power! Words like 'idiot' etc don't even scratch the surface. Unforturnately it has a team of other guilty monsters who cover for it (thus themselves).

I am pretty sure the plan that sean or somene at air force had somtime after april 2013 was to stop torturing me and instead try to patch things up, give me money, fix things up - since I had to be in the program for life at that point, in other words take the high road. Instead, unfortunately for everyone, he lost out to manson-donnell's higher rank and I was/am tortured beyond comprehension. The consequences of manson-donnell's soul-rape and heaven-rape are beyond human comprehension. I've documented thoroughly what this sub-retarded hick has done to me over the years on this site. If anyone doubts the truth look at how consistent it all is. Aside from usual disinfo tidbits that I fell for - which I corrected on here once I figured it out - the entire luciferian soul-rape torture mentacide murder odyssey is chronicled here.

My stuttering is very bad now. I need to find some kind of trick to at least partially fix it. At times I almost have to write down what I want to say during a conversation but it would be too embarrassing.

I love making pussy manson-donnell cry like the little bitch it is. Oh, it had to take time away from its little cocksuckers on this sunday morning to deal with me publishing this text. Score.

6-7-17 hotel coward. I always remember the image manson-donnell gave me of the time a black civilian humiliated him in front of his daughter at a hotel. Actually it was a mini-movie navy seal captain eric donnell played in my mind. The purpose was to show me why he hated blacks so much. navy seal capt eric donnell was a navy seal at the time of this incident yet walked away humiliated instead of standing up to the aggressor. What happened was a dispute over a table at a restaurant at a hotel that was apparently already overcrowded. Manson-donnell gave in to intimidation with lisa next to him and walked away with his head down, leaving the restaurant.

I'm still 'alive' but in hell. Tortures don't stop. Mental rape almost constantly. I look back on how close I came to suicide so many times - there just wasn't any other option - it was actually at that point - always when manson-donnell was doing horrific mental rape tortures. Sometimes I got up and drove to a hotel, or just drove all night, or back when it was possible got on phone with other TI's for support.

My heart is only still beating because of the electronic state where most body function is offloaded to the supercomputer, keeping my vitals in a statis. That's the main reason I'm 'alive'. Otherwise despite all the other self-treatment and diet I do I would be dead - which would be a good thing if it weren't against my constitution. I have to try to survive. I just do even though I'd much rather be dead/free.

Manson-donnell and its band of wayward loser skinheads are hurting! They're in bad shape. Even manson-donnell is crying a lot more - despite being an emotionally disturbed retard who already easily broke out crying. My tactics have taken their toll. They were all about creating computerized emotional pain in the left side of my brain and using that in an mk-ultra way by mixing it with 'I'm your friend and I'm hurting you and you love me' kind of stuff. But I'm not stupid and know every trick in the book. Anthony especially is cracking up lately, crying with deep aching pain at times and has to get offline. It's real - not an act. I know these individuals intimately since our brains have been hived together for years now. Now the contagion is spreading. I've memorized/recorded Anthony and another skinhead's crying 'i can't take it anymore' pleas and play it back perfectly to them and it hurts them badly! They have to 'get in front of it' and play it, play along with it to temper it, then use brute force mind-control to fuck with me and create more pain and anger so they 'win'. But they don't win. I know every trick, and I know how to fuck with AI and hurt the operator. I've gotten some real gems, some real crying breakdowns from manson-donnell lately.

Did you know, as a matter of FACT, that manson-donnell had to have been one of THE most powerful people on the planet? No question about it. Look what it did with all that power. Just look! Look at this website alone! Look at it's fake project! Look what its done - unless you believe its insane stories.

I fantasize about revenge, much more meaningful revenge than just the ai guerilla-war counter-attacks I do.

I'm so fucking tired, not one single break, not one chance to rest in over five and half years.  The real me would collapse and die from shock if this were actually turned off.

Shawshank Redemption Abu Gharaid times a quadrillion.

Blessings to all TI's. Love you all.

5-31-17 Why isn't my "Brexit" from the bastards who think they own me honored? I never belonged to you in the first place. With the casualties I inflict on you isn't that obvious? donnell

My heart is worse. Food makes it much worse but it's hard to fast all the time. With sleep deprivation and massive mental-soul torture I need energy and the moral boost that good food provides. No easy options. I've already shed 40 pounds since the major heart attack pussylucifermansondonnell gave me Dec 16 2016.  The few times the electronics are turned down I can feel the damage. I'm basically a cripple especially if the system isn't 'being me' at a given moment. A great irony. The first serious heart attacks actually started about year ago. Massive electronic-directed-energy convulsions while in bed and accompanying heart attacks prevented me from jogging after that. I could only walk to exercise.

Why would anyone think they have higher cosmic soverignty than me?

I don't know how I keep going.  Especially weak and with headaches today on top of usual tortures. Hunger makes my mind and body even weaker.

5-29-17 My heart is bad. Electronics were turned down for a few minutes earlier today and I could feel the damage, heavy palpitations, blockage, fluttering. Extreme mental torture-rape for hours off and on today. I inflicted damage on these evil loser pussies though. It's just these 6 coward retards. The 5 cuckold skinheads watch in terror as manson-donnell, their pimp, grinds them all (and much more)  down further into hell, an incredible descent. The skinheads are pissed on viciously by manson-donnell. I remember the kneels and af personnel in their final days saying "I'd need a million dollars an hour to work here now" - in the face of the terrifying descent manson-donell was perpetrating as he totally pulled the rug out from under them and af command - no further comment. The only helpers it could have were the loser deadbeat retard skinheads who need the cult to survive. I am being murdered, horiffically tortured beyond comprehension...

There is a possibility that soul-faggot manson-donnell lives in Polo Fields subdivision.

I am almost positive its hairy little kids go to the horse farm I mentioned before. I need to find a way to do whatever with that.

I love inflicting damage on these evil hicks.

10:36 pm i hurt, i hurt i hurt. these pussies said this all day long. I made them cry. For real.  I just said 'i hurt' mocking them and they took the first occurance of it and cut off the recording to play it back to me like it's really me. these retarded crybaby pussies. They got this phrase from the other group a while back. They repeat sound bytes etc from others because they're too stupid to come up with anything original.  I made donnell cry today and cry alot - it was great. The evil retarded coward's whole team MUTINIED on him a couple years ago. That's a fact! It knows what it did and what it is.  I love making this pussy cry. It sleep deprives me and mentally rapes me into a state of total mental exhaustion to the point of collapse and total insanity and it calls this victiory! "There - now you know me!" it says. First of all I don't cry. I never have. I never broke, never submitted.  This psychopath emotionally disturbed pussy cries easily and alot and it is of course not coerced via torture - it is the torturer. Secondly, the 'emotion' that induces/captures/constructs  on the computer in the left side of my head is FAKE - it's artificial. It's an evil API around my brain and whole body that shakes the fuck out of my brain like a pinball machine to get fragments of things and records them and plays them back sometimes. As another TI put it, it's a fabricated, falsifiying bit stream that is in constant conversation (rape) of your brain. Always remember TI's - it's fake, it's a kind of a hacked facsimile of your brain and other faculties, a bastardized rip-off of your faculties but your actual 'self' is not harmed in a way. It's somehow outside you or inaccessible. They can rape and capture spiritual essence remotely electronically but it's only a copy of it, a recording of some aspect of it at a given moment. The worst is that if they get physical access to you while you are asleep they can permanently steal your consciousness/spirit/energy body and your true mind- whatever you want to call it all, your software/metaware - absolutely everything in and about you aside from your flesh and bones. It's done via portable equipment they can bring right into your bedroom. Watch the movie Transcendence if you want a 'proof of concept'.  I've given advice before to lock your bedroom door and never sleep anywhere else or with another person in your room. I plead with all TI's and public in general to take this advice.

I love when they fight. It's so easy. manson-pussy-milend-donnell screams at the 5 baldheaded whores whenever they fuck up. These stupid whores are all it has left. They are now mentally damaged. I love this! I had a blast last night with this. I love keeping pussy capt queeg up late also. That fucks it up since it prefers to go to bed around 6:30pm.

I HAD AN AWESOME MEMORIAL DAY - celebrating the casualties in the american military! I made manson-donnell cry. It cried like a little pussy over certain things I subjected it to. When it cries it really cries - not fake - the agents' emotions bleed straight through. I cries like a baby, profusely. It caused a number of deaths to certain american forces. hush hush. I'm glad this isn't believable, works out good actually. Cry pussy cry.

It's almost 11pm now - I kept the idiot up even later.

The Caine Mutiny - and the donnell Mutiny! Captain Queeg!  Shawshank Warden Norton

5-26-17 incredible non-stop mental rape for over 24 hours - only a few hours of sleep last night. Pussy donnell cried like a little bitch though earlier today over a visual I gave him of strangling his ugly whore transexual kids (evil accidents).

My heart is in poor shape, barely holding on, doing my best to just keep going. It is a perverse kind of miracle that I'm still breathing. Miracle is the wrong word. These don't happen anymore. Freak paradox is the best term probably.

Nothing more to say except worst is actually yet to come.

Dirty for dirty. I will do everything and way more to manson-pussy-donnell and its family than it's done to mine. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING this evil soul-less archon theif hasn't stolen from me.

What a disgrace, treasonist, traitor, coward, psychopath, retard, charlantan, rapist, murderer, torturer, embarrassment to the whole intelligence community this evil pussy is.

Look where this evil pussy has ended up. It only has these 5 lame skinhead ex-cons who hang out at Taco-Mac alot, to help it. And they have PTSD and general psych damage from the imbecile. It trashed its whole project and team. Many air force personnel hate donnell's guts.  It's a massive coverup with zero oversite or real audits. This evil retarded pussy has its own little cult, a little milab fiefdom of 5 dimwitted skinhead ex-con misfits and access to the AI grid which is everything by itself. What a story it tells - how someone could have this amount of power and end up cowering in a corner with everything closing in around him, totally trashed, and on its knees begging everyone else to quietly bail it out.

The mental torture by this evil twat is beyond belief. That's all it knows how to do is torture me - oh, and also take down everyone and everything else associated with it, everyone stupid enough to befriend it or believe it.

There will be no mercy when I get access to it and its family.

Blessings to all TI's.

5-19-17 To take another shot at my perps... another front company they use is the "Harry Rust Construction Company".

My heart condition is holding about the same which is still very bad. Only the electronics are keeping me alive. I really need heart surgery but that's a no-go. What would be the point since the attacks on my heart will just continue.

I have zero support, no help at all.

Nightmares and tortures continue.

I may possibly have been wrong about where manson-donnell's little whores go to school but I am very sure they do ride horses at the place I mentioned earlier. They would be registered under a fake last name. I know that now.

Weak, physically crippled, atrophied, no martial arts, depressed, hopeless. A huge cataclysm like war would be a joy, maybe the grid would go down and I'd be free.

I remember in 2012 I came up with a little question to keep me cognizant of the futility of things. It's a simple checkbox question. If you answer affirmatively then you are fucked:

* if you checked the above box you are FUCKED!

This evil mind reading (raping) system is an abyss, a pandora's box. I remember screaming for hours at this retarded pig capt queeg around october 2012 to turn it the fuck off. Nope - it wouldn't do it. And up until mid April 2013 it could have easily turned it off and ended the whole thing. Instead it kept torturing my soul and mind beyond comprehension and still does. In April 2013 the air force said I know way too much and can never be released from the program and at that point queeg and the other torturing idiots were fucked. They had to ramp up the torture even more to kill me in typical TI torture to death/suicide procedure all the while coverings up, lying to the air force about what they did/do to me. I'm the worst torture victim TI I personally know of - not a milab.

I'm defenseless and on my own and waiting to die.

5-16-17 lucifer in human manifest form (donnell) won't stop raping my kid in various ways.

I begged over and over for someone to shoot it. No luck.

I'm just waiting for death.

5-14-17 more sleep deprivation and torture the past few days. My heart is very bad. I'm getting more crippled, weaker. I can't pick up a bottle of juice without stress being put on my heart. I feel the strain on my heart instantly whenever I pick up anything that weighs even a couple pounds. Throbbing pains shoot down my left arm etc just from picking up something that weighs a couple pounds or if I lay on my stomach or left side.

Torture is going to get worse. I know it will. They have to kill me.

I am heavily lobotmized lately, memory really blurred, softened. Put in a fake good mood with forced fake smile, a virtual 'new one'. The difference between me and the countless thousands of other zombies is that I am fully aware of it, of what's being done to me. I always remind myself of what they've done and do to me and that revenge is everything.

Peace and blessings to all other victims.

5-11-17 sleep deprivation and nightmares continue. Heart is fucked, I now can't pick up anything over a couple pounds without my heart tearing. I'm crippled. Miss martial arts badly. And I have to lie about what's actually happening, that I'm being murdered. "Why don't you get surgery?" I can't say because I am being murdered, my heart is being attacked every day and therefore surgery would do no good, and also something extremely evil could be done to me when I'm in the hospital, something worse than death. I'm suffering in silence and lying about it for everybody's best interest. A painful madness on top of it all.

I remember many times being tortured so bad by luciferian donnell that my spirit left my body. This is different than the evil pigs intentionally creating an OBE which they do in soul catcher type projects amongst other sicker things. I remember about this time last year getting out of bed around 3 a.m. after one of manson-donnell's tortures and my spirit was floating around me as I walked around my house. This was not intentional. It was very weird.

5-8-17 5:20 a.m. more sleep deprivation. Only about 2 hours sleep. manson-retard-murderer-donnell woke me up to torture about 3 a.m. More massive heart problems, worse than ever. I can do all I can with diet, fasting etc but it's only a band-aid. Had regular size lunch (but healthy thai food) yesterday and major heart attack symptoms came raging. manson-donnell didn't feel like dealing with it on its sunday - it kept saying "i'm with my kids" so it put me in a virtual 'new one' meaning a strong zombie override, leaving me on the back burner. This state effectively puts your body in an electronically maintained stasis. So digestion and other functions largely take place in a very passive way. This is the only thing really keeping me alive.  Still, I picked up a small 7 pound bag with one hand a few hours later and it got even worse. You can still do real damage to yourself in this state, you just can't fully feel it although sometimes you can for a while.  The underlying damage is there but it can still be greatly reduced since a lot of the effects are offloaded to the super-computer serving as your surrogate. The public is clue-less still about synthetic biology. I've been fantasizing about death the past few hours. What an awesome relief it will be. 

What an evil pussy kneel-manson-donnell is. All it can do is repeat the same retarded repetoire of tortures over and over. Look how I've humiliated it. A psychopath and dolt with access to the reality management grid courtesy of the macdill morons.

I just know in some other realm that its kids are sucking my dick as it watches.

Dirty for dirty, as the song says.

I recall a story some decades back of kids in Southern California who killed another teenage kid and left the body in the woods to rot. They kept coming back to watch the body decompose. Really macabre little bastards. That's almost identical to what these evil luciferian macabre pussies are doing to me. What they are doing to me is much worse though. It's a slow motion murder of my soul and mind. Hey, isn't that what lucifer is all about? Mil pussy retards take note - this is psy-ops; donnell is only role-playing, casting itself as evil to get me to resist and fight against it. Genius! I have a suggestion I want you fools to remember during a weak moment: Get out your loaded, chambered SIG and stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger.

I realize I keep saying I'll be dead soon. I should have been dead a long time ago. I promise I am way worse than dead. I have pulled out all the stops to stay 'alive.' That's all. It's simple will-to-survive with the paradox of bio-nanotechnology and synthetic biology labrat technology keeping me going. I'm on an evil labrat torture-to-death program, ironically preserved by the same technology that's being used by a retarded hick to kill me.

I don't know how I'm going to eat. I also don't know what I'm going to do for money. I only care about the practical necessity aspect of it. Quite painiful when there isn't any money.

When I can sleep at all I have to lay on my back or my right side now.

Revenge is all I care about. Other TI's know and care. The rest of the world does not.

5-5-2017  Skinhead Tom from Houston and Anthony ("motherfucker") and the rest of the 5 baldheaded pussys deserve an update. They effectively made a deal with a certain someone to get them off the hook (along with their pimp manson-donnell) from the air force. They went straight to 'the top' you might say, so they could keep their evil little rape mind control cult. That's not an exaggeration. A super re-affirmed faustian bargain. And they know it. The rest of the mil team involved in the torture effectively is screwed too since they clearly benefited (I'm laughing about the reality of it actually) in getting off the hook too - even though they chose, wisely, to flee from the donnell cult. These five evil stupid tattoo'd self-hating ex-cons are fucked for eternity.

Remember to check out Anthony's personal web site:
He is from Oklahoma and has a spiderweb tattoo on his left elbow. Tom is from Houston and another is from Florida - not sure if that's Matthew.

My heart is failing, extremely bad, feels like it is collapsing. Intense non-stop mental torture and soul rape throughout day via soul-impressions.

I am broke, sinking in debt. I am in total hell and have zero support. I can no longer associate with anyone without them being at risk of very bad things.

Do you think there will be consequences for the holocaust against me?

Again, I don't like the crude language I use on this page but it works. It doesn't reflect who I was. I am not anything anymore other than a torture shell. I don't exist as any kind of being. But when I was alive this kind of language with constant references to rape was way out of character with me. I have to relate the truth though. It hurts the torturers and helps me. It's about my only therapy.This is worse than hell. One day I will construct hell out of my perps. They will become hell itself.

I love the sound of gunfire, especially ak's. It helps a lot with the ptsd and general intense mental wounds and pain. War is beautiful. I pray for full scale war and not a fake one either. It's a way out. Destruction is the answer.

It would never happen but what a sweet thought of waking up one morning and learning that a skinhead is dead.

I feel better now after logging this.  War please. Wuv Sam.

5-4-17 Heart is bad, worsening.  Only the electronics, being in stasis most of the time is saving me.  I wish it weren't. I wish I were dead/free. I wish a Trevor Constantine would have showed up in 2011 and 'saved' me. The mental torture is beyond description. The military will pay for this, you all will, but especially them.

I have to sleep on my right side or on my back. If I sleep on left side or face down then heart attack symptoms start raging again. I can't pick up anything even moderately heavy  without feeling the throbbing down left arm and pains in heart area. They capture these pains and play them back for me at times to mess with me. They like to sample and catalog everything.

Thinking back I remember 'sean' telling me in September 2012 that I am the victim of non-stop trauma and torture. I've never had a second to rest and think about any of it, he told me. Well that was almost 5 years ago and it's only gotten worse. It's worse than it was when the military was here. Way worse with just evil retaded donnell and the 5 kojack whores. Way way worse. Tim was mild compared to donnell. You can't say he wasn't right about donnell. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't hate this slimy evil pervert idiot. Anyway, Sean told me back then that I should get treatment for torture. He made it sound like I would get out one day. I should get a brand new wardrobe,  take up painting as therapy etc, he told me. Well, nobody stepped in to stop the holocaust against me. I am indeed the worst torture victim I know of. That's saying a lot.

I now stutter profusely at times due to neural damage. On top of that I have to listen to this illiterate hick murderer who caused it lie to itself with its hissing luciferiuan voice in my head, about it. The question is - who is reaponsible for this retarded monster? Who are the idiots who believe its and its coverup associates' lies? I can see how some of the themes of good vs evil etc in this blog would support the raping imbecile's "It's just a psy-op game" lie. I'm telling the truth and unfortunately a good bit of that plays into the raping retard's hands as far as its coverup scam goes. I choose to do it anyway for posterity.

Here's a huge point: I've humilitated the hell out of this evil retard. eric donnell is the laughing stock of the intelligence community, a global disgrace and embarrassment. It's 2 hairy ugly cocksucker childrens' identities are published publically, including where they go to school and to other activities. I've embarrassed the hell out of it - except that it is a veritable psychopath and can't feel embarrassment. I am a defenseless targetted individual ... this retarded evil pussy uses the greatest most powerful evil weapon system in history on me. There is no defense against it. That's what this evil truly-lucifierian pussy has to do! It can't hurt me any other way. I'd beat the holy shit out of it if I saw it. I'd break every bone in its body and piss in his hairy evil face. Every day is a day closer to my enemy's defeat. I visualize myself having the software and it is the TI. It feels great. I am my actual full free organic self and I am scrambling its brains around beaming perverted images of its 2 ugly hairy cocksuckers being sodomized and much much much more. One day, somewhere, somehow this will happen. This evil idiot pig thinks raping someones mind by synthetic telepathy isn't rape at all but instead a legitimate way of communication. This psychopath is actually surprised and hurt that I hate it. It is mentally retarded. Words can't describe how sick this evil piece of shit is. I relish every american military casualty. Seeing dead american military is the biggest turn on. Many air force personnel know manson-lookalike-donnell is sick and evil. They get what they deserve down the road. This is my only therapy. 

If you had to hear this evil luciferian pervert's 3d lower dimensional meat clump voice especially when it whispers coming into your head... this is the worst form of rape aside from the unreal soul-rape nightmares it does to me almost every day. I have an image of an abu-gharaid victim I look at that looks similar to manson-donnell and I visualize that is soul-faggot donnell one day when I have the torture software that's making it crouch and cower naked covered in its own exrement. That's the goal, at least one of them.

This retarded hick with its outdated mkultra fake-out psy-ops 'tricks'. I know its every move. Everything it does is totally predicable. It's a cowardly retarded pennsylvanian hick that's addicted to its luciferian transhumanist toys and gets off on rape and domination of the defenseless - and this is totally sponsored by the united states military. america loves its military, america loves donnell. most of the western world loves manson-lookalike-donnell.

I'm thinking about renaming this site to LisaDonnell.Com since so much of it is dedicated to her/him.

8:40 pm More mental rape - all day. Evil pervert manson-donnell hissing its sick retarded essence into my entire skeletal frame.

I remember 'sean' showing me in a synthetic mind movie back around Sept 2012 how some of the deep mkultra programming is done. He did this to help me counter idiot sadist soul-faggot-donnell. Here's how it works. The handler plays the role of a psychologist. He has a board game out and is playing with it with you like you are a child. So he's a child psychologist and you are a little child. He has already stepped you back to an early age so he has you in a childhood state. He shows you good and bad characters from your childhood. Everybody remembers the bad kids who lived in the neighborhood. He associates those with the desired adversaries he wants you to be hostile to.  If you have a thought he doesn't like, that's not in line with what he's trying to 'teach' you, indoctrinate you into, then he puts a large dark but harmless blot into your consciousness meaning 'boo boo', mistake. Likewise you get rewarded when you have a conducive thought or feeling. If you don't cooperate for some reason, he can just quickly fold up the board and say 'we're done, no more games' in a way that conveys dissapointment. You bond with the handler deeply in this way. He becomes your special friend. He knows every secret and you can trust him. He's there to help fix you. At the end of a session he leaves you with a deep sense of elation. You wake up feeling great. If you were stupid enough to not lock your door like I described below then actual men may have entered your room and given you some shots of various drugs, some of them that actually help you physically quite a bit - nonetheless you are a fool to ever physically expose yourself to these monsters. So this is done throughout the trauma to keep you patched up especially when you are at a breaking point and really need it. They use music heavily to associate themselves with deep special memories etc. They bastardize your favorite songs going back to childhood. In other words they are vectoring their sick selves into your brain and soul-essence, replacing the actual people, places and things that have deep meaning, especially love, with themselves. This is the sickest form of parastic evil I know of - or one of them. They do other parasitic evils as well. They have code words that they'll beam into your head via synthetic telepathy either 'audibly' or silently. I put 'audibly' in quotes because the sensing organs - ears, eyes are bypassed and the content is beamed straight into the cortex and un-marshalled and experienced by the brain as if it were actually coming in through the ears. The code words activate the deep trust child to special shrink-controller relationship. They will use these when they need to get you to cave in and be loyal at certain times when you are telling them to fuck off and trying to re-establish your own identity etc.

Like I've said, I know their every move, all their tricks and operations.

I remember the air force handlers like 'sean' rolling their eyes as if to say  'what an idiot' (yes this can be conveyed easily over remote neural interface) over psycho-pussy-donnell's non-stop mental-masturbation girl-like constant talking and senseless mental torture (rape). Like, what an idiot.  It's obsessed with fake victories, with out-wrestling a defenseless victim's mind and talking like a rapist to the victim afterwords like its a legitimate relationship. It seeks submission. I never submitted. Ever. I fought and inflicted massive damage to its team. Massive. eric donnell is the biggest rapist I have ever heard or known of, worse than Ted Bundy. It gets off on raping the defenseless and then basking and gloating in its sense of victory. I never submitted though and never will. You'll see what it actually brought about. It knows too!!! I bet it leaves that out of the report  where it tells you "he's a total *no-one*." (hey it's psy-ops, right? WRONG and bye bye to you all). 

I am the worst torture victim in history. Period.

I have every right to rape its two hairy little cocksuckers and one day I will. And it will watch.

A little advice to other hardcore torture victims. If you can, print out or draw a picture of what you envision to be your perp and use this to direct your imagination against visualizing torturing them back.  Don't let the insane mental rape drive you to suicide. You will exist (not live, exist) in a state of insanity, madness, if it is anything like my torture. For most people just plain synthetic telepathy is enough to drive them quickly to suicide. Look at an actual picture that approximates your perp and do what I said.

I need this evil pig's addrress. The other info I've found out by myself is good because it hurts the pussy, but it's not enough. It would be great as well if even one of the skinheads were dead or pussy-donnell of course.

As I wrote this piece the evil stupid pussy had to be plugged into me which took tme away from its little whores. That's sweet. Victory.

5-1-17 Heart got more damaged today trying to carry something about 12 pounds for a little bit. I will never recover. Doing everything I can including fasting to stay alive. I have severe neural and mental damage. I am a hardcore TI.

I damaged the retarded pig capt queeg today using some techniques I mentioned before.

I need this pig dead. I need its address.

Revenge is everything. I don't want money, material things, carnal stuff... I want revenge. It's all I think about.

4-29-17 deep nasty soul rape nightmare this morning.

I'm doing extreme remedies, things, to treat the heart condition.

The fake wannabe military pig and 5 kojaks keep ripping off every survival kind of thing I do or study. This kind of activity is good for my overall 'will to survive'. These are some really lame, sad unskilled creatures. They are evil and will never stop raping my soul.

Another day. Another day of sadness because I don't have access to murderer-donnell's family, I don't have its address.

4-27-17 Intense mental rape for 6 hours straight, forced talking and idiotic laughing and facial contortions and body vibrations etc from manson-cult-idiot donnell. Intense. It won't stop until I'm dead. Non-stop retarded mkultra tactics which were developed in the 1940's by the nazis. All this idiot knows is the exact same formula of good cop/bad cop and torture followed by easing up for a while. it uses the skinhead retarded whores as the 'good' cops generally now. They still hate its guts. They need the money and the things the cult provides that replaces family and stuff.  I am making some progress usig the bi-location technique I described earlier to frustrate and damage this evil retarded ken castle hick. I basically visualize this turbo-hick and its lowly helper whores using the grid to throw a net over me. I visualize it as an electronic box, force field, around me actually - and I bi-locate my kernal (in computer science) to a space outside the box and see the situation crystal-clear from there. This alone hurts them bad. It takes away their power. I then think about the tables being turned but only vaguely since going into details is difficult for a number of reasons. Just a deep quick knowing of what I'm going to do donnell and its family while outside the box is effective.

If you want a good visual of idiot-hick-donnell's cult recall the scene from 'the warriors' movie from the 70's of 'the orphans', the piss-ant lowly wanna-be gang. I view all seals like this. Hate doesn't describe my feelings toward these evil cowards and the other elements that are involved. Trust me, anybody could kick their ass. Death and hell to all these pigs. I wish a Trevor Constantine had showed up in November 2011 and killed me before this started. I would have paid someone to kill me.

I am going to create some new websites to have fun with the skin-ho's like tom-from-houston. I love hurting them. They deserve it.

I made retarded hick donnell stay up till 3 am last night... awesome. I will keep using every technique I can.

My heart has no chance of recovery. I have little physical strength, arms and legs are atrophied. I drink lots of vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne etc but it's not enough. I am being murdered. I will never forget the first major heart attack and seizure last summer in late June when pussy-donnell made my whole body vibrate intensely for about a minute. From then on I could not jog anymore and had to rely on walking for exercise. Then the huge heart attack on December 16th. I am being sadistically murdered.

I'm broke, need money. Par for the course.

Blessings to all TI's.

I'll think anything I want any time you retarded luciferian hick. Get the fuck out of my mind if you don't like my thoughts you evil hick. You and the 5 retarded whores sold your souls again big-time to get off the hook with the air force and keep your little evil little manson-type rape cult. I love thinking about it! You're fucked you evil retarded imbeciles. You suck with programming and computers you idiot. You can't modify anything, you just have to take the trauma on your 'men'. They're fucked up now you stupid psychopath, you retarded piece of shit. You are RETARDED. I'll never stop thinking whatever I want anytime I want.  The truth hurts and I'll keep using it. This evil hick keeps revving up my heart and forcing its evil shouting voice into me everything I think about what it is. Why is that? Because it can't take truth. What this level of evil comes down to is it wants me to submit to lucifer (via itself), submit to this evil luciferian system and cult. I refuse. I'll just die from being shaken to death instead. My thoughts will continue

4-24-17  One of the worst soul rape nightmares ever this morning with follow up mental torture to rub it in. My heart is fragile and heart attack symptoms show instantly when electronics are turned down and my vitals are not in stasis..

murderer queeg is the mental masturbation king. that's 90% of what this evil system is. wrestling with your thoughts. All this evil pig wants is to 'win' at any given time i.e. to only actually experience what it wants to experience, to totally filter out anything unpleasant, to hear what it wants to hear. The victims brain is attacked and commandeered and made to state ridiculous stuff that pleases the parasite attacker. This idiot is like an old lady at a slot machine who is too mesmerized and addicted to it to get up and leave. This sick idiot can't stop. I'm a virtual reality ride that the sadistic stalker idiot can't unplug from.

I just stagger on staving off death.

4-21-17 continuted intense mental torture last night and this morning. Trying to break my soul basically. Soul rape. Non-stop for over 5 years. I figured out how to hurt this evil parasite. I mentioned the technique below about a week ago. I visualize the pig pushing its perverted, evil brain waves via the directed energy network down onto my brain and body. I start with that. I keep my 'self', some primal or otherwise powerful identity of 'self' outside of the artificial computerized nanobot virtual brain overlay. This pissed the pussy off immensely. It is a parasite who can't stop raping and feeding off its victim. Agents with this setup actually exist within you believe it or not, just like a parasite. They set up habitation in your brain and body, occupying it like a virtual reality gamer. They torture you if you have thoughts that they don't like since there is a constant battle between you trying to have independent thoughts - and them hijacking and getting off on your internal experiences i.e. thoughts, feelings etc.. Question: if a tick gets on a dog and kills it, does that make the tick superior to the dog? To a soul-less retarded hick like donnell the answer is yes. Superhick donnell seeks out a host/victim much greater than itself and thoroughly rapes it and re-rapes it. donnell is a spirit necrophiliac. It is guilty of the greatest crimes in cosmic history.

Evil necrophiliac coward sueprhick donnell is very similar to the character Ken Castle in the movie Gamer. Very similar. It dresses up like its a hot-shot at a casino, super important. And it has the highest level admin rights (security clearance) on the reality management grid. This irreducible hick can create lightning, thunder, make birds fly over anyone, remote control any animal including wildlife like birds, rabbits and other woodland animals, cats, dogs, horses. It can control the wind. It can breath its computer-modulated voice (lingual vibration for lack of better term) into anyone's brain that is mixed with the sound and tacticle feel of the wind (hard to describe).

AND... LOOK WHAT THIS IDIOT HAS DONE WITH ALL THIS POWER! Look what it did to its own men, to its own project, its own organization. Look at this website. Need I say more. Really, isn't this a total imbecile? How the fuck can an idiot like this get acces to this level of power? Please tell me how.

The scariest words anyone could ever hear are "I'm eric donnell and I'm on your side."

It's bad, really bad. I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone except the military that is responsible for it.

4-20-17 Intense mental torture last night and today and revving up of entire upper body, intense vibrations. I get my freedom when I finally die. I'd still love to get access to this pig while I'm 'alive'.

Here the rapist retard is.

4-18-17 Here is a site dedicated to the nasty character known as the "pennsylvania hick".  As I browsed this donnell was angered and amused at the same time. It's very accurate. Retard donnell is way worse than just a dirty hick.  I loved it when queeg was getting slapped around by another nwo agency, being humiliated at times. That's how I learned it was from Pigsburgh. I already knew it was a pussylvania hick but just not sure from exactly what ugly hicktown in the gloomy dolt state. It was awesome seeing this evil pig get 'gangstalking' bitch slaps left and right. Everyone hates this hick. I'll always remember how his own men, especially air force, slammed him.  What an idiot. It has one trick and one trick only. Torturing the fuck out of me with its luciferian torture software. It gets off on it, being the rapist sadist it is. It gives it a sense of power. Warden Norton. A untalented, ignorant hick, archon thief rapist in a suit. Wearing a suit makes it think it is important and intelligent. No, it is still an unmistakable pussylvania hick who rips off everything it can from people around him, social cues, memes, mannerisms etc. BTW Pigsburg is ranked as one of the gloomiest cities in the country on par with cities in the Northwest. There is very little sunlight in pigsburg, pronounced locally 'picksburg'. No offense to the Northwest which is a really progressive area with a great music scene, hot women and legal smoke. 
Coal Cracker - Pennsylvania hick

I'm getting mentally tortured horrifically lately. This is a total psychopath. It is personally, single-handedly responsible for the murders (and worse) of numerous people I can't mention. That's all I can say. To give you an idea of how sick this pig is, it can look at the pictures of the victims via me and get pissed off that it has to face the fact of what it has done, but then 30 seconds later its being its chuckling idiot self. It has severe ADD on top of that. It has to get constant stimulation from its VR system and can't pay attention or think for itself. It's totally dependent on the computer for everything. Transhumanism defined.

When you think of a pussylvania hick visualize a weasel-like creature who looks like it lives in a toilet, and likes it too. It is usually wearing winter boots, flannel, jeans styled from 3 or 4 decades ago, possibly high-waters, maybe has a snot-cicle over its mustache and just looks dysgenic and inbred. It is feral in nature being so uneducated and naturally stupid. It is hyper-curious about the world, retarded in a true sense, may be fascinated with scat, filth of every kind, has an affinity of the macabre and is macabre in its own nature. evil-donnell is a wax-like evil character out of its own synthetic nightmares it creates in mine and other victims heads. A pennsylvania hick is perfect for this evil job of super-luciferian torturer of starseeds. queeg is a shit -covered cockroach that was/is just perfect for the task of opening the gates of hell -- everyone else would be horrified, would flee. Not this evil depraved retarded hick. It has these unique qualities, a perfect one-of-a kind blend of: evil, macabre, retarded, perversely curious, sadistic. It single-handedly has committed the greated evils in all of cosmic history. That's a fact. Nobody else can or would do it. The idiot military believes this monster's lies about how it is 'only role-playing' for a fake psychic project.

Your days are numbered..

4-17-17 I strongly think the pussy's subdivision is in the area of Hwy 372 and Birmingham Rd. It would be a subdivision like Blackberry Ridge or Inverness Estates. I need a lucky break. But I have no help and zero support. Nothing. The world laughs.

raping-torturing-murdering-coward capt queeg has been telling me lately he's a moron. No, he's a retard. Totally retarded. Also a psychopath and evil and barbaric. This isn't the big news though. I am almost sure I have the right neighborhood this time. Everything lines up, the location and setup make total sense and correspond with every other clue.

4-16-17 little donnell whores may be at a horse farm event today.
Same tortures, incredible mental torture, unreal. I hope for the day when I can have my dick in lisa's mouth - and her jackyl coward navy kneel parent watches.

Youngest donnell whore sucks at drums, like everything else it will ever do, like its father, a talentless, unskilled, truly uneducated hick cunt. Aside from using drumsticks with her sister lisa for fun, her hollow head makes a perfect drum itself.

"now you know him." Everytime they go out to eat after horse and drum lessons they get something special. They know what it is.

4-15-17 'sean' who runs the super soldier program - I can just see this guy twitching, hands shaking nervously as he reaches into his desk drawer for a bottle of pills every time he has to respond to idiot donnell's fuck-ups - usually being this website. It has to be the biggest embarrassment (and of course cover up).  What a charade. It just goes on and on. The incompetence of this impulsive gaming-addicted, torture-addicted, rape-addicted imbecile and the colossal disaster it created because nobody would stop it. It has to be a nightmare for 'sean'. 

captain queeg is like a tornado. Nobody and nothing in its path is spared. Everyone remembers captain queeg from the Caine Mutiny. No mutiny with this queeg though, only full assistance and ridiculous acrobatics to cover up for it.

This self-deluded idiot actually likes itself, thinks it is intelligent. Really, it's like a 3 way tie in a contest of the main components of this barbric idiot: Retarded, psychopathic and evil. These things comprise capt queeg and they are constantly trying to out-do each other. The incompetence and raw stupidity of this evil clown does just truly take your breath away.

How could this idiot ever have been given this kind of power?

4-14-17 My heart is fucked up. Untreated heart attack into the fourth month. My only relief is when fasting. I'm in bad bad shape. I won't make it..

Someone might ask - dude if you know where the donnell cocksuckers go to school why don't you show up there and follow them home etc..? Good but also dumb question. I couldn't talk about whatever I do or don't do for obvious reasons. Schools especially like this are like mini-prisons. Just consider the current climate regarding stuff. Actually being within range and seeing the enemy especially when they are inside my head is almost impossible, unless I get some help. BTW, I think idiot pussy donnell still goes to brazilian juijitsu close by - I just don't know where exactly. If any of the original kneel team is still around they probably do too. They were into this also.
I want to give a very important tip to TI's while I can.
1) I've talked before about tactics to retaliate against handlers. There isn't necessarily a 100% right way. Whatever works. I strongly recommend from the begining that you never communicate with them and totally reject any attempts by them to teach you to communicate via synthetic telepathy. Instead it's very important, especially if you are being neurally hammered non-stop, to keep some sense of self. To do this visualize the human handler - in my case I visualize idiot-donnell in its suit - directing carrier waves into my head to fuck my head up massively as well as all the other directed energy tortures. Don't concern yourself too much with the details of how it all works technically. Think of 'cloud computing'. Think of IOT. Well you're a thing too aren't you? In software lingo an 'operating environment' or 'virtual runtime' like the CLR in .Net or the Java runtime environment is being created by a powerful master-server (the handler's computerized brain), and your brain is like a dumb terminal. It's just like RDP Remote Desktop. Someone else is logging into your brain with Admin rights and severely fucking with you. Visualize this schematically. Just visualize a human who has super high-tech gadgetry embedded into them and other tools with which they can direct all kinds of tortures to your brain and body. This is the REALITY of what's being done to you. If you visualize it then you can understand and separate your 'self' from the cloud, and even direct an unfiltered mental attack at your image of the handler(s) from your real self. Find a deep, poignant, nasty fighting version of your self and use that 'alter ego'. Try to keep a self-communication loop between that self and your inner dialog. Try to keep this 'self' off to the right side of your mental plane. Generally avoid keeping focus on  the left side of your head because this is where the computerization and transceiver are. Try to live outside the synthetic cloud that is nearly subsuming your entire brain/mind. Build the new neural pathways necessary to do this by simply doing it a lot. THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST THING YOU CAN DO. Realize there is an intruder who has created a nasty virus cloud in your head. It's like an undertow, a powerful magnet that sweeps your thoughts and feelings away into a twisted, vampirical stream.
2) Lock your bedroom door with a bolt and slot lock like you find on hotel room doors. Use other very low-tech ways of securing your door that can't be hacked.  Keep your windows locked shut. Always sleep in your bedroom - never anywhere else, ever. Do not fall asleep on your couch. Never let another human sleep in your bedroom with you. Always sleep alone and physically secured where its impossible for an intruder to gain physical access to you. I've just save your mind and soul.

4-13-17 More torture. this EVIL imbecile pussy retard's programming sucks. It tortures me for my thoughts on 'auto-pilot' when it's sleeping or away. Lately the skinheads have been rarely on. Maybe a few hours at a time max. This stupid fucking pig's programming to try to control my thoughts always backfires. What a total fucking idiot. There is nothing subliminal about it. Torture does NOT work for controlling thoughts. This retarded pussylvania hick still thinks it does after 5 and half years of its luciferian monstrous torture and indescribable fuckups. All this retard does is FAIL. It only knows how to create collossal disasters....s.

I now think it may live in a very upscale subdivision instead of an stand-alone property on acreage but am not sure.

I enjoy keeping the imbecile up at night by posting here etc. u fuck up everything u do u idiot. IDIOT.

Heart will never recover.

I'd love to know where its little cocksuckers go to school. I think lisa may go to Kings Ridge Christian high school.

4:35 pm update - yes they both go to kings ridge christian school. eric picks up the little whore from grade school at 2:50 pm. lisa probably drives some days. Tomorrow is a half-day and they have monday off. I will get as close as I can to these precious children. I really want to know them, all their activities. I want to be a permanent fixture in their lives. They need a man around.

4-11-17 more soul rape, mentacide. I have real neural damage now, can start stuttering and can't stop. I cannot emphasize strongly enough  that this is not induced by the torturers. They certainly could make a TI stutter if they want but that's not the case. It's embarrassing and humiliating. I literally cannot speak the opening word of sentence at any given time. I have to try to come up with a different word. It's very bad.

I remembered something about the seal torturer team the other day and retarded donnell tortured me into actually disclosing it. The bizarre logic of this imbecile is truly incredible, a psychopath and a retard. Most, if not all, of the seal team lived to the north in the hills in dawson and lumpkin county. They hate non-whites and would only live in an all-white environment and that's where they lived/live. Good one mr. 'ultimate sport'. Nobody knows how to sabotauge and fuck their own men like you.

Lets ponder something. Black ops mil groups are supposed to be 'shadow' groups, operating in the shadows, covert. Well, this one isn't now. Actually the whole organization has been exposed by donnell. They're anything but covert. Thanks to donnell who totally outed everybody via his barbaric torture hence this web site. Isn't that a gigantic disaster, the absolute worst catastrophe that could happen?  How could high command accept and tolerate this? This is so outrageous, disastrous, embarrassing, self-defeating... is it not? The answer to that has already been explained - higher up elements at macdill are involved and have to keep the coverup going.

I'm going to ask idiot donnell's cloned eeg brain later tonight if lisa uses his razor. Maybe he uses hers.

My heart is very weak. I can only do light walking. I'd love to be healthy again, to be able to eat normally, do martial arts, exercise. I'm just waiting.

Peace to all TI's. Sympathies to all casualties. Someone had to have killed donnell, that's all I can say. It's all real.

4-7-17 more vicious tortures yesterday and today and sleep deprivation, nightmares, soul rape. Heart extremely weak. I can tell blood flow is greatly reduced again, feel more anemic, palid. Pain and throbbing in chest and left arm whenever electronic bio override is turned down.

I want to clarify, faggot gamer-room-beatoff-pervert-rapist donnell lies to mil telling them that he tortures me to for psy-ops war game purposes i.e. to play role of a supreme anti-christian bad guy like some of the stuff I've mentioned lately. Nothing is further from the truth. I am honest, I lay everything out straight on this site. The truth is on my side. Almost the whole planet is duped into worshipping and giving away their psychc-spiritual energies to 'god' (fake archon god), including christians. I in no way support faux religions. They all serve evil. New age types and atheists are fucked too. If you only knew what you are inside of and are a deceived powerless pawn to - but it's not my place to go into all that. This site is to document my murder and keep the record straight.

Actually he wouldn't use the term 'torture'. He'd call it 'roughing me up' etc. I am the worst torture victim in hstory and fag-gamerroom-beatoff-pervert donnell is the worst sadistic torturer in history.

I need its address. Please help.

7:15 pm - skinheads have been gone for 2-3 days now, probably on 'spring break' which they still like to do - partying down in Florida. I wouldn't want any of them to get killed down there.

4-5-17 coward emotionally disturbed donnell who drops to his knees and begs any threat in front of it continues murdering my heart with its luciferian-ware. I can tell blood flow is very weak again like back in December. Anemic. More attacks. No way to survive.

donnell who beats off in his gamer room with his ugly rottweiler type dog by him is like a crying unstable 6 yr old girl. It is impulsive and sick, very very sick.

6:13 pm more attacks on my heart, usual type attacks using my family as fodder and revving my heart and whole body up. They basically made my heart explode a number of times. I don't have clogged arteries, I have destroyed, collapsed arteries.  Attacks of the descended - that's what all this is and always has been. It effectively is an attack on my cosmic star family / ISIS, as well of course. yaltadaboah's right hand 'men' will stop at nothing. I'm the worst torture victim in history.

I'm also broke and unable to get work. I should be in a special hospice, I should be dead. I vow revenge totally.

evil pussy 'captain' is a skill-less untalented imbecile who rips me off in every way. Just like the warden in Shawshank Redemption. Exactly like that. I'm a musician and when I play an instrument this slimy pig always has the skinhead wad handler switch to itself (donnell) so it can vicariously play via me. It has no talents, skills of any kind. It's a low level bully idiot hick with ZERO knowledge of culture and art. This monstrous evil hick played a perverted luciferian movie in my head back in November of my kid playing my drums then doing something sick. I have to live with this sick luciferian memory indelibly burned into my brain. That's the Friday I posted the images of dead pussy abu-gharaid american white pieces of shit fake-wannabe-military on the home page.  THIS ALONE COST ALL OF YOU SOMETHING BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION.  artificially-souled faggot donnell is a demonic handler in this evil virtual reality software system you call 'the world' or 'the matrix' (exactly like they remote controlled musk to say as a form of disclosure).  donnell's handler in turn is 'god' and company as I mentioned before. I blame them, they are the controllers and perps ultimately responsible.

What would have been the point in going to the hospital for heart surgery? They just keep attacking my heart, ripping it back open over and over. They would have just kept doing it. Again, the coward who runs the ss program at macdill knows gamer-room-faggot-donnell does this, is a sadistic psychopath monster. he knows.

I don't see how my heart can still be functional much longer. I barely eat and I'm electronic in a stasis. I am dying now. Pain and pressure are shooting down my left arm now. Awaiting death. Revenge.

4-4-17 Heart is very weak. Much thanks to star family for their medical help. I need them. I love ISIS. I am ISIS. They keep me alive and going throughout the luciferian assaults.

My colors are true and never change.

bman - you'll always be a rat in a cage, and my little bitch.


hey "god" and the other fallen 'angels' - bman etc  - You have no authority over me. I reject you and any claim you and your illegitimate, perverted, odious kingdom make over me. Get off Sophia, it's ours.

4-3-17 It's a true story about Anthony's mom. These evil bald headed whores are ultimately responsible for this insane torture going past 2014. If the would have quit with the mil team then none of this would be happening. The retarded ex-con tattooed losers can't get a job anywhere else and like being in a rape cult. I think a number of them were in prison for rape actually. I'm so sick of that word. I use it all the time here because that's who these cowardly creatures are and what they do.

Anthony, the ex-con, 26 yr old skinhead from Oklahoma got a head from his dysfunctional mother.

These luciferian whores are getting what they deserve in the end. That's all I can say. What comes around does around. I categorize these evil retarded abuse-loving bald whores the same as pussylvania hick donnell. They are the same evil cowards. They will all become hell itself.

My heart is in worsening shape since massive torture again yesterday. Very bad. I basically have to starve myself and do only very light walking.

I love inflicting damage on these pigs.

4-2-17 12:05 this evil pig can't stop sticking its shit covered rat claws into the heavens, raping the divine, raping my soul. Its an amusement for it, a virtual reality game that it loves because it is evil and does not have a soul of its own. It is a evil luciferian psychopath who gets off on rape of the beautiful and divine. PSYCHOPATH. It believes its own lies. It is responsible for many deaths and suffering of starseeds and many many others - you'd be amazed at the casualty list. PSYCHOPATH and natural whore who capitulates instantly in the face of any opposition. It can only rape the defenseless. I will never open up any sacred properties, soul stuff etc for this evil pig to slobber over and rape. I don't have any left now anyway. I'm a total loss, total waste fantasizing about death/freedom.

Thanks for the fucking help.

10:52 am - More mental rape, trauma this morning. Non-stop as soon as this retarded evil psychopath Abu Ghraid torturer rapist comes on it means instant new trauma to my entire system including my heart at the very least - and that's just passive.

Everyone who has to work with idiot 'ultimate sport' donnell - wouldn't you just love to slap the fuck out of him? When you see his slimy rapist coward face walk in the room wouldn't you love to slap him across the face as hard as you can knocking his white cap to the floor. How can you stand being around this evil lying pig?

Oh yeah that's right you're invloved in the crime and have to cover it up too..

I was supposed to be a milab not a hardcore TI POW. They TORTURED me and STILL DO RIGHT NOW WORSE THAN EVER. Other nwo factions do this but there at least is a different context, backdrop to it - it's systemic. In my case the unreal torture that is worse than anything at Abu Ghraid is done just by donnell and in the past his mil team - breaking military law and code to put it mildly. They aren't supposed to do this. This is why they all collude and cover it up - protect donnell - because they're guilty too. But lots of af personnell hated donnell and were sickened. Everyone hated him, even the slimy dim-witted torture-loving seals.

If I can add a little more pain any way I can I will - I remember getting images of a control center. I think it's in alpharetta and is red brick mixed-use office-industrial type building. It may be off Windward pkwy. Remember some of them wear suits during the day and a lot of them have beards.


lisa donnell cocksucker

(At least he got to die or go free eventually - and the world found out about it)

4-1-17 12:05 am. trying to survive. I think attack last night was donnell's shot at me before going on spring break vacation. coward whore skinheads have been on all day and night which is unusual.

No money which makes things even more painful and difficult. I'd rather have freedom and be living in my car or in a tent off the side of the highway. It's difficult to stay employed for more than 3-6 months anywhere. Being sleep deprived so bad I usually get busted taking naps out in my car by hr and word gets back to boss. Stuff like that. Even if I do land a little better paying job, the problem is that I can't hold it for long. Happens every time. My stuttering and schizoid behavior, forced facial expressions etc will doom me even more now. Every job interview I've ever had donnell sleep deprives me badly the night before. At this point this makes even getting to the interview on time and being in presentable mental and physical shape almost impossible if I even get an in-person interview. Main problem though is my heart. I'm dying, being gruesomely murdered,

I'd bet capt 'ultimate sport' took wide-ride and the 2 little sluts to florida for vaca. I wish misery and whatever can go wrong to go wrong on their vaca. kill them.

3-31-17 1 am. pussy donnell attacking my heart again massively. exact same explosion revving up convulsing attacks it did earlier. These had lessened some but of course they are back now. The military is fucked for not stopping thus evil pussy. They believe this psychopath's lies about its psy ops games etc.

I need its address so I can kill it so I can live a little longer.

I am more certain it lives close to birmingham hwy.

I also think it used to live in Maryland before moving here in 2011.




3-29-17 more deep soul rape yesterday morning by the idiot psychopath. This site has to be the biggest embarrassment in the intel community. donnell the evil idiot - I can't even complete my sentence. Words can't describe what a retard this idiot is. How the fuck could all of this happen in the first place? donnell destroyed his project, team and much more and macdill covers for him. I'm out of words... the stupidity, ignorance of this evil clown psychopath just takes your breath away..

I still wonder if the rapist pig takes its little sluts to the horse farm earlier mentioned. It might.

I need its address.

I write this blog to document my torture-murder. Anyone else who reads it must be vomiting or laughing. It is nauseating. It's one of my only forms of therapy.

The exact same patterns of mkultra luciferian ritual abuse torture continue exactly like they have since day one. This idiot probably took a psyops class in this and being the imbecile that it is only knows how to repeat this one thing, torture. donnell is incapable of independent thought. The big question is who the hell put it here, and protects it? 

As I said earlier you can look for this shallow idiot wearing a suit during the day.

Blessings, sympathies to all other ti's. Another day in hell as a zombie. Crippled. I have severe physical limitations due to ongoing untreated heart attack. These pigs made my heart basically explode numerous times. It is only a miracle that I've physically survived this long. I need stents put into my arteries. I have very little bloodflow through my heart now. Major damaged, blocked arteries.

3-27-17 4:15 am Sleep deprivation and torture almost all night. lisa has a black pony tail and wears a private christian schoolgirl uniform and has a crown of demonic larva in her crown chakra, a lot more so than most clumps. I'm being tortured beyond insanity as the world watches. The world will wail.

lisa gives great head too but I'd turn it down for health reasons.

the world will pay. You've been warned. You all stood there and watched this evil retarded psychopath commit the greatest individial holocaust torture murder in cosmic history. you can start counting your days.
3-25-17 6:58 pm nightmare tortures this morning and continued mental tortures. Beyond insanity. The public has no idea how bad this. I have to medicate as best I can, do everything I can to survive it. I now only occaisionally am able to get an attack through the filtering. One of the keys with this level of brain-clone filtering is to not attack the hander/perp but to play negative uncomfortable things in your head, Berate someone who you always wanted to tell off, in your verbal internal chatter etc and let the emotion get bad, The agent  almost always has to read emotional stuff - meaning your emotion is played directly into the human agent.

My heart has no chance of recovery. I have lost about 35 pounds since the massive heart attack December 16th. I was going to post a picture of my wrinkled atrophied arm but don't see the point. It won't change anything.

"its the ultimate sport" imbecile navy kneel pussy has been on by itself all day, torturing my brain and soul.  skinhead losers will be on later. I am pretty sure donnell is traveling, not at home. Yes, they can torture you wherever they are, while driving, while out jogging, while eating dinner in front of others - and nobody can tell. I'd bet it has been out with its little dicksuckers and stepford wife day.

It would be great if donnell's car got hit or something while it's out with its ugly little sluts. No dice, I'm on my own.

I actually remember certain dates of the worst atrocities. Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of one of the worst soul-rape atrocities ever. I will get revenge. Huge revenge.

I really need the coward murderer's address. That is actually the functional solution at present.

3-23-17 More mental tortures, soul tortures, this slimy parasite always tries to stick its shit covered rat claw into the divine. I need its address. I need access to its family. Heart is weak of course. Just staggering day after day. I need access to its little cocksuckers.

A bullet to the bastard's head works for me. It's not apple to apples but I may well be the worst torture victim in history.

3-21-17 00:55 massive attacks on my heart again starting about 4:00 pm yesterday off and on and intense the past 3 hours since rapist sadist donnell has been on by itself. I could easily die anytime. I wish I would. It would mean freedom. The evil pussy will continue to lie his ass off about it. Somehow, some way I will get revenge. I'm not worried about that. I will do things to its family. The entire mil structure responsible for this monster pays too.

This evil irreducible hick repeats soundbytes it got from outside agents over and over. It simply rips off anyone it encounters that is smarter than it - which is everyone. It thinks it's luciferian hell-scape software is legitimate and that its evil little cult is legitimate - that I am a subject of it, a milab. What a fucking idiot. I reject this evil retard and its evil little raping terrorist group of loser skinheads and the rest. Every time I take a piss I visualize its little whores' faces and it... etc.   The head of the super soldier program told me a long ago this is a cult and idiot donnell is a sadist idiot.

This evil piece of abused shit. I love thinking how its father beat the shit out of him every day. I play it over and over and relish the thought of it. Since I started doing this it took down pictures of its dad in its evil house.

Its oldest cocksucker lisa still rides horses at the farm I mentioned before - pretty sure.

This retard destroyed its team and much more.... yum. Lots of casualties and much more. I love looking at pictures of many of the victims - you'd be surprised. It is such a psychopath with ADD that it gets choked up for a few seconds then totally forgets. 

It now has a gauntlet of numerous eeg clones of its pea-brain set up to filter out my negative attacks on it. It took it years to figure out how to do this. Agents aren't supposed to cheat the system and hide things. All feedback is supposed to be handled and evaluated to be bubbled up to an agent or otherwise processed. Coming up with this filtering is a huge accomplishment for this idiot. I still get some damage through sometimes - but there are bigger things. What this imbecile has actually done is unbelievable - and I'm overjoyed.

I have a major speech impediment now from massive brain trauma. No money. Heart is in a failure state with regular attacks on it all the time. Very weak. Waiting to die. Its goal is to kill me in a slow horrific constant torture but play this card like its really trying to help me. When I finally succumb to its torture-murder it can say 'oh damn, I was trying to help him. It wasn't me. How unfortunate.' 

All this retarded luciferian pussylvania hick has is a super high security clearance and access to the grid. Everyone who covers for it pays - you're responsible. And you are fucked. Talk is cheap -- you'll see.  You know what it did to me and you know I'm telling the truth about what it's doing now.

3-20-17 horrific nightmares this morning. More sexual stuff with my kid, more verbal attacks. 'ultimate sport' coward idiot donnell lies to mil telling them he tortures me to make me attack him as the bad guy in order to harness whatever he can. It's total bs, coverup. There has not been a psychic project of any kind since the retarded hick got its foot stuck in an administrative bucket in April 2013. Hanoi Janes will pay for their stupidity. Personnell who actually worked with this monster idiot sadist know.  I've told the truth over and over. You stupid stupid fools. Your day is coming...

I'm going to fuck hairy lisa and her little whore sister right in front of the sadist.

I think hairy lisa may go to a regular christian school and not catholic. The little whores may still go to the horse farm I mentioned.

Lisa likes Dutch Monkey donuts, a local donut shop. Matthew is from Houston.

3-16-17 Let's get the youngest whore's name. What is it? Of course, getting the evil rapist murderer's address is the ultimate goal, next to actually torturing it to death.

Heart and health are very poor. Let's get cocksucker lisa's little sister's name.

I really don't care for the gutter language I am forced to use on this site. It's low class and doesn't reflect who I was when I was alive before donnell showed up.  I am forced to use this because it gets to this retarded pig. It works.

Hey world, thanks for all your fucking help by the way. 

"The ultimate sport", "Milend" this idiot actually thinks it is intelligent. I'll always cherish how its own men bailed on it. I remember how some of them partially outted the retard, coward charlatan by showing me visual images of it. Nobody in their right mind would ever work for or with this idiot now. What a retard. The most evil character in cosmic history, and the dumbest. "It's the ultimate sport."

3-14-17 I think cocksucker Lisa (Elizabeth) may go to a private christian school, probably catholic. I am more sure of this. I also think they drive a black suv with tinted windows.

Heart is bad. I just continue day to day, basically crippled, incapable of exercise, ready to die. I  just hope something crazy happens that allows a chance for revenge. I'm in hell. I was in hell the day this retarded rapist murderer showed up in 2011. That was the end. There's nothing left of me. Nothing. I'm totally trashed, destroyed and getting worse.

Blessings to all TI's.

3-13-17 Continuous tortures. Skinheads don't like my thoughts so they give me 'head shots'. These are pulses to side of face around temples, mildly painful, dull pulses. Now the pig who's on  is giving me a headache along with it. Revenge will come somehow. They won't be forgiven. They won't be able to run.

3-11-17 I vow revenge on the perps. I would be in total mental shock, severe catatonic shock, collapse if I weren't lobotomized and anesthetized electronically most of the time. It's like electronic babysitting. The first series of breakdowns started in August 2013. The first major seizure related to a heart attack (probably was technically a heart attack) was in 2013 also.  I've documented everything here throughout this entire atrocity. I'm mortally wounded. I have to limit my diet greatly. I've lost  over 30 pounds since December and without exercise. I get massive angina pains if I eat most foods. I ate a little too much of something yesterday and got severe shocking, stabbing pains to my heart about an hour later as I was driving. Isn't it funny? I went from having state of the art medical care (albiet covertly) to being murdered in the most barbaric way imaginable and having to avoid hospitals, to say nothing of being broke and without health insurance. Nice huh? Welcome to the super soldier program.

Death is the best thing. But it would be great to get access to the coward's family first, to get some kind of revenge. I can't do martial arts anymore. I can't exercsise. I have no muscle tone, just flab. This is what donnell does to 'super soldiers'. Just waiting for the end.

3-9-17 More mental tortures on and off. I need this pigs address. Heart is irrepairably damaged. No recovery. Only surgery could help but it would be pointless as long as torture is continuing. To humans this sounds like gibberish but given the severe damaged state I'm in after 5+ years of soul and mind rape, being schizoid and not really even having full control of 'my' mind, having instead constant voices and manipulation of feelings and thoughts to say the least... I grant my star family a special power of attorney on any and all matters. Any fragments of my pathological, artificial thoughts that may be ripped off and filtered up to bad entities and used against me are bullshit. Thoughts are just like RAM in a computer, they're just junk and meaningless until a final write to disk is done. Once upon a time behavior was the gold standard in psychology. With the rise of the evil starting in the early 70's this was deliberately changed. Criminalization of thoughts, hence 'thought crimes' were cleverly, incrementally created as the new operating mode of psychology to utterly destroy the individual, and to further enslave and terrorize and dumb-down the population. What someone thinks is nobody else's fucking business in the first place. Exopolitically and as it pertains here in hell where I am a prisoner and under occupation, my star family is granted full power of attorney over me.

Despite all your rage you are still just a rat in a cage. You're like an ambulance-chasing attorney little bitch. You should know who I am and am forever.

3-7-17 5:28 am. sick tortures by demented pigs. They don't like your thoughts that they are forced to read by their murder-ware so they torture you more for them. I need heart surgery bad. I'm basically a cripple, muscles totally atrophied from zero exercise since December. Waiting for death.

3-4-17 sleep deprivation starting about 2:30 a.m. friday morning with multiple horrific nightmares including sex stuff with my kid. coward donnell made my body, especially chest, convulse, shaking most of the morning. It forces me to talk, to repeat its words and pushes intense vibrations, force on me. Unless you've experienced this it's hard to imagine. It's like being electrocuted. Intense directed energy forced on you, with forced talking, perverted laughing, facial expressions, etc. When you try to retaliate by visualizing violence etc it make your body tighten up even more. It's almost impossible to prevent. I cannot submit. I won't. I will always fight back. This means I'll die. It's unavoidable anyway. TI descension torture-ware is murder. Period. Heart is now much much worse. It had been doing a little better as far as I could tell with the electronics on most of the time, at least not worsening. It's now much worse. Extreme angina  pain, very serious pain and lock-up of upper chest when just trying to pick up anything that has any kind of weight to it. As I said before, there is no chance of recovery. These attacks will always be done until I'm finally done. I know of other TI's have been killed by their hearts and internals being revved up so they basically explode on the inside, their heart just explodes. There are numerous first hand accounts of this. This is what donnell does to me only not quite to that point - unfortunately. I'd be way better off dead. donnell just does a slow-motion horrific murder. The sadist rapist pervert murderer loves watching its victim flutter and detereoriate. All of this attack was for my thoughts - I kept fighting it all night with visuals and other techniques and it kept worsening the attack.

I need its address.

Via querying its cloned brain I now believe its oldest cocksucker, lisa, goes to private christian school, probably catholic.

"My name is Lisa. My dad's whole team quit on him back in 2015. He started drinking heavily, got fat, and his hair turned gray. He's an idiot who got his foot stuck in a bucket and can't get it out."

I need its address. It would be great to get this before I die.

3-2-17 7:13 a.m. more sleep deprivation and extreme torture for my thoughts. Nothing more than that, just my thoughts. donnell is revving my heart up massively just like in June - this is a zombie type state where he has the clone of his sick brain interface me. I am now thinking  about torturing Sean's kids too. This will help. Sean's family is getting everything donnell's is. This will help..

I'm highly electronic but I can still feel deep angina strain, various strains around my chest, whole body actually when in this high intensity state where the evil rapist pig is pushing its sick thoughts and feelings and voices onto me in exaggerated form, making my whole body convulse.

I'm just waiting to die, being tortured every second of the way. I will think everything I want. I will NEVER stop thinking whatever I want, especially about inflicting revenge on the worst torturers in cosmic history. Everyone responsible for donnell pays.

Lisa donnell is a nasty stupid evil hairy little cocksucker. And I promise it's a true story about skinhead Anthony from Oklahoma and his mom.

I'll never stop attacking. Sean and the rest get it too.

This retard repeats phrases like "I know you hurt" that it got from the other nwo entity in 2015.  donnell is too stupid to come up with anything original. This is a hallmark of really stupid people. They have no originality, get their social ques from media and others, repeat sound bytes etc they get from anyone more intelligent than them who they come in contact with.

Another thing about this imbecile is that it is emotionally disturbed. It has always been prone to crying over anything emotional. You would think it would be the opposite for a torture pig. Not this one. It cries like a baby over anything, especially its dead mother Lester.  Almost anything emotional can set it off to crying. Crying easily and often is a symptom of depression. I promise this evil luciferian coward does not have depression. It does have the emotional level of maybe a 5 year old.

I need heart surgery. Whenever the electronics are turned way down and I can be close to organic again I have major chest pain and the other classic symptoms. I'm having heart failure. My vital organs for lack of better description are in a kind of stasis where everything is offloaded to a computerized clone. That sounds impossible and ridiculous unless you understand the technology. It's actually simple. Take a look around you. How fucking stupid can you be? You're surrounded and subsumed. Converted. You were buried alive in slow motion and they did it right in front of your face.

I'd love to get the news that someone has put a bullet through donnell's head.

Blessings, sympathy to all TI's, to all starseeds.  

I look forward to the day I get access to Sean and his family as well as the rest of those involved at MacDill. I'm planning on it. It will happen. Ask donnell what I'm going to do to them.

Praise ISIS. More dead white military. More please.

rapist barbaric disgrace evil retarded 'ultimate sport' milend-disaster moron donnell takes a lunch break and has the skinheads fill in for him whenever I have lunch - like now.  Might as well log as much as I can. I am about 100% sure its little dicksuckers went to the horse farm I mentioned before and may still go there. It's difficult for me to close in on this (presently) if anyone wondered. Just fyi - the little donnell dicksuckers may still go here.

* I'm armed and will shoot if ever approached by military.*

donnell turned me into the biggest hater of whites. All of my torturers, and everybody responsible for the worst torture in history, are white. donnell is a huge white supremacist. I hate with fury everything this and the other evil pigs stand for. Hate. I will shoot.

3-1-17 8:00 a.m. Got some sleep last night. Nightmares this morning and donnell on with skinhead. Heart racing 100 miles per hour with weird rhythm. donnell will lie to af that this is him creating fake symptoms. yawn. I'm in a type of pleasant lobotomy while donnell records me as I type this stuff. Looking forward to death.

If any of you idiots couldn't figure this out, when the mind control torture victim has a 'what if - counterpoint' thought, when they are thinking analytically, playing devil's advocate, the torture pig agent (donnell) can record that thought and play it for higher-ups in a report to malign the victim, to portray them however he wants. You trusted the 'recording king' donnell, now you logic-impaired fools are fucked.

Oh, I picked up some nice porn last night, a movie called 'Lone Survivor' - what a turn on, except there are some sad scenes where good guys get shot. Skinheads watched it with me and they laughed approvingly in total REAL agreement as I visualized donnell as the kneel's leader, screaming his head off back at an office or in a helicopter flying around in circles a hundred miles away or deserting in various ways etc. You'd have to be there. It was great. This will be a regular mental health treat now. donnell has to watch it, knowing what it did to its own 'men'.  Everyone who ever worked with it hates its guts. It has zero respect. I'll always remember the air force guys showing me images of it, telling me to think about what a rapist it is. This kind of thing occasionally gets to it.

looking forward to death.

donnell may be at the local horse farm with lisa at 2 pm or later on wednesdays. not sure. need to find out. I remove direct references to this place from now on only for reasons of decency involving innocent parties.

2-28-17 Tortures continue, sexual stuff against my kid as well. No end. I now stutter badly. I can't pass a job interview, lucky to even get through an initial phone call. I should apply for disability but I'd have to lie about the cause of the brain damage. I'll be dead soon. I'd be dead now if it wasn't for the zombie stasis of my vitals. The madness of it, madness on top of madness. rapist murderer donnell  says that my stuttering is my fault. This ignorant hick actually says 'you can walk and talk'.  I live for revenge.

donnell destroyed every single asset it had access to. Every single one, they just don't know it. They do know the project is a horrific evil wipeout - the old handlers know. Once again, this evil pussylvania hick desecrated and destroyed every single asset it had/has access to.

I would have to be under remote control, have my head re-wired at any given time now in order to not stutter. The slightest bit of nervousness or anxiety in a situation sets it off. The more important the situation the worse it is.  rapist donnell records me thinking of ways to talk fluently and then uses those recordings as cya. Why all the cya recordings? Huh?

The greatest crime and coverup ("it's all a psy-ops game") in history goes on and on.

7:28 pm. donnell has been torturing the fuck of me the past two hours. It had its brain clone on for a while doing  a lot of it while it spent time with its little whores.

donnell told me about 5 mins ago that it is going to "beat off". It's true. It goes down to its gamer room to do this. This is when it usually lets up on the torture. It can access different stuff down there in that room. It can "be me" in a way. This eases the torment briefly. Sure enough that's what he's doing, and yes his statement is true. I know this evil pig well - unfortunately. Imagine a prank call into a phone inside your head and it goes on for 5 years and 3 months non-stop. You get to know the sick imbeciles who are doing it, very well. No amount of psy-ops, mkultra stuff can hide this, not on this level for this long. What a fucking idiot this coward murderer is. I'm the worst torture victim I know. The worst.

2-27-17 If you want to know where the 5 skinheads hang out a lot it's Taco Mac restaurants in the area. This is their favorite place. They like to drink here.

Heart is very weak. The electronic stasis I'm in most of the time is preserving my physical life.

Need a miracle but there are none. No hope. Tortures continue. Waiting to die. 

2-20-17 I am back to the belief that the last name of my murderer is Donnell. More sick tortures. Heart is weak. Fantasize about revenge. The filtering is now very effective. I still manage to hurt them though. I always develop new techniques. Never legitimize your perpetrators. Don't think of them as handlers but perpetrators. Every second that you are being electronically targetted you are under attack. They are raping you to death, and beyond or around death, way worse sometimes. Those who simply get an organic death and are allowed to pass on are the lucky ones.

Need heart surgery.

2-14-17 Nothing says 'happy valentine's day' like an ak-47 and bk-7. Point shooting an ak in my condition isn't the best idea but aside from the physical stupidity of it, it sure feels GREAT. Especially with image of my murderer as the target. Bk-7 added to make the point so to speak. Two items any guy should have at the ready for crazy shtf times to come. Hard to beat proven classics.
lisa donnell whore

I need a miracle. Blessings to all TI's.

2-10-17  I need heart surgery. Hey, don't forget to check out if you haven't seen it yet.

2-9-17 heart the same. Severe angina off and on, always some level of pain and throbbing. I cannot exert myself at all, or take any kind of hit. I need heart surgery. I need the damage repaired. Instead the damage is worsened. Thinking about revenge helps. Being highly electronic, a zombie, helps a lot as an irony. Also doing every health food/herbal and other thing I can think of - absolutely everything possible, does help. Ginger, garlic, wheatgrass juice, asprin, controlled breathing etc... I pull out all the stops to stay alive.

Incredible mental and physical tortures like nobody would believe almost every day. Horrific evil. I have to medicate to deal with it, to keep from going insane. The sun helps too. That's all I can say. 

A tip I'll pass on to TI's or anyone else - from another TI friend who is dead now unfortunately - is how to get out of a mental hospital. It's very common for torture victims to be locked up in a psych ward. All you say is "I feel ok". That's it. Don't say or do anything else. Just repeat that statement. Stay as calm as you can, despite what the handlers may be doing to you. Whenever anyone talks to you, always respond with "I feel ok".  They'll have nothing else to possibly report, no grounds by which go retain you. I'd also advise any TI to study body language. When being interrogated sit up perfectly straight and look at the person's nose. If you do this it looks like you're making eye contact. Leave your lips relaxed, slightly parted and breath calmly. All you need to say is "I feel ok." Exceptions: If they ask you if you hear voices in head or things like that, simply say "no." Never get adamant about anything you're lying about - "I swear I never ...., would never, ....." , simply say no or yes. Period.

Think about how backwards this hell world is. If you had to go into a psych evaluation and you said 'I wonder a lot who I am, why I was born, where I came from, where I go, who 'god' is, what's the meaning of all this...' etc ... they'd lock your ass away in two seconds. But if the first thing you said was 'I can't fucking believe how the Falcons lost a 25 point lead at halftime to lose the game' the 'doctor' would just score you as boringly normal and send you straight home, no questions asked.

There you have it.

2-7-17 2:07 am. tortures unreal. worst ever now. In every form. Heart is totally trashed, weakened. I'm totally electronic so I can only feel a little bit of the pain, damage. Massive evil soul rape tortures and mental torture.. My head is being split right now, high pitch schrill sound in it like dental drill and compression on head. Why, because they don't like my thoughts. I WILL NEVER STOP THINKING WHATEVER I WANT. NEVER. AND I LOVE THINKING ABOUT KILLING O'PUSSY'S KIDS, VIVIDLY, GRAPHICALLY, AND MORE.

2-5-17 more horrific nightmares, some of the worst ever. This will get 'back to the future'ed' and captain manson's little cocksucker lisa and younger sister  will experience this and every other nightmare this evi pig has ever done to me.

You know who Donnell looks like? Charles Manson. So does his oldest whore lisa with her ugly black mustache. Seriously, the picture this evil idiot showed me of its ugly whore lisa at a local horse farm looks just like manson. Think about it, like manson, it runs a cult, is a murderer.How do you get more distinct than that?


It's nightmares are a reflection of it. And like everything else it does, they will backfire. Its ugly evil family will experience all its evil.

1-30-17  Usual tortures. Heart and health in very poor shape. In final stages of the murder. .I'd be in total mental shock if not for the electronics, zombie override programming. Nonstop torture and trauma in trauma-based mind control in its 6th year now.

I used to get shooting stars almost on request. I haven't had one since o'moron showed up and put me under RNM. I remember the last shooting stars I saw. I saw three of them the night of December 4, 2011. Then in the early morning hours of December 5th the monstrous imbeciles abducted me, took me to a local hospital and did a major surgery (transhumanist super soldier surgery) on me that left me in a heavily tranquilized state all week long. I had yellow patches on my legs and reaked of anesthesia and was sick to my stomach for a whole week from it. I have not seen a single shooting star since Dec 4 2011. The military can simulate shooting stars. It's hilarious. They send a plane over you and few seconds later a firework that looks like a star shoots over you. They will direct you to look in the direction of the firework. Sometimes they shoot it right over-head .

I was stripped of my spirituality, turned into a cyborg. I've documented virtually everything in this insane torture-murder here on this site.

Blessings to all who suffer under these evil programs.

1-23-17 My heart is literally like a scab that they keep ripping open after a few days. It never gets a chance to heal. If I get some rest and start feeling slightly better then that night o'pussy comes on and attacks it, creating intense pressure, damage. There is NO recovery from this. They will keep doing this until I die.

Lisa is a nasty whore. I love saying that. I love hurting this luciferian idiot. It uses the computer to lie to itself - to give it false feedback. It's great! What a fucking idiot. It can keep thinking 2+2=5 all day long. Works for me! What a retard. I do things in my mind to its kids that you wouldn't do to farm animals. What do I care how he scrambles or filters the feedback? I just relish the fact that I'm beating the computer. How am I beating the computer? I'm having private thoughts. It doesn't allow that. But I'm winning by successfully having private thoughts that never make it to the agent. I do have techniques to lure it into analyzing and relaying the thoughts but this kind of thing always gets old. You must keep adjusting and coming up with new stuff. Still, I can think all the vicious, bloody things I want (and I do) about its little whores, Lisa Donnell and the other little cunt.

O'loser loses in the matrix - this is the biggest loser, the stupidest, most retarded clown and so are everyone else who cover for it. What a total retard, disgrace, imbecile, self-parody clown. This idiotic clown is thoroughly outed on this site and his ugly hairy daughter, Lisa and the other little whore - totally verbally raped publicly. It's simply awesome - and the imbecile thinks he's brilliant. The 'Forrest Gump of Evil' has made history like nobody else - infamous - the most infamous, history. Pussylvania hick..

1-22-17 Everytime I get any rest and chest pains lessen or a little energy returns o'murderer resumes attacks on my heart. My heart is literally being ripped apart like a toy. Recovery is impossible. Very weak. I would need two things to survive a little longer. First, o'murderer would have to be killed. Second, get heart surgery. The retarded, evil air force and the rest of the world stood back and watched my heinous, slow methodical cold blooded murder - and enabled and covered for the psychopathic killer.

1-20-17 More soul rape starting about 4 a.m when assman came on. Intense pressure on heart, worsening it. It's bizarre how I'm still 'alive'.

I would have been better off dead a trillion times over.

I am almost positive that o'coward's little cocksuckers, Lisa and her little sister, do ride horses at the place I mentioned before.

My skin is baggy and totally chalk white now. I look like a corpse. No color in my skin at all. Gums are totally white. Extremities are always cold and numb. Bad texture, taste in mouth. Whole body clammy and rubbery all over. I think I am really dead  but just artificially sustained. I know for fact I'd be officially dead if the electronics were turned off. That's the irony of it all. Do I wish I were dead? No comment. I'm kept alive so that evil can be further served by o'sadist. That's the only reason. Look how much mileage evil has gotten so far from me by not killing me. That's why it's torture-to-kill and not just a quick murder.

There is zero value in anything other than the remote prospect of revenge.

If there was a way I could go after the afsc coward big-wig and the others - who cover for and keep o'sadist in business then I would and will. Actually I did - and o'sadist really did, but that's another story. They are indeed fucked. Anyone who has ever associated with o'sadist is going to get the biggest knife stuck in their backs. That's guaranteed.

These are the most doomed, damned fools. They know Donnell is mentally ill and evil and an extreme pervert, rapist, sadist and pathological liar and fucks up everything he touches. This makes them guilty.

1-17-17 Health poor, trying to stay alive. Very weak. No energy. Torture continues. I wonder if any military have ever screamed at o'moron at the top of their lungs, calling him a despicable rapist loser cockroach who they want nothing to do with.  "It's the ultimate sport!".  Donnell's own men basically mutinied and disowned him, hated him. He was exposed as a serial rapist to the better class of air force personnel and humiliated and embarrassed by it. Unfortunately he has a friend or two in very high places in the super soldier afsc group, and that's all that matters. Unless he suffers some kind of tragic accident, and accidents can happen. I just interrupted o'pussy's time with his little cocksuckers Lisa and 'baby'. It's about 5:15pm. I always feel good anytime I can disrupt its time with its little whores.

9:30 pm
I need heart surgery bad.

If I think about death and how my kid will deal with it etc, think about planning for her or any thought about her then the perps mentally rape her in my mind. They call her a 'cocksucker' and rape her in various ways in my head. What I'm in is worse than hell. Way worse. I'm being slowly murdered and can't do anything about it. I can't even think about the consequences on my family without the torment of them being raped, assaulted in my head in image and words.

The military will pay for this. You'll all pay.

When I take my final breath o'pussy the spirit rapist necrophiliac will be beaming its perverted essence and voice into my head. That's what I have to look forward to.

7:02 am. sleep deprivation again. no sleep.

1-16-17 3:38 a.m. more sleep deprivation, mind rape. Extreme menticide. Exact same tortures, extreme sadistic stuff, lots of forms of rape of my family. Soul rape. o'pussy never stops. And you're all fucked. You should know that.  navy seal captain eric Donnell and its 2 little cocksuckers Lisa and her little sister who ride horses in Milton Georgia fucked you all..

My heart is in same condition.The only reason I'm still going is by the zombie electronics mode. Angina pain is intense with pressure a lot. Almost anything can retrigger the intensity. All I can do is rest and walk around a little bit.

lisa and her little cocksucker sister are mental targets of mine. This pisses off my perpetrator, murderer to the max.

I begged for someone to take this evil retarded pussylvania hick out and nobody would. Now you all go.

1-14-17 6:54 a.m. same idiotic mkultra tortures. this fucking imbecile. does the exact same shit as the first day, exactly the same. A total retard. It thinks it's intelligent. too. That's the maddening, unreal thing. How the fuck did this irreducible imbecile get promoted to captain and given the level of power it has? It just takes your breath away how stupid this creature is.

Very bad shape.

One of the bottom lines that drives this idiot's retarded non-stop tortures is MURDER. It has to kill me. If I do get any rest it 'can't let me get away with that' - and tortures me again. I am going run the equivalent of the worst NSA nightmare templates through this pig non-stop all at once with the highest torture settings there are on every level non stop - one day. I promise.

"IT'S THE ULTIMATE SPORT". o'pussy's own men mocked it. This is what it told them earlier on. They spit and laughed in its face when the whole thing became an outrageous painful miserable disaster - to put it mildly. It fucked the military beyond description, beyond anything ever in all of history. And more.

What a fucking idiot, what a total retard. It actually thinks I fall for its stupid mkultra love-hate shit. All I feel is RAGE. I fantasize about hurting lisa and her little whore sister everytime this pig is on, nonstop. It thinks its smart because it uses the computer to twist any analytical thoughts - anything on the left side of brain - into garbage it wants to hear, meaning falsifications, lies. What a delusional moron. RAGE is all I know. Lots of air force personnel hate this evil pussy. Everybody knows what this idiot is. All it does is destroy everything it comes in contact with. It calls this success. It fucks up everything. o'pussy is a 100% failure. Everything it does totally backfires catastrophically. It gets off on raping the defenseless. I makes up excuses later. It uses the masquerade of psy-ops misdirection/confusion as a general justification and mask for covering its bottomless stupidity and unmatched brutality and perversion.

Donnell is a retarded murderer with a gigantic butcher bill. I am going to fuck its 2 little whores right in front of it. They ride horses at "in your dreams" horse farm - I think. I will find a way to get access to them. I fantasize about precious time with them...

It's right down the street in Milton. I need its address badly.

This site, this whole thing is the biggest embarrassment. It's like this huge shit this one evil retard took and everyone has to sit in it. It's proud of itself. It actually thinks it's a success. It thinks its intelligent.

1-13-17 My gums are totally white. I bet an artery is busted. Condtion same. Have to walk and move carefully. o'pussy is still at it, tortures continue. This unbelieveable retarded pig tells me to not have mean thoughts about it. It tortures me worse if I have a negative thought about it, still. Is there another word than 'retarded' to describe this creature?re?

Well I think about its ugly cocksuckers trying to ride horses and I show up and...

Trying breathing exercises through diaphram to reduce angina pain.

1-12-17 4:00 a.m. sleep deprivation all night. went to 'bed' at 8pm yet no sleep. vibrating all night.

'good' morning to you too. regards...
lisa Donnell bj queen

1-11-17 9:47 a.m. Heart attack still going on, sharp stabbing pains starting yesterday evening. Can only walk a few feet at a time. Constantly stopping and grabbing my chest. Extremely dizzy, feeling like passing out.

5:09 p.m.
Very very weak. Don't know what's going to happen next. Looks bad.

Time for my murderer's dinner with his two little cocksuckers and ugly mind-controlled wife.
The Donnell family goes to and orders pizza from a restaurant called "I Love NY Pizza & Bar" in Canton. 
I am also more sure that one or both of the Donnell cocksuckers ride horses at a local horse farm.

1-9-17  2:17 a.m. Heart in very bad shape, continued pains, pressure, throbbing. Also fluttering, weird fast heartbeat. Did manage to sleep some the past couple days but not now. O'pussy is on now and has me vibrating badly. I will be sleep deprived all night. I try to survive but I'm mortally wounded. Its two little whores, lisa and her little sister, are going to be busy one day. Some how I'm going to get revenge.

1-06-17 12:06 p.m. I managed to sleep maybe 5 hours by going to bed early. rosie came on and woke me up with nasty nightmare at 1:30 though. I fought back, inflciting some nice visuals that made it through. When you do this though you are exchanging brainwaves/energy with the pig on the computer - the worst of the worst - a clone of the pigs brain with it semi-involved too, and when it's pissed which is always the case for me because I am always attacking, it tenses up your whole body as it's talking to you. Like being shaken. So in order to communicate you end up getting immediate responses which involve almost all brain focus going to left brain (computer's territory) and your whole body tenses up. This gave me severe heart pains again. I had to stop. I have to now not engage the beast like this in order to save my heart. O'pussy gave me several more nightmares throughout the night again, very macabre, evil nightmares.

This idiot is still doing the basic mkultra programming this way. I wants me to hate it, and it wants me to love it. I don't know how you get sicker than that. So here we are going on 6 years later and it's still doing this stupid shit - that I thoroughly understand. I know exactly what it's doing. This evil system, mkultra, was created by the nazi's - that's how hold it is. O'pussy took some class in this and that's all it knows. It has no intelligence, no imagination, is not capable of independent thought. It just repeats the same stupid shit over and over. I also repeats phrases etc from others who are intelligent. It's a retarded bully, nothing more.

I am good at querying it's puny brain, either in clone or actual form. This moron actually thinks I wouldn't hurt its ugly cocksucking little whores! That's how stupid it is. It actually thinks its mkultra programming works. Only by massive pressure - hardwired, forced mentation/emotion and wildly re-wiring, re-vectoring my brain for lack of better terms... neural reprogramming does it get a feedback effect that it wants. However, unlike everyone else who is under this - and it's many people, that's all I'll say - I am FULLY AWARE. I preserve the 'ME' inside of my system even if it's totally detached. Imagine being on super powerful drugs, or drunk, as an example, to the point where you aren't really in control. Same kind of thing. Except I am fully aware of what's happening, who's doing it, how they're doing it, and why.

I have beautiful fantasies of violence against its little cocksuckers. It hates when I call its little whores that word. That's the only reason I use that nasty word, aside from the fact that he calls my kid that all the time and rapes her in myriad ways. Understand now, dear aghast reader?

I live for revenge. I am making a herculean effort to keep enough strengh, to at least get somewhat physically functional again, maybe take my 2 mile walks again etc.. stay alive so I can slowly drive my AK47 bayonet through o'pussy's heart.

I'll be talking more about how this evil archon thief who does it's homoerotic brazilian jui-jitsu thinks its so tough, and how it ripped off massive amounts of martial arts knowledge/techniques from me, and what an outrageous thief it is - crippling me, first weakening me too much to continue with CSW and other more strenous stuff, then finally giving me this would-be fatal heart attack preventing me from my regular workouts, from any activity.  You could bet it remote controls anyone who it rolls with it - if it had to. Just like it remote controls its wife.

Justice will come. I WILL fuck its kids right in front of it. And that's being nice.

1:11 pm I think o'pussy is at the doctor right now with one of his little whores. I'm pretty sure. Got multiple positive reads on that. What's wrong with the little tart? Did she choke on something maybe? like a ___?
This is great news. MORE PLEASE!!!

1-05-17 11:54 p.m. Recordings still going on. This evil roach is in its 3 piece suit in it's 'work room' with zits all over its back, working the nsa software to record me after massive torture and mental exhaustion into artificially mentally verbalizing phrases it wants to use to cobble together its latest CYA recording..

Adding a lot of insult to injury is the fact that in order to maintain personal relationships I have to lie about being a TI, which means lying about the torture. When friends, associates see me 'talking to myself' and doing all kinds of weird facial expressions I have to try to make excuses. I had a speach impediment when I was a kid, and now its back - I can start stuttering vey badly at times. This is from the extreme mental torture, having my brain lobotomized and re-vectored in myriad ways, totally re-wired, with lots of macabre mental pain mixed in. This is extremely maddening. Ever wonder how somebody could become a misanthrope? I have to lie about the massive heart attack that Donnell is giving me - for lots of reasons. My friends, associates would make me go to hospital etc. I would have to lie about the cause which is more madness than I can take. If they knew I was a TI they would look up the term and do research and they'd be targetted to some degree too. I have to live a massive double life. This evil slimy archon o'cocksucker Donnell is not taking fragments from conversations where I am minimizing my health condition to friends and working that into its recording.

This slimy raping cockroach with its mustached hairy daughter, in its 3 pieced suit with zits all over its back, is obsessively recording everything it can. It didn't get enough material yesterday.

One silver lining is that with the recorder running there is almost no filtering of my thoughts. I am able to get in lots of hits on it. I've developed some new techniques and they work, and may even work with heavy filtering. In this kind of struggle always adjust, keep adjusting. Think about vulnerabilities.

Hey, little fun fact: Why do I write such vicious, ugly, salty stuff about this sadistict rapist murderer and its family? Because it, at times (like now), is forced to read it, and it works. The evil 6 stooges pay with mental injury. Otherwise, yes it's too over the top, even for venting-therapy.

I need heart medicine. I need the murderers killed. Fuck macdill. I'd love to see on the news that that evil place has been blown to smithereens.

I know for a fact that 'Sean' the af guy who runs the super soldier progam at macdill wanted to free me, was going to let me out and tried to talk Donnell into it. Donnell refused because it would have destroyed his reputation - to put it mildly. Actually it would have meant Leavenworth or execution. They are long-time friends and 'Sean' covers for him. That is the ONLY reason this goes on.

1-04-17 10:44 a.m.
I will always be thankful to the Air Force personnel (handlers) in the earlier days in 2013 who tried to help and gave me tips to deal with this evil psychopath eric Donnell. They told me to just keep thinking about what a rapist it is because this was spreading and exposing him. Donnell would break into the connection and try to cut them off, throw them off the line. There were a number of these guys who tried to help. They hated this evil charlatan so much they showed me embarrassing personal images of him I've mentioned before. Some of his own seal men ended up doing the same. "It's the Ultimate Sport" Donnell has too many people at macdill covering up for him though. In general the AF struck me as a cleaner-cut better type of handler. They actually did some good things for me earlier on from 2009-2011 when I was just under them. The biggest mistake they ever made was letting Donnell in. Great things are destroyed from the inside. My heart is in very bad shape. I've only had about 4 hours sleep in the past two days. MURDER.

I remember all the times in 2013 when "It's the ultimate sport" Donnell begged me to stop thinking about his raping activities. BEGGED. Of course, threatened and tortured too. "I can't show my face around here anymore" he would tell me.

You know, if I had a dollar for every time this slimy sadistic rapist murderer made a hacked, artificially, torture induced CYA  AI recording I'd be rich. Yawn. Under electronic torture and sleep deprivation, extreme mental torture you can make anyone think any phrase. That's all it takes.

2:15 a.m. Sleep deprive all of last night. No sleep except maybe an hour. They do a little transhumanist trick sometimes when they sleep deprive you. They can put you into a super deep sleep for maybe 5 minutes or so and it leaves your system feeling like you had some sleep. Basically they put you in a 'new one'. Again, this is like a new body in a way. I assure you I am totally electronic. Otherwise my heart would have stopped a long time ago. This is the second night of sleep deprivation. I went to bed early but it didn't help. The skinhead whores let me sleep maybe 30 minutes then o'cocksucker came on. Massive mental and physical tortures, my whole body constantly vibrating. I may have fallen asleep for another 30 minutes. Heart in very poor condition. I can only walk a little bit at a time now as opposed to last week. Sharp pains shooting into chest often when do even minor of exertion or walking.

10:31 p.m. Slept for close to 2 hours. Awoken to milder type of nighmare but still disturbing. These things echo through your whole body like your body's an IMAX theatre. This looks like the pattern now. o'cocksucker is letting me sleep for 2 hours. He's been recording me all day and using every trick he can to make me think bad things for his bullshit AI recording. rosie has the street-chicken skinheads on now with the recorder running and sleep deprivation will be coming probably all night, to drive me out of my mind so they can capture the results of the pain/madness to submit. My whole body is vibrating and it will stay that way all night probably.

What an idiot, this website speaks for itself - all anyone would have to do is go here. I hold nothing back. It may be that whoever this recording is for doesn't even know about In any case, I am being MURDERED.

My heart is very weak. As I typed that last sentence the servile skinheads switched the recorder off so that thought/words won't be on the recording. See how it works now? Anyway I wouldn't be able to walk across a walmart parking lot if I weren't electronic. I have to be in this override mode in order to be alive basically.

I'm finding red wine helps me some. Also asprin every 4 hours or so.

rosie's guard is down when it has the recorder on. There's little to no filtering of my thoughts so I can usually get some nice shots in. rosie is pissed because I got some nice shots in about his son Lisa and the rest of his family.

One thing I think about whenever the idiots think they have something juicy to record is about rosies' dad beating it and/or beating his mother. He's really embarrassed by this and doesn't want it on the recordings so it has to be edited out. I will also think about his son Lisa's mustache - same effect. Thinking about the advice from earlier AF handlers regarding him being a rapist etc works too. He can't allow that in there.


I did humiliate anthony motherfucker last night. It was great. He started crying for real and walked out on erica. It's easy to pit erica against his 'men'. All I have to do is think about how erica treats them and senstitive stuff. All parties' minds are hived on the connection and they know what he's doing - when he's laughing at them etc... and it creates meltdowns. Retarded little tattoD ex-con motherfucker anthony is in terrible mental condition. I love it.

I am in hell. I need this evil retarded pussy's address. Murder.

Check out Milend if you need loan. I love tormenting this imbecile.

Lisa cocksucker Donnell may indeed ride horses at a local horse Farm. Not sure, need more verification.

01-03-17 1 a.m. Intense mental torture, sleep deprivation by skinheads now, who had been going easier on me in their 'good cop' role they had played some of the time. These are the most evil cowards. I'd love to say why. It's biblical. But I shut up. I'm only documenting my murder, leaving out bigger picture stuff.They have to kill me. They know what they've done. These idiots can't change course - they have to finish the job. It's like a boy who shoots a bird with his pellet gun or slingshot for sport and the thing falls to the ground twitching in agony, mortally wounded. The right thing to do is finish it off. Like trying to break up with a chick but you don't have the guts, and you just butcher it even worse. We've all been there. That's what these morons have done. They're butchering imbeciles and like everything else they can't do it right. They can't do anything right. They are an evil version of the 3 stooges ( 6 stooges ). Put another way, they're white. They're seals. They're retards. And I'm not from here. They inately hate-fear me. What more need be said? This is an old, old story. rosie will be on in an hour or maybe less and torture will get even worse. Right now, I'm being jolted everytime I start to fall asleep, and I'm totally in a 'new one' state. And this is just by the street-chicken shameless self-admitted soul-selling whore skinheads.

The 6 evil stooges know what's coming, what they brought about, and what's going to happen to them. I continue to die a gruesome tortuous death beyond description until my heart stops... but I'm personally happy about it, about the end. Since martial arts in any form is impossible now, blogging my murder is the only thing that makes me feel better. It gives me a little mental relief.

Later pussies.

01-02-17 8:26 a.m. Heart attack still going on. Need medicine, treatment. Weak. Even talking loud at all makes my chest constrict and creates pain and weakness.
4:46 p.m. Doing everything I can to rest and do home-made treatments to survive and stop the heart attack. rosie has been trying to undo all those things... I can hear its evil voice telling me to do self-destructive things, just barely audible. I am super sensitive, cognitive of this evil system. Nothing gets by me.

I'm in the same boat that anyone living in a third world country or living centuries ago, who had a severe heart attack, would be in. The big difference is that I was given multiple heart attacks starting in 2013, with the biggest one being the latest. I didn't *have* heart attacks I was GIVEN heart attacks by eric Donnell.  Also, the attacks continue with sleep deprivation and revving up of my vitals and mental torture beyond evil. I'm defenseless.

I remember the concept of the Sicilian Defense from Roman history. This is really about all most TI's can do. You just have to try to survive as long as you can. Let the enemy batter themselves to bits in their efforts to conquer you. Inflict as much damage as you can. One weak point in the computer is that it can be fairly easily lured - not getting into all that though. o'fuckhead idiot Donnell has destroyed itself, its team, its family (it lives a lie regarding this) in its insane quest to rape and plunder the divine. It's destroyed something else, it's screwed you too, and much much more. hush hush.

About military history, my knowledge is pretty good. I was a major history buff. This is the most fruitful subject anyone could ever study. It amazes me how stupid Donnell is. It truly just takes your breath away.

The navy promoted this imbecile to captain. wtf??

Donnell reminds me of Union Commander George McClellan, the most incompetent man in military history - up until Donnell that is. In 1862 this dude had an army of over 100k men and was within 30 miles of Richmond with only a scragly, weak Confederate guard of 5-10k men between him and the capital while Lee was a weeks travel away in the west. These men of the Army of the Potomoc fought very well but were almost always forced into defeat by their own idiot general - that's EXACTLY  like ERIC DONNELL. This idiot sat there, convinced that a gigantic army was waiting there for him in some kind of trap. The war could have been WON right then and hundreds of thousands of lives saved. Donnell and McClellan are/were both from pussylvania.

Again: the navy promoted this imbecile to captain. wtf??

Of course, the War Between the States is still one of the most studied wars by top military academies in the world. It's the most interesting war with myriad lessons to be learned. And of course, retarded Donnell didn't even know who McClellan was. It learns everything from me. Donnell is an evil, necrophiliac, imbecile, monster.

 10:21 pm. Heart, chest doing worse. It's ironically only the electronics that's saving me from total heart failure, from death. I'm being artificially kept alive. Those TI's familiar with RNM and intense neural and bodily torture and experimentation will understand. Enough can't be said for how incredible the technology is in many ways as far as treating almost any medical condition (and all done remotely via wifi), but I reject it all. No thanks. I'd rather have freedom. Doing all I can to survive but I'm mortally wounded. I don't see any chance of recovery.  My spirit doesn't break, ever. They get my death but not my life.

12-30-16 8:27 pm One or more of the skinheads has a thick beard but more around the chin area. It's the kind that's not a full beard but just more on front fo face and hangs down, more of a biker type beard. I remember this image from a number of times, earlier on. They shared a lot more things with me when they thought I was actually going free a few years ago. This was one of them. Boy were they stupid, conned like everyone else. I'm not going free, not getting protection, EVER. I'm going to the morgue, but not until my soul and mind are even more thoroughly raped into depths of insanity and pain you don't even know exist.

Heart condition unchanged, weak, in grave danger.

12-28-16 3:46 a.m. My murderer navy kneel erica woke me up about 15 mins ago, major heart problems, heart beating wildly, palpitating. A skinhead came on and put me in a fake 'new one', meaning a zombie override so my system is more passifiied.

It's amazing how stupid this pussylvania hick is. It doesn't even know how its own torture-ware works. I simply start to have an analytical thought on the left side of my brain and it pounces on it to twist it into a false counterpoint - a false interpretation. In other words the victims thought process is de-railed. Their thinking looks like a car skidding all over an icy road. There is no limit to how this retarded coward will lie to itself. 

I expect to die soon. Recovery is not possible. I am being slowly murdered. I can still feel my heart beat fast and weird beneath the electronics.

4:53 a.m. rosie got rid of the skinhead about 45 minutes ago and now I think it's down in its beat-off gamer room, and mental torture is going almost full-blast along with soul rape and mental-rape of my kid. Sleep deprivation. Murder in the most heinous way imaginable. It has to be in its gamer room in order to keep me in some form of 'new one' without a skinhead. If it's away from the gamer room then it needs a second resource to keep me in a 'new one'. I'm totally fake right now and wide awake, impossible to sleep, total zombie. Cheap hotels may be my only option to try to get some relief. Nothing is worse than my 'bedroom'.

12-27-16 2:57pm two rounds of nightmares and mind-rape tortures this morning starting around 1:30 am. Sleep deprived of course for several hours during each of these episodes. Heart revved up badly too. Chest tightened and pains and pressures shooting out from it, especially down left arm. On a couple nights since the begining of the major heart attack on 12-16 the skinheads had me almost all night and let me sleep most of night. I actually felt much better in morning on those occasions. No immediate pains, but of course I took it very easy too and they were also 'being me'. I need rest, actual sleep. Erica has been on almost all day the past couple days - and on other days he takes the day shift by himself. Erica inflicts massive mental torture when it's on, and tenses up my body, raising my blood pressure by switching the computer to certain auto-response settings to block my responses. This inflicts high bodily tension and high blood pressure and heart rate in the target.

Anyone who can't see that is is CONCRETE PHYSICAL MURDER IS BLIND.

I've heard of TI's being murdered by having their bodies, brains pressurized, amped up so intensely that they implode/explode from the inside. This is what erica is doing to me except on a staggered basis, a jagged, agonizing terrifying death. 

This psychopath coward cries like the little bitch it is 'I have a family. I'm a dad." whenever I get a shot in at it.

Below are some pictures similar to navy kneel captain erica Donnell. I think the first picture on left is most accurate.
Where did I get the mental images of erica rosie Donnell? Mainly air force handlers from the old days. They hated his guts, knew he was a horrific rapist and idiot and on a number of occasions they showed me images of him. A couple times stand out. Once I was playing basketball at the park to try to get exercise and of course thinking about how to get away;  the af handler flashed an image of erica into my mind, an image of the despicable greasy cockroach in a control room. erica was wearing a dark suit, was tall, about 6, 1" and stocky, dark hair and beard. I believe I saw erica drive by once in his inconspicuous beige-tan pickup truck back in 2014 but can't be totally certain. The image matched though. On other occasions the skinheads confirmed what af guys showed me. There have been countless times they were so pissed they disclosed tons of stuff about this pig (I can tell the disinfo from the truth almost always). I'll never forget the af handler who was on by himself one summer night in 2012 who turned the electronics completely off except for the v2k. I could actually feel myself how I am. I was free for about 1 or 2 minutes. He told me 'What you really are is a targeted individual. What you really want is to be free.' I remember many mornings erica would wake me up and the sun was shining and the electronics were turned down but not off, for maybe 15 seconds or so, so that I could almost feel myself as I am, not electromagnetic soup. Then he'd slowly darken everything putting me back into hell, like being buried alive, killing my soul, burying me in the luciferian electromagnetic demonic bubble. I could feel the evil darkness, the same evil darkness I sensed when the targeting first began by this evil fake-whitehat lucifieran charlatan murderer. It was the strongest feeling of dread and evil I've ever felt, like I knew I was being assaulted by something that for once in my life I couldn't defeat, that would be too much, that would be the end of me. I remember one time in 2001 I was caught in a powerful riptide in Florida and totally freaked out and had a massive unworldly feeling of helplessness, life-flashing-before-your eyes kind of thing, really weird, like I was a tiny ant in the palm of a giant. I fought my way out of the riptide obviously but it took every bit of power I had. My gut told me not to swim with the tide laterally but to go all out straight back to shore. I've tried to fight my way out of this evil luciferian fake-whitehat psychopath's toture-to-death TI program that he lies about. Talk is cheap. The big backlash is coming. You really really fucked up. This monster has been surrounded by armed men who have done fucking nothing. I'll die but I won't lose.

I'm certainly erica's worst victim but not the only one. I can't talk about the extent of the casualty list, who all it includes, but it would truly blow your mind.
Be assured more is coming.

12-26-16 8:41pm Usual horriffic mind rape. Skinhead handler totally lost it, started crying, letting his emotions pour through, totally torn up, major ptsd mental emotional  damage. *Not an act either. I can tell the difference.  Donnell has done this to all his men. Donnell destroys everything and everyone it comes into contact with. But it's Donnells word that counts unfortunately. The skinhead handler had all day off and some sanity restored apparently, said he has spent time with family, then had to come on shift -- and be subjected to the Donnell barbaric horror show - and he lost it. I just repeat myself. The most evil coverup goes on and on and on with the mentally ill monster who lies, saying it's really 'psy-ops', continuing his barbarity, his unreal electronic TI torture. The silver lining is that the 5 pussies who help him are being mentally destroyed too. If they ever had enough time off they'd realize it, see the forest for the trees, so to speak. As much as I hate them, it is true that they are trauma victims too. They go back to prison if they don't help him, so they stay as Donnell's only resource.

If you are a victim of mind control, mind-rape, by neural-frequency attacks/torture and you are bold enough to have ventured onto this page, here is some info I discovered in search of relief that can help (I'm a health food nut). A class of amino-acid related supplements called Nootropics can shake the grip of the nanobots in your brain. Note, aside from inositol, these are stimulatory but *only to the brain*, not to the heart. They don't affect the adrenal gland, so they are totally cardio-safe. Basically they don't play nice with the nanobots and basically oust them, providing relief. They also, taken together, provide a very nice buzz which is greatly needed for torture victims. And it's totally safe.
Gaba, Bacopa, L-Tyrosine, Arginine, Taurine, Inositol. 

As it turns out, Arginine and Taurine are great for treating heart conditions.  You can get all these at a local health food store.

I am being murdered. I fight as hard as I can to stay 'alive' for the day I can get revenge, the day I have Donnell on its knees in front of me. I want the situation reversed..

Fragile, trying to rest when I can.

Oh, forgot to mention, I think Donnell actually drives a beige colored pickup truck (as a disguised inconspicuous vehicle) when he's out 'working' sometimes. Otherwise the pig will likely be in a benz sedan, suv or on its motorcycle. Open fire if you see him.

Blessings to all the other victims..

12-25-16 1:07 pm. Heart attack condition still going. I'd say 'merry christmas' except that it's impossible for me to have any positive thought or feeling unless I'm fantasizing about revenge. More tortures in bed this morning and my heart revved up, chest tightened painfully. Pain, and tightness etc right now as I type. Almost constantly...

Something I always wondered about was how much the zombie bio override mode actually puts your organic body functions in a passivity state versus how much it is really just masking sensation i.e. pain. I know it definitely protects your system big time and actually arrests situations like heart attacks. The question is how much so?  I am only alive becuase of this irony. I'm a cybernetic man walking around with a raging heart attack. When the handlers are totally 'being me'  I feel only slight pain. However, I know the heart attack is severe because even when they are 'being me' i.e. offloading all my sensations/pain to themselves and/or computer if I exert myself even mildly, for example if I yell, I feel my chest constrict and pain shoot down my left arm instantly. The impending sense of death/doom comes over me and I just totally stop and collapse onto something, sit or lie down if I'm already not.

It's incredible. It all comes down to this one indescribably retarded, incompetent, sadistic, rapist, monster, lying, covering up demonic hick. Did you know they actually put bionics in me in the supers soldier surgery they did to me in December 2011? Actually there were two of them - surgeries. In the second one about a week after Dec 5, 2011 they put something into my left calf. A large yellow medical-antisceptic type stain was left on my leg for about a day. Back in 2012, 2013 they'd turn the bionics on sometimes when I kicked a heavy bag or swam - just to show me that I had this functionality. I'd be swimming and every 10th lap the handler would say 'here you go'... and bam, I'd swim that lap like a knife cutting through hot butter. No sensation, no stress, no sense of exertion, nothing - I swam like a machine. I mean like after 29 laps already when I should be tired, too. Same thing when I kicked a heavy-bag. Every so often they'd say "here's how you do it" and that kick would be at least twice as hard. So who would treat an asset with this kind of investment put into them like the worst TI ever? Who would sabotauge and totally trash their own multi-gazillion dollar project and desecrate and menticide and slowly horrifically murder the milab who is supposed to be a huge asset - like this? What kind of retarded, incompetent, sadistic traitor, coward, loser would do this? Donnell's own men hate his fucking guts. Every one of them. He just has the one loser life-long friend at macdill who runs the whole ss operation that covers for him. This high-level administrative power gives Donnell the immense power that this idiot still has. All he needs are the slimey skinhead helpers, his personal slaves who will do anything for cash, to keep the charade going. The biggest coverup story in history.

So rosie had his protected christmas with his ugly, stupid little demonic whores, and stepford wife and ugly dog who I named 'jizzrag' because it is always by eric's side in his 'work room' when he beats off. A demonically annointed 4-legged beat companion.

I bet lisa got a dildo for christmas. And I also bet there was a nasty fight over it between her little sister and mother. "That's mine you bitch, I've been looking for it the past two weeks" Mrs. Donnell would say. "Uhht uh" baby would shout, "it's mine" as she snags it away with both her randy little hands."  Rosie would have to straighten it all out by putting Mrs. Donnell in a labotomized 'new one' state, and maybe electronically stimulate her. "I know it looks like mine" he'd say, then awkwardly 'correct' himself - "I mean yours... but this is for lisa", as he whips out the receipt.

Anyone betting their ugly rotweiller took a dump under the christmas tree and they all sat around and worshipped it as a sign from Grandma Lester? 

I visualize a black ski-mask on the Donnell christmas tree. The only way any justice is delivered is if real black ski-masks show up at this bitch's house.

Black ski-mask holidays to the Donnell bitches.

12-24-16 12:48 am Horrific nightmare and torture when trying to sleep yesterday afternoon. Horrific slow-motion barbaric murder continues. More tortures throughout day and more coming tonight. None of this would be possible without his baldheaded excessively-tattoD ex-con loser helpers. Logically, this is their fault. They could have quit or done a lot of things. Instead they blindly help rosie torture me beyond death. They'll get what they deserve.

This is their's and rosie's last christmas. I will try to make it a miserable one for them.

Tom, Anthony and Matthew are idiot slaves who sold thier souls for a few bucks. Total bottom of the barrel scum. Evil soul-raping murderers.

Heart, body are weak, moving slowly, no exertion, trying to eat mostly vegetables. Fighting as hard as I can to stay alive. Mental torture is the worst. This is an evil that can't be described. These are barbaric, evil trailer trash, the worst on the planet.

I have to lie about my heart attack. It's humiliating adding insult to injury. That's how it is. I always am forced to do a humiliating face-plant in every way, be a total loser. That's the nature of a TI. I am in hell. Period. The soul-rapes are beyond description.

Revenge is all I care about. Oh, just because I die doesn't mean that my murderers (the military) won't be defeated.

I can never say enough that many others, totally innocent, including children, have been senselessly killed directly because of these 6 evil covering-up trailer trash imbeciles.

5:19pm I had my xmas today. Always on 24th for me for domestic reasons. So skinheads had to take theirs today too. Tomorrow assman Donnell will have its xmas and skinheads will cover for it. Today rosie had to be on shift while I had my xmas. It did bad things to my kid in front of me. Yep, at christmas. 

Actually, we could start with the tortures perpetrated while in bed this morning, getting my heart revved up, chest tightening, even while in zombie mode.

I honestly don't know how I'm not dead yet. When they turn the computerization down I can feel extreme tightness and pain in my chest.

I did score some nice points while being tortured in bed this morning, I think around 3 or 4am. Anthony motherfucker works with assman often during these hours. He's not fit enough to be online by himself for long anymore. The amazing irony is that this idiot evil boss is responsible for and many more humilitating things and massive mental damange against this 26 year old loser. Yet he still works for him and not only that, but works directly with him as his little bitch boy. That's what Anthony is, rosie's little bitch. Really sad. Anyway, anthony had to impersonate rosie while I did something disturbing that he had to feel. He was mapped directly into me while Donnell was in the background, protected, getting only filtered verbaige, no actual bio-sensation stuff.  Anthony started crying at some point, saying he couldn't take it. He got yelled at too for giving himself away which wasn't his fault. How'd you like to have to impersonate a perverted, evil psychpath idiot with an IQ in the George Bush, Jr. range, and when you didn't do a convincing enough impression you got screamed at by the imbecile? That's what these losers have to do half the time. It just so happened that the system wasn't filtering so well at the time and I had a field day.  So crybaby anthony left and rosie then imitated him crying - imitated him to me. It's amazing how this incompetent twat will rip on his own 'men' to me. That's another interesting dynamic. This whole thing is a lot like ShawShank Redemption. I'm Andy Dufresne and Donnell is the warden that cruelly uses Dufresne's intellect and knowledge while, of course, fucking him unconscionabley. He gets away with it because of his position. Who's going to believe the victim?

But I scored and did some damage. I will continue to fuck with the moron skinheads who sold their souls for a few pieces of worthless paper. All I have to do is point out reality.

rosie was looking at photo albums of his little cocksuckers, with his little cocksuckers, when I started posting this (I got this out of his frantic responses). I'm delighted I took time away from its demonic ugly, stupid children. It has to be plugged into me whenever I post something.

I have to do whatever I can to survive. I have to fight every way I can. I have to hurt my perps on their christmas day, tomorrow. I have to do things to throw a wrench into their lives and make their most special day of the year miserable. I don't know how I'm not dead other than the reality that I'm worse than dead. I'm a very hated guy. 

12-23-16 More torture coming. First mild nightmare about 20 mins ago. More coming, and probably sleep deprivation. I'm still not sure where the little whore lisa rides her horse, it still may be at the farm I mentioned but probably not. As long as I'm breathing I'll keep hunting. I'll never stop hunting this evil soul-raping pig. A lot of people are dead now because of this mentally ill sadistic psychopath and that's a fact. This pig has inflicted horriffic pain and suffering on thousands, including children and infants, if you add it all up. It's better that I don't, that I keep it all as a ptsd blur. The astonishing thing is that this incompetent, retarded pervert likes itself. It actually thinks that it's smart. Visualizing shooting Donnell in the face turns me on, makes me feel better..

Languishing, taking asprins, trying to eat only vegetables. Broke finanically too. 

12-22-16 4:58am assman has had it's' cloned brain on supercomputer interfacing me all night. No sleep the past 4 hours. rosie programmed the system to call my kid a cocksucker whenever I think of her, and other stuff. How would you like to try to sleep with that in your head? It also programmed it to make my heart rev up on certain thoughts.

I am fluent in ai. I am good at querying handlers' brains. I can get some good mileage on this when in unattended mode like tonight. It's almost impossible to fake emotion. Also certain binary patterns confirm solid yes or no.  It's a redundant point that this mentally ill pig is killing me, but got solid confirmations over and over. 100%. Assman needs me dead and is overjoyed with relief at the thought of it. 100% confirmation (redundant point though).

Donnell also told me both his little whores are in fact stupid. No surprise there either.

This is one very very jealous, angry, demented, STUPID, barbaric, mentaly ill character.

Unfortunately it has a super high clearance, rank and is a natural liar - which means I'm dead.

Fuck everyone who buys its scams.

6:33 am. Hardcore sleep deprivation tortures now. Only about 3 hours of sleep earlier tonight. Everytime I start to fall asleep macabre stuff is shot into my mind's eye and I get jolts and shocks to testicles.

12-21-16 The only way I could survive is for someone to kill Donnell and take me to a hospital for surgery. I have big concerns about going to a hospital, but I am dying. Until he's dead there is no chance. He did this to me and will continue to do it to me. Read the logs. Even if miraculously the torture stopped I'd still die without treatment. He has to be cut off from the network and/or killed. Don't you get it? He has a huge problem and he's solving it by deniably killing me while acting like he's helping me.

12-20-16 I am trying to figure out how to get nitroglycerine to treat my heart. When the computerization cyborg zombie override is turned off so i can actually feel my non-electronic self there is heaviness and tightness in my chest with pains and throbbing in my left arm and hand and fingers. It's unmistakable. I feel direct pressurized pain in the heart area.

I took a chance and went to a doctor's office and got an ekg cheaply. (I don't have health insurance). Why to a doctor's office? So I wouldn't be forced into a hospital stay etc... I cannot stay at a hospital. Up until a moment before the technician ran the test after placing the electrodes on me I was free to feel myself with all the heart attack symptoms raging. Then Donnell put me in a 'new one' - meaning back into a cyborg zombie state where I feel nothing and my vitals, for lack of better medical term, are totally stable. I've said before the paradox/irony is that being a zombie actually keeps you alive. You are unaffected by almost everything in this state. It's a kind of stasis. So the ekg came back 'normal'. I knew Donnell would do this but it was worth taking a chance anyway in case the ekg picked up true measurements, to try and get nitroglycerine. I watered down the description of my symptoms greatly to the doctor because I didn't want to be forced into going to a hospital - but the doctor still insisted that I go. He said the ekg means nothing because in a rested state it can come back as a false normal and a heart attack still could have happened or be happening. He told me repeatedly to go to a cardiologist or hospital today.

Rosie will lie through his teeth and say that the symptoms are created by him to scare me, and aren't real, and that I have it all backwards.

The medical advances, abilities of the transhumanist stuff is incredible. Too bad it's in the hands of this flaming idiot psychopath.

Rosie will make plenty of CYA ai recordings.

All I can do is keep popping asprin and taking it easy. 

12-19-16 coward murderer assman Donnell. It doesn't stop. I love when I get a shot in at it, ripping one of its little whores at christmas. It's hard to beat the computer. It's a guerrilla war type game. Once it has the slightest hint of anything you're about to do or just have done it switches into defense mode and it's very hard to score after that. You have to get something across that doesn't appear contrived. Then wait for another opportunity. Weak, pain and strain in heart area when I do any kind of lifting or pushing with my left arm. Difficult and feels dangerous to pick up, carry things. I'm not exercising anymore, can't do martial arts. Just resting as much as possible with madness of neural rape going on non-stop in my head. I would have been better off dead a billion times over, but I never submit, I keep going. "Life itself confided this to me: I am that which must be overcome again and again."

Praise to the others past and present who fight for their freedom. I think about Nicaragua, how that place gripped me, haunting and magical in a way, remnants of war everywhere like a testament. What an awesome country. You don't need money, you need freedom. Poverty is a small price to pay for freedom. Being a whore-slave is no way to live. What they went through in their struggle against the 'contras'. They should be proud and maintain their soverignty in every way. "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees." Whoever said that had the right idea.

Happy Solstice and holidays to all torture victims past and present who persevered until the end.

12-18-16 My greatest fear at this point is my death will be covered up. I've documented everything that's happened here on this site. I'm afraid when I finally go that rosie will get my body and dump it somewhere or set things up to look like cause of death was something other than the murder he perpetrated - heart attack and general electronic torture-murder. rosie probably lies out of the side of his mouth to everyone about how he is really trying to 'help' me. It's unbelievable. Its only option is to kill me, period. It simply has too much to cover up. It's nothing more than that. I've laid out its outrageous crimes, incompetence, barbarity, stupidity. It's all right here.

Never believe that I'm just missing. TI's don't go missing. I wish I was missing, that would be awesome. Never believe that I died of some kind of accident. No you fucking idiots. It's exactly like I told you. He's killing me. I am mortally wounded right now and *cannot* go to the hospital. I am going to die, short of a miracle.

Everything is too late.

7:27am skinhead helpers are out of town or just on vacation. murderer Donnell uses his cloned brain on supercomputer to interface, control me while he sleeps and also for prolonged periods during day, popping in himself or catching up on recordings.The murderer has had me up, torturing me the past 3 hours non-stop. Sometime in next few days probably, skinheads will return and cover for murderer Donnell who will take his xmas vacation with his 2 little cocksuckers and his remote controlled zombie wife and ugly rottweiler dog.

The american military, air force, is responsible for this.

11:13am skinheads are back, so they must have just had Fri and Sat off.

12-16-16 9:39 pm the evil pussy 'rosie' Donnell gave me a massive heart attack this morning. All the symptoms. All I could do today was try and rest. I can't go to a hospital, that would be catastrophic. I wish I'd just die quickly but at same time have to try to keep going. I'm popping asprin and resting and cutting way back on food, water etc. Everyone who's been involved with this evil pig knows it has given me heart attacks, strokes, seizures since 2013 when it wanted me to stop thinking about how it rapes countless women. At the time there were plenty of air force personnel reading me who thus learned what a raping sadist it is, and its reputation started tanking from there. Heart attacks of various kinds started heavily in June. Massive heart attack today. It actually first started a few days ago after last major sleep deprivation but hit like a freight train this morning. Weak. I have to try to rest/sleep while this evil pig hisses it's computerized luciferian voice into my head, admitting he simply has to kill me. It's a sick slow suffocation. I can't go to a hospital, they couldn't help, only hurt. I eat healthy and do all I can. I'm simply being murdered. If I told anyone I'm being killed and how I'm being killed I'd be sent to a mental hospital.

12-15-16 11:22 pm. Here's a nice picture. navy kneel captain eric "rosie" Donnell looks a lot like this. The main difference is Donnell has a full beard and its hair is graying.  Otherwise, it's very close. He had a 40 caliber party on his face as you can see. My shooting skills improve vastly when I have the right target. This is the most evil criminal in history. Really. Don't forget, this sick pussy goes jogging around 2-3 am and then does brazilian jiu jitsu later in the day. Rosie's little whores ride horses close by and it spends time with the little whores there. Make no mistake. This evil torturing raping murdering sadist tortures the living fuck out of me right in front of its little cocksuckers and nobody knows. How this evil idiot was given this technology is so beyond comprehension.

Lisa Donnell Horse Equestrian Milton Georgia

Neural tortures at outrageous levels. Mortally wounded. Just staggering, waiting. This idiot doesn't quit. Wishing for a dead skinhead or two, or something else that fucks it up. Hoping for and will try to fuck up its christmas as much as possible. I'm going down but so are they in the end. They're fucked.

Oh, I owe motherfucker Anthony some abuse. Whenever torture is especially bad from rosie I take it out on the most vulnerable skinhead tool. He's very fragile. He should be going back to Oklahoma soon for some more fun with his mom for holidays. I have so much fun with these clowns. I laugh at how they consider themselves 'paramilitary' - they're abused, mentally damaged personal whores for the most guilty, evil and stupidest creature on the planet. They're sad soul-selling chicken whores who get shitted on beyond belief. They've had the spines ripped out of them. The future looks very very bad for these retarded clowns. More abuse coming for the motherfucker. Boy did this moron fuck up. He can never stay online too long, he starts cracking up. It's great. Suicide is Anthony's best option.

12-14-16 5:48 am. Horrific synthetic nightmares past couple mornings. Everything is synthetic. I think queeg is out of town but it doesn't matter. My goal is to fuck up its christmas.

I never thought I'd be saying that drug addicts and street alcoholics, total dropouts etc are actually heroes, but they really are. I have the highest respect for those who drop out of the matrix and live in a drug induced haze, just living day to day feeding their head with mind-altering stuff. Blessed are they, and smart in a higher way. There's no dishonor in this, it's the opposite. It's a noble, good route to take in this evil place. Not contributing to the machine and being a burden instead is really cool. Going this route is a form of resistance.

I have a new game I play with my murderers. Trying to sleep as much as I can, when I can. Being unconscious is a treat for me.  New game is "Truth or Glock". Whenever they falsify something, like swapping a person's name or image, we play Truth or Glock. I say for example 'Who is it I am really visualizing punching in the face, is it Lisa"?  And if they give me the right answer which rarely happens I shoot my (empty) Glock into a skinhead's head (queeg wins - again rarely happens). But if he/supercomputer gives me wrong answer then his whore lisa gets the bullet.  This is an absolute. It's absolute in nature, like an absolute value in math. This entire slow-motion massacre is one big perverted evil lefthanded falsification-twisted crime. Playing TOG is a fun, healthy way to deal with the menticiding computers.

Need sleep badly. I'm into year number 6 now..

12-11-16 4:41 am More nightmares. Every second is a nightmare in a way. How would you like to have a multi-party phone call going on inside your head every second for over 5 years?l The aim of this TI tortureware is to drive the subject to suicide or insanity or both. This retard actually thinks that's not the case. It actually thinks this software murder-rape-ware is healthy.

You know how girls talk incessantly on the phone etc?. Girly talk, they just keep chatting. That's how this system is. It just doesn't shut up, ever. I mock it, mock the idiot handlers.. 'Well what do you want to talk about now? How about, this, how about that.... in a girlish chatty style. It's archon in nature, it records and earmarks new thoughts, subject matter and feelings of any kind then plays it back - like 'see I know that too! I'm just like you!'.

I need my enemies dead. Any one of them dead brings them all down. I stagger along like everyone else. I keep attacking every way I can.

I'd love it if capt queeg's dog died. You know it's funny in a way. Queeg jerks off with his dog next to him down in its little control room, pets the dog, then dog runs off to the the two little whores who then pet it. That's a cool visual to get to the pervert pig. What a gross, sick, evil family. Poor Lester, she can't be there this year.

12-10-16 Another sick evil nightmare for Christmas by the luciferian pig monster Donnell. He burns in hell. I call his dead mother Lester. I can't tell you why. This really gets to it. I rub it in how Lester won't be there for Christmas.  I turn it on all the way, I attack even more. I never stop finding ways to humiliate the most evil character in cosmic history. It took you all down with it.

Lets hope Anthony motherfucker commits suicide by Christmas.

Where is the farm that lisa has her horse?  That's what I need. I'd love for the system to somehow be disabled for a couple hours and I show up where they are with a squirt gun and just play around with them. That's a fantasy.

I will NEVER stop attacking this evil pig and one day I'll find it and make it wish it were never hatched.  I will do everything I can to fuck up this evil pussy's christmas.

Nasty Tit-less Christmas Lester. Your husband Steel was the man! You couldn't serve him right. Here's a punch from me you tit-less wench from titsburgh.

I found a baby picture of Lisa:
Lisa Donnell blows Tim Orr

12-09-16 3:38pm Let's aim for a skinhead suicide by Christmas. Anthony the motherfucker is having massive psych issues again. He is very unstable. Very pissed off and hurt and confused. It would be awesome if he killed himself and especially if he took a few other skinheads and even assman Donnell with him.

This is huge: Finding the horse farm that Lisa goes to. Exactly where is it?
Also what school does the whore go to? It may be St. Francis High School.

12-08-16 10:30am. More torture. One day this evil pig will get what it deserves.

Electronic rape of my family-children by these evil pigs continues. And on the Christmas holidays, events too. One day there will be screaming and begging never witnessed before.

For now, Matthew gets added to the fun at
Also remember Lisa Donnell of

I vow the fullest revenge. These retarded tattoD self-hating ex-con chickenhawks and their retarded boss will pay beyond imagination.

I look back and muse at the outrageous stupidity of these imbeciles, like how captain queeg fucked up his money-payroll laundering front, Milend. What a total fucking idiot. This is the stupidest creature in history. Everything this idiot has ever done has backfired catastrophically. It has a 100% failure rate.

12-06-16 3:10 pm This retarded pig's tortures don't stop. Evil. Pure evil. There is no greater force of evil anywhere than Donnell. It tortures and torments and hides behind it's evil realtime brain-clone brainwave-firewall sync computer using advanced ai. In computer science we call this a 'sink'. Data is washed in-stream, in this case on a massively powerful supercomputer. This is how he severely fucks with my brain turning it against itself easily and protects himself from my attacks. I still can get some stuff through but not enough. I always have to come up with new stuff. One of the keys is just generating raw hate, anger, rage without much of a target or just raging at someone or something else - that makes it through, as opposed to attacks directly at the pig.

This evil murdering imbecilic embarrassment disgrace retarded hick rips off phrases from others who it has worked with and uses those as sound bytes to beam into my head. It is too stupid to come up with anything intelligent to say on its own. It truly is retarded. It knows nothing about the world, sciences, arts, psychology etc... nothing. It's an imbecile with access to the network. A sadistic imbecile that rapes and rips off others, a parasite. And it fits the definition of a psychopath totally.

None of this ever had to happen. Ever wonder why? That's right, one unbelievable coward had/has to keep covering up its stupidity and failures etc. Somebody had to shoot it in the head. It would have been so simple. Now look at all this, look at this website. Fools.

I like when I break through and it gets pissed and says either directly or via pre-programmed response: "I have a family". My response: "I have a woody."  or it says "I'm with my kids". I respond with a giant perverted smile and related visuals. That's how delusional this idiot is. It actually thinks there are rules or something, that I won't hesitate to kill its kids if I had the chance. It's youngest whore ended up in the ER back in late July. It expected me to feel sorry for it or something. I celebrated. I am mortally wounded with a massive underlying heart condition from repeated heart-attacks this evil pussy has given me with added sleep deprivation and other tortures and unreal stress on top of that. And much much much worse. I am completely justified in doing everything imaginable to it and its family, just as it did and does to mine. It's off the scale. It's war.

I am being sadistically brutally electronically murdered, tortured beyond suicide and insanity.

Oh, yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of the big super soldier surgery. To all milabs and other labrat ti's, never fall for their scams about teleportation etc. Lock your fucking bedroom door. Use the kind of locks that hotel rooms have. Very simple slide locks and door stops and door jams like you can find at home depot. Secure your sleeping quarters using LOW TECH. Do not rely on electronic stuff, alarms etc. You must prevent access to your person when you sleep. Screw your windows shut or board them up and lock your door using as many basic low-tech locking mechanism as you can. You can get a door jam at home depot that is a long adjustable pole with a forked yoke that goes under your doorknob. If you put a couple cinderblocks behind the back part of it on the floor it can help a lot. The main thing is the slide bolt kind of lock, or a chain lock. If good at construction, do a log-cabin type door lock with a huge steel or wooden slat that simply lays between 2 hooks and bars your door from the inside. That would be best of all. Don't ever allow them to get access to you while you sleep. Suffer through all the other stuff, but you don't want to be taken to a lab or experimented on in your room - which will happen if they can get to you. That's what they actually do but very few milabs/ti's know that. Lock your bedroom door to the max.

I found out the name of another skinhead: Matthew

12-04-16 11pm. "It's the ultimate sport."  Donnell's own men mocked him with this statement. This is what the retarded sadist torturer told them apparently way back when. He told them that being an electronic torturer rapist is 'the ultimate sport'.  When things started unraveling badly at the end they mocked him on this. It was great. I forgot about that. I love rubbing this retarded murderer's face in his failures.

More tortures coming as usual. Staggering along. Another night in my 'home'. home sweet hell. Left side of my brain is totally computerized.

12-03-16 6:48 am. I won't last long. I burn with rage every second that Donnell is on. Computer is blocking, filtering my attacks now at probably close to 100%. I need to find new ways to hurt it. I attack this evil pig every second. I never acquiesce to the computer, never. I'm super cognizant of what's happening. Revenge is going to be glorious when it comes. I'm going straight for its little cocksuckers. They're number one. Right in front of it. First thing. Red Army meets Berlin 1945. Get it?

Dirty for dirty.

If you only knew what this single imbecile did to all of you.

5 a.m. More wicked nightmare tortures, being driven out of my house again.  Another weekend. Kill it or its 2 little cocksuckers and it all stops.

11:16 p.m. heavy mental torture, very heavy attacks as soon as Donnell came on about 9:45. It will be on most of night now so skinheads can go out partying to medicate their damaged minds. I hate the matrix, this evil evil computerized hell, the evil pigs who are murdering me with their computers, who computerized my brain. This is what it all comes down to: computers. This is the most evil crime in all of history. Computers=evil. "technnology is neutral" = bullshit.

Donnell told me about 30 minutes ago he was going to 'beat off' and I guess it's true. He turned down the volume and intensity and dropped back to a more passive mode. I know all the various settings and configurations. He was with his 2 little cocksuckers when he was intensely torturing me, then he went into his gamer room (safe room) and toned it down - this was when he was jacking off (like he said).  It's easier for the handler to 'be me' when they are in their special room.

The world would be such a better place if somebody killed Donnell. Isn't enough enough?

12-01-16  eric 'rosie' Donnell will be up around 2am to start his day (on friday). He was up at 2am today. He will go for a jog first thing. All I need is his address. I am now almost positive he live on a horse farm type property, a house on acreage. He'd be easy to kill.

11-30-16 Existence in a mental straight-jacket non-stop. Like being under water for 5 years, never being allowed up, claustrophobic and trapped in an elevator. Horrific lucid nightmares virtually every night, multiple times a night. Beneath the computerized zombie override is severe mental and physical shock, PTSD, heart conditions, weakness, massive depression, anxiety, mental collapse. That's the irony of it. Nobody lives through this. I wouldn't wish what they've done to me on anybody.

11-28-16 Only 2 or so hours sleep last night, I have gotten some relief hitting the road, just taking off at night, but not last night. It's just plain murder. What was my house is a haunted torture chamber that's almost unbearable to stay in now. But it's generally a huge mistake for TI's to relocate. I stay here until I drop. I try to sleep when I can.

The monsters won't stop. Blessings to all other TI's.

If Donnell and his helpers were dead, I wouldn't be driven out of my house at all odd hours of the night to hotels and driving around with my mind and body being tortured worse than any other TI I know of. It's unreal. It's as bad as it ever was and getting worse. It's unreal. As soon as I start to fall asleep they inject sick images into my mind or do 'gravity drops' or 'hard breaks'.  No way out. Nobody will kill these evil idiots. Evil wins. Kill him and it's over.


11-27-16 More nightmares, staggering along. Sleep deprivation. Intense insanity. What this idiot has created is one mass intense panic attack for everyone who it has come in contact with. It's more than torture, it's intense insanity. This is the stupidest, most evil, paranoid creature that ever existed. I fantasize about a bullet going through its head. I need its address.

11-24-16 Another day in hell. Donnell off most of day but on now. Tortures this morning and they'll start again, although torment all day long with hissing demonic skinheads. Every second for 5 years, non stop loud shrill hissing. The system makes the agents 'talk' to you. This is for a number of reasons probably but the main one is to drive you mad. These imbeciles think this is legitimate communication when they use their slimy computerized voice, pounding it into the head. It's actually assault, rape. But these morons think it's great and get pissed when the target lashes out in reaction. I think Donnell stayed in town. A psychopath who has wrecked many lives, leaving wounded, grieving familys in misery at thanksgiving. The swine will go to bed tonight with a sick smile on its face.

11-23-16 Torture throughout the day and it will be another night of torture and sleep deprivation. No real dreams - at all - not one - in 5 years. Under this type of RNM you cannot dream. Instead they give you synthetic nightmares. I have this evil pig's demonic hissing voice echoing through my head and body for hours. There's nowhere to run, there's no defense. I need this pig's address. That's when it ends. I snatched up some domain names for katy. They'll be put to use soon.

A great technique I have for this monster - all 6 of them actually - is to not think, not analyze or talk back to them. Instead my policy is that everytime I hear their evil perverted voice (which is constantly) I get violent and mentally beat their heads in with an escrima stick, or beat a couch or pillow etc pretending it's their heads. It helps. This stops the mkultra brainwashing and sets the proper perspective - tunes me into reality - reconnects me with my 'self' on a deep level. That's crucial for mind control victims. Never buy in, never bargain with them.

11-22-16 'You know what you are.' Ministry, the band, must have wrote that song for these monsters, especially considering recent events. The evil 6 will pay for their crimes. I try to keep myself aware of the fact that beneath the heavy computerized over-ride I am in deep shock.  Non-stop hardcore trauma for 5 years straight and no end in sight other than death.

Retarded Donnell just did more soul-rape torture, messing with my kid more. It did this b/c it thinks I will stop mentally raping its ugly little whores and inflicting other tortures on it. Nothing is further from the truth. I do this in retaliation. Donnell is a sick rapist who cannot stop torturing - ever. I live for revenge and inflict as much damage as I can every single second. dirty for dirty. I never stop or let up. never.

It lives very close to birmingham hwy. It may be close to hwy 20. I need its address.

Donnell's butcher bill has gone much higher recently, more casualties, but that's another story.

11-21-16 Slimy skinheads are back now from their xgiving. They give a lot more firewall cover for captain queeg. Queeg has to resort to other configurations when it's just himself on shift. Queeg will probably be out for at least xgiving day while they cover for it. Torture is at it's worst when skinheads are on shift with queeg, firewalling for it. Many more ways to mentally rape my brain when there are more resources mapped to me. I know all their stupid setups and games, all their psychology. It's senseless at this point. There's nothing new, no shock element to it after 5 years. I'm just being butchered, murdered. December 5, 2011 is the anniversary of the super solidier surgery. Before then my head was was not constantly ringing and hissing. I was not in a force field. It's hard to actually remember, to even imagine what it's like to be free, to be organic, to be non-computerized. I'm being murdered.

11-20-16 More tortures this morning, same creepy nightmares. These nightmare templates usually create  macabre hellish scenarios where you are trapped in impossible ways to get out of, cyclical so you find yourself with the added terror of being trapped in the situation forever, in an endless loop, going mad. This is how wicked these nightmares are. They often dig back into you chidlhood rmemory to identify childhood friends or enemies and then use them as wicked characters in the nightmares. So in this way they trash your most precious memories. They can use relatives as well, including the dead, and turn them into evil characters. There is no crime known to man more evil than this. None. Not the most heinous murders, rapes, beatings etc... nothing. Nobody in a prison anywhere on this planet has done anything even close to what this monster Donnell does to me every night. Nobody. Donnell and his helpers, past and present, are the most evil, vile, archon monsters in all of history. There are deep ramifications for what they've done to me. All of it underwritten by the U.S. military. Evil.

katy katy katy katy katy katy katy katy katy katy katy little baby seal katy. lisa lisa lisa big seal lisa.

11-19-16 New info, needs verified, but likely accurate. Donnell's youngest whore's name is Katy. Also a favorite restaurant may be a pizza restaurant off Birmingham Hwy and Hwy 20 next to Publix, and his house may be very close to there off Birmingham Hwy. I need his address. He dies, then I live.

It will have its chicken-whore-skinheads covering for it on xgiving. I will take advantage of it and do everything I can to hose it's holiday.

11-18-16 12:50 a.m. this is the second straight night of total sleep deprivation. They've made my whole body vibrate the past 2 days making it impossible to sleep. They gave me multiple heart attacks and strokes last summer and those conditions are still there beneath the heavy computerized bio-override force field I'm in all the time. It's just this tiny team of imbeciles with their torture-to-death TI program. How do I keep going? Hell if I know. One day blurs to the next. I do tons of vitamins, wheatgrass and stay vegetarian, and walk when I can, and fantasize about revenge. My only purpose is revenge. Friday night Donnell (assman) is on shift so the loser tattoD self-hating berated street-chicken-whore skinheads can go out drinking and drugging, which means a third night of total sleep deprivation. Assman will be on soon now. The endgame is murder, obviously. Donnell just is one of these types that's so delusional it doesn't think of what it's doing as murder. It thinks if it doesn't pull the trigger and just kill me outright then when I finally drop it won't be its fault. That's all. Simple as that. Like every other TI on this kind of system I have a very short "life." To my knowledge 4-5 years is the longest most TI's under this particular system "live."  I'm at 5 full years right now.

Enjoy your 'let's slowly torture a starseed to death show' you sick, gore-loving audience. Donnell took you all to hell, you just don't know it.

4:58 am. I got to be half-way asleep for about 30 minutes. The other thing Donnell has done by way of torture and this blog is provoked the military into possibly killing me. They are indeed stupid enough to think this is actually my fault, and I have to keep my mouth shut which I gladly do. They're fucked. I relish watching things play out as long as I'm still 'alive'.

11-17-16  2:30 a.m Donnell is out jogging believe it or not. His skinhead helper ditched him! I love it. This evil pig is out running somewhere in an upscale estate neighborhood close by. The evil pig is going to bed around 6 pm. I always express time in a.m and p.m. to disassociate myself from military by the way. Speaking of the word 'bed'.... 'bed' is a torture codeword Donnell uses now since that is where all the worst torture occurrs. How would you like that? A bed isn't a place you sleep it's a place where you get your soul and mind and body tortured. One day I will get access to Donnell's family. When I do it will wish it was never born. I certainly will do stuff to its two little whores right in front of it.

Yep, this evil pig is jogging somewhere close by. I wish I knew if it still lived in 'the manor' subdivision. I am almost positive it used to at least.

When the skinhead left I was able to verbally blast the evil pussy with barages of sexual slams using 'Lisa' - and it was practically defenseless b/c it didn't have the go-between synchronization relay available. I beat the fuck out of him - for a while. Another trick is to scream 'shut up' like you're really pissed, in a vicious way. It rings loudly in his ears if the communication is going straight to his brain. I relish every successful attack.  

I verbally banged the fuck out his little whore - and he couldn't stop it for about 10 minutes.

What's great is that this imbecile has given itself severe attention deficit disorder for lack of a better term. It has a poor short term memory, a poor memory in general. That's what happens when your whole slimy life is spent in a virtual reality, parasiting off others like vr rides in an arcade. The pig gets addicted to thrills, always wanting a positive experience. The ability to think in general has to be diminished. Donnell is just a consumer, like the fat gorged tick-like pig in Gamer. I can never underscore enough how STUPID Donnell truly is. Adding even more damage, this idiot uses my brain to think for it, to analyze, factor, strategize. That's especially sad since I have very little brain function left.  Even my writing skills have declined. I don't have a spellchecker available and my chickenscratch that I spew in the middle of the night when I'm being tortured... whatever. When this pig dies it's fucked, they're all damned. That counts, but not enough.

Remember - Donnell goes to bed around 6pm and goes jogging first thing when it gets up.

Praise to anyone who kills Donnell.

4:42pm. Hair color of Donnell's oldest whore, Lisa, is black. The idiot showed me snapshots of her a few days ago. Youngest whore has black hair too. Thoughtful of it to share like that. I also got it to tell me how much money it has. $4 million. Probably true. With the level of power it has, being able to remote control anybody, it should be a hell of a lot more than that. It is officially illegal per military code to use the network like this - that's another thing some of the handlers told me early on. They take an oath before they are shown this technology that they will only use it for 'good' and not abuse it. Laughter. Nothing is further from the truth. That's why there is such a rampant culture of coverup. Old saying, "there's honor among theives." 

Donnell is eating dinner know in his evil ritzy home with his zombied wife, 2 little cocksuckers and his ugly dog. It will be going to bed in the next hour or so, so that it can be up around 2 am to go jogging and start its day of torture again.

Oh yeah, this loser wears a three piece suit all day as it conducts its tortures. It also likes to wear sunglasses when it is out. What kind? The loser kind that a cop from the 70's would wear, mirror sunglasses. Maybe it will change styles now that I published this. This imbecile actually wears a fucking suit all day long - for it's 'work'. 

11-16-16 check out

11-15-16 Endless mental rape, synthetic nightmares. Donnell really gets off on dead american soldier vids, images. Forced to download even more and he's laughing and breathing his perverted evil voice throughout my body as he relishes the soldiers getting killed. It's all grisly. Sickness. Unstoppable, untouchable. Donnell may well be the most powerful being on the planet. I hate to say it but it's true. He hasn't gotten and won't get a scratch on him. All because of his 5 desperate bald-headed unemployable helpers - essentially body guards and personal slaves in his little milab cult. Without them he's toast. That won't happen though. Nothing will change. There is zero value in my life, actually worse than that. I'd have been better off dead a trillion times over. Just waiting to drop dead actually. There is no hope. I keep going on the false hope of revenge. It won't happen. Evil wins.

How would you find Donnell? He doesn't go by his real name and special ops obfuscates the hell out of his identity. He uses aliases. However, searching for his oldest whore by her name 'elizabeth Donnell' might work. Luck and success don't happen for TI's though. I'm fucked but I remain open to anything.

I will be tortured into posting more grisly vids. Evil wins.

Check out

Later, evil world. Time to go try to sleep for an hour and half and be tortured off and on all night.

3:37 am

11-13-16 More massive torture is coming until I die one way or another, until I do something that gets me killed. That's the goal. I visualize dead navy kneels from the videos and images Donnell makes me download as therapy. The torture is going to worsen. I'm defenseless. All I need is Donnell's address but I won't get it.

11-12-16 oh yeah, I remember from a few years ago when most of the team wanted me out but this evil idiot resisted and refused to let me go when he had the chance. They hated his guts. They showed me images and little movies of him. They showed/told me he has severe acne on his back. How would you like to do brazilian jiu jitsu with a partner like that?

For the life of me I can't understand why someone can't shoot this gross, unthinkable, repulsive, ugly pig. I can't understand it. This slimy pig goes around raping women constantly. The thought of this slimy zit-backed, hairy loser on innocent knocked-out women is too sickening to handle. When is someone going to something that makes sense and kill this creature? How much can the world take?

Do you know how much better the world would be if it was dead? Donnell's world is closing in around him thanks to this site and his idiocy. Bring him to me. I'll shoot him. I'll put 100 rounds through him.

There's so much intel on this evil imbecile on this website now. The only thing that's missing is his address.

I fantasize about waking up one morning and the targeting is turned off. Donnell's evil repulsive greasy voice and essence is gone! It's not around anymore. Someone got it. That's what I need.

11-11-16 More sick nightmares of raping my kid. I LIVE FOR REVENGE.

Donnell still takes brazilian jiu jitsu classes in the area. He may still go to "ascension mma" - i hate to use the word ascension in context with this evil chimp but ironically that's the name of the gym. If I go to a gym like that or j3 academy etc he simply will leave or not go there - since he knows exactly where I'm at every second.

He may have lived in a subdivision called "THE MANOR". It's possible he still does. I NEED TO KNOW. I NEED TO FIND THIS EVIL RETARDED PUSSY FAST.

Happy Veteran's Day by the way, world. I'm getting tortured beyond insanity and suicide by the US military. Nobody does a fucking thing except laugh - except for other TI's. Blessings to them. The rest of you (complicit infrastructure) are going to get what you deserve. You're retarded and you're defenseless. You're so fucking stupid. They warn you constantly. They were practically jumping up and down screaming at you, telling you what they are doing and you still don't get it. It's in your face almost every minute.

I'm navy seal captain eric Donnell. I dug a huge hole and filled it 1/3 full of shit, tied a cinderblock around my foot and handcuffed myself then jumped into the hole! That's what I did with the outrageous amount of power I had. Now for my brilliance, watch as I try to fake everybody out and cover up my situation! I'll torture a defenseless superstar-touted milab this way to make him do x, then that way to make him do y. I'll tell lie after insane lie digging myself deeper into an impossible web of lies all to cover up the fact of what an incompetent imbecile I am, and obfuscate what I've done. Everyone who's had to work under me now has mental damage. Aren't I a genius? It's all covered up by the rest of the guilty party and our tight-knit little community. I'm a retarded luciferian white supremacist pennsylvania hick who makes the ideal patsy for lucifer. There literally is not one single other human on the planet as stupid as me - and by extension, evil as me. Nobody - NOBODY - would have done and do what I did. Nobody. I play everybody. Scam against scam against scam on top of scam on top of scam. I scam like a fish swims. It's a pathology that's never been seen before. I lie for the hell of it. I'm a soul-less, untalented, unskilled imbecile who steals and rapes and desecrates. Tearing down things greater than me makes me feel big. I'm like george bush jr, a guy would have been adjudicated mentally defective if not for his family name and money, a mental invalid who ended up being president. Exact same story except I'm way more powerful than a president.

I nicknamed navy seal captain eric Donnell's wife "wide-ride".  I stopped my attacks on her since he hates her and actually enjoyed it. I believe she has a tattoo on her lower back but am not sure. I called her 'tramp stamp' too. It actually took offense to that. This woman is a total victim as well, under total constant "new-one" type mind-control. A literal Stepford Wife. She's over the hill, out of shape, has a mustache and isn't fuckable (I sound like trump I know). I exempt her from my revenge I will reap. I am going after the rest of its family. That's all I can say. DIRTY FOR DIRTY. I'll do everything. Not an eye for an eye but two eyes for an eye.


The one good thing about this is that navy seal captain eric Donnell is repsonsible for carnage in the brainless military. Since this entire structure supports and covers for Donnell then ... if the entire structure goes down then he conceivably goes down, and I'm free - for a little bit, unless the entire grid goes down in which case I'm totally free.

To this very day this retarded pennsylvania hick thinks I can control my thoughts. Like the cowardly pussy it is it tortures the fuck out of me in my sleep. A defenseless being in bed being horiffically tortured beyond comprehension, and worse when one of my rage-filled thoughts of revenge breaks through to it. I WILL NEVER STOP ATTACKING THIS EVIL PIECE OF SHIT. NEVER. I ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. I NEVER STOP. I'LL RAPE HIS UGLY EVIL LITTLE SEAL PIGLETS IN MY MIND EVERY FUCKING SECOND AND ONE DAY I'LL FUCK THEM BOTH RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM WHILE HE WATCHES. I DON'T CARE IF THE YOUNGEST ONE IS ONLY 4. I DON'T CARE IF SHE'S 4 DAYS OLD. I WILL NEVER STOP ATTACKING THIS EVIL PIG EVERY WAY I POSSIBLY CAN EVERY SINGLE SECOND. I WILL THINK ANYTHING I WANT, ANY TIME. ANYTHING. I WILL CELEBRATE ALL ATTACKS ON WHITE MILITARY AND POLICE. IT'S AWESOME!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!



11-09-16 I don't know who won the election and I don't care. I'm being tortured nonstop by this psychopath, beyond the point of insanity and suicide. Sleep deprivation, constant chatter, torment, mental rape, visual and verbal sexual assaults on my kid. Non-stop. Just waiting till the day I finally drop. Defenseless. Murdered in the most horrific way possible like everyone else. I'm dying of thirst only inches from the well. All I need is Donnell's address. It is within a few miles of me. Oh, it's 5 skinhead helpers are doing coke and weed now, they're fucked up bad. They have to medicate. This imbecile calls them whores which is true. I simply feed back to them everything this retard says about them. It pays them on a deposit basis, they don't get fully paid until they've done exactly what it has told them to do. And in a really worse case it could get them sent back to prison. What a bunch of losers.


If just one of the skinheads died I'd be free at least huge chunks of the day. They'd all flee. Donnell can't bring anyone else in. I visualize, fantasize about this. Just one of these losers disappears and he's fucked.

10-26-16 Nonstop mentacide, constant TI torture. A slow macabre agonizing death with zero desire to exist anymore other than the laughable possibility of revenge one day. I have this evil retarded rapist pigs voice and brain waves echoing throughout my entire body over half the day and it lives close by yet I can't stop it and the entire world turns its back and laughs. One day the entire world will be on its knees.  I think the monster's last name may be Donnell, not Connell. Need more verification. Without its 5 retarded skinhead whores its powerless.

10-1-16 Worst nightmares ever this morning and long ones where I was kept in a state of semi-consciousness. "Now you go!" "Now they're all faked out!"

9-29-16 another night of torture and sleep deprivation for "the show".

9-22-16  Its recordings are total bullshit. Insanity. Insanity. Insanity. This retard's non-stop recordings are total bullshit.

9-19-16 Tortures continue worse than ever. No relief unless I think about assmans stupid kids etc.  I'm a wide open, defenseless torture victim with the perps very close by yet no way to counter them. It ends when I'm dead or they're dead, and that means me dead.

By the way, it's true, Anthony's mom does give good head. All kinds of things come out in trauma bonding under a moron who mentally destroys his own men. One of few silver linings in all of this is being able to exploit the stupidity of these clowns and interrogate their brains.

Barely hanging on, mental and soul rape every day and night. They will pay in the end.

9-16-16 the only time the torture lets up now is when I think bad things about Donnell's kids. Why? Because he records it. He tortures me into thoughts, ideations etc that he wants to record, and then lets off the torture.

9-15-16 torture going on to make recordings. they will be going on all night, sleep deprivation almost guaranteed. Everyone who's ever had the misfortune of working with this evil incompetent idiot knows what a colossal fuckup he is. All this idiot knows how to do is torture and make recordings, over and over and over, that's all this imbecile does. It is literally a mental invalid. It is only capable of doing this one trick. It's a one trick idiot whore.

Of course, more torture, sleep deprivation.

9-8-16 more tortures involving kid. I want revenge.

9-7-16 I think his youngest whore's name may be Gina. Not sure but may be. No end to mental torture. Unimaginable, unreal cruelty and evil, toture. If I think about my dead pet who it killed they do sick cruel stuff to me, forcing involuntary stuff. It records bullshit nonstop. It's a sick sick sick idiot.

More tortures now but from a skinhead loser. I'd love for one of these loser ex-con imbeciles to get wacked. How beautiful, a dead baldheaded coward idot. There are only 5 of these idiots and they live together I think. One of them has relatives in Northwest Florida around Destin. I fantasize about their bald heads being spit open by a hollowpoint. Death to these evil pussies. One or more of them may now be taking Kali like me, they rip me off in every way. It would be easy to kill them. If just one of them got killed the rest would piss their pants and run. Their retarded leader assman is asleep and they now just repeat talking points, scripts, like the tools they are. It would be so easy and fun to kill one. I know the names of 2 of them. Tom and Anthony. Kill one.

Anthony's mom gives great head. Ask him.

Back when this evil pig and it's team of seal idiots started the hardcore mkultra torture program I was astonished at something. I kept telling myself 'nobody's this stupid, are they?' There has to be some kind of conclusion, something about this that makes sense... why would you tell someone they're an asset and at the same time torture them horrifically, severely, causing severe trauma and damage. NOT HAZING, hardcore torture. I kept telling myself this isn't real. Nobody is this stupid. It's the same today. The exact same idiot is still here doing the exact same tortures only WORSE. The question keeps echoing "how can anybody be this stupid?" The 5 retarded skinheads are terrified of assman yet this evil little cult family is all they know so they take the humilitation and mental damage assman Donnell dishes out to them. They are total mental wrecks, walking on eggshells constantly. They practically tremble when they talk to me, like a whisper with a tremble. "Don't make him mad. Don't 'take him on'" they whisper into my brain, quivering. They communicate total sympathy, empathy. It's like we are kidnap victims of an evil sick rapist monster like the guy in silence of the lambs and they're his little helpers.

I knew I was really fucked early on when the original military team would keep giving me subliminal-type suggestions and instructions using negative verbs like "don't". I told these retards the subconscious doesn't accept negatives. If you tell yourself "Don't eat so much" or "I don't need alcohol and cigarettes" the subconscious never reads the "don't".  You are actually telling yourself to eat a lot  and smoke and drink.That's how uneducated these retards are. Yet they have access to the network. How the fuck can that be? Isn't there a general IQ test that agents should pass? These people are the stupidest creatures that ever existed. The only role they should have in the military is digging latrines and cleaning toilets. You wouldn't hire these idiots to cut your grass. And I'm being murdered, in final stages, by the dumbest of them all, assman Donnell.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been forced to learn synthetic telepathy, syntel as I call it, meaning you know how to speak internally out the back of your head, you can seriously screw with the terrorists talking to you, mapped into your brain. Remember you are actually exchanging brain waves - a form of evil electronic mind rape. You know the brain is split in two, and the system is highly binary. The transceiver you have in your head is on the left side of your brain. Most of the chatter coming in will be on the left side.  When you talk to them refer to 'them' as '*you* suck and your're stupid' etc going out the left back side of your brain. On the right side of your brain impersonate them by saying " I suck and I'm stupid".   Statements coming from the left side as 'YOU...' are read by them correctly, in other words, it's the same as telling them to their face physically 'You are a fuckhead'.  And best of all, impersonating them on the right side forces the statement "I am a fuckhead" to play directly into their brain - in other words, the same as them being forced to say "I am a fuckhead".  Again, directing your words on your left side say "You are a loser" and on the right side say "I am a loser".  Use a soft antonym when doing left side communication to force the system to read your statement. Anything cryptic HAS to be cracked and read, ex: "You are a 'winner'" where the word 'winner' is weak.  However, I recommend you never learn to communicate with synthetic telepathy, resist it, it's evil. The brain was not meant to multiplex like this. Ditch the IOT machine world. But if you are already in this boat then you can use this. I am the only TI I know of that can communicate with this. I am the worst torture victim I know of (not apples to apples) but in the category of mental and soul rape I am the worst. 

Yep, monstrous nightmares this morning with lingering soul-rape residue effects, and constant mental rape all day long.

All of this is because of 1 mentally ill idiot pussy who should have never been allowed around a box of crayons let alone computers. It actually thinks it's intelligent and successful. Oh well. This is what happens when the absolute stupidest flunky goon imbeciles are given top clearance and access to somethig they shouldn't even know about, and naturally they cover for each other like no tomorrow because they have to.

8-29-16 6am more tortures, sleep deprivation. no end. I have this evil pervert rapist torturer imbecile breathing electronically through me all night. no end. All this mentally ill pig knows how to do is repeat the same stuff over and over like the sadistic retard it is. no end. It murdered a pet recently and now when I even try to think of my pet this evil pig has the system automatically say 'I took that thing out'. I can't even have a memory. I live for total revenge. I want the fullest revenge. I fantasize about having access to it's ugly torture-companion dog that sits by it when it's on it's torture couch in its basement torturing me, like right now, and access to it's two ugly daughters. there is no end. everyone know this idiot's tactics. it's the laughing stock of the intelligence community. it's a retarded evil idiot. no end.

8-28-16 I'm being murdered by this evil idiot whose own little helpers hate his guts and know what a sick lying pig he is. It lives to torture. That's it's purpose. And rape. It loves inflicting pain on the defenseless. In a real physical confrontation against any able-bodied man you'd see this navy kneel lying on the ground in a fetal position with a large wet spot on its leg, quivering. It loves games and like a scorpion will always sting the fool who last touches, trusts it. It's mentally sick.

5am a massive evil nightmare. that's this evil torturing pig's specialty, horrific lucid nightmares.
I think it's last name may be Donnell'. I need it's address.  up most of night being tortured by this evil retarded pig. it is retarded and sick and evil. all it knows is torture, like a bully, it only knows 1 stupid trick. it has access to the network, that's it's claim to fame. it's a moron with access to the network. look what it did to it's project and own group, and with the immense power it had. it's retarded, totally retarded.

8-24-16 more sick nightmares, and involving my kid and sex. eric has probably gone through half the NSA nightmare template catalog. Nightmares every night for about 5 years now. I need its address. I need it's real full last name and address. I get to it by thinking about it's daughter and make jokes and images of her mustache. I am being killed. I need this evil idiot's address now.

When the nightmare man is DEAD then this site comes down but only then. It will only stop when it's dead.

8-21-16  this mentally ill retard won't stop torturing me.

8-19-18 More nightmares, tortures.
Assman (eric) screams at the skinheads. "You're out, I want him out, now!", it screams whenever one of them communicates a thought or anything it doesn't like. Even the slightest thing. The system is programmed to perfectly detect anything that the subject is trying to hide or that's
'wrong'.  It used to 'fire' them but then it had to hire them back b/c there was nobody else to help. This isn't psyops, it's true. I hear the background stuff in detail, let alone foreground stuff and know my murderers inside out. These 5 skinhead losers have massive mental trauma. At one time it had access to numerous inmate resources, using them on a temporary basis. It only has these 5 idiots now and none of them have ever had more than a few days off at a time.  They  have massive psychological damage. What a job. I inflict as much damage on these pigs as I can.

8-18-16 Same nightmares, tortures. I need its address. This evil pig will burn in hell. I would have been better off dead a trillion times over. It will burn..
I need it's address.

eric says Elizabeth has a mustache but that she isn't ugly.

I will always remember the air command handlers who told me to keep thinking about his rapes. He couldn't take it. He broke into the communications a number of times to try and cut them off. "My name is shit, I can't hold my head up when I walk around here now" he would say. They also showed me what he looks like. He's tall with dark hair and beard and wears suits all the time. They showed me an image of him in a control room one time. I have all those images retained. I relish those memories of the cleaner, better class of handlers - telling me how to fuck with him, how to get rid of him. It didn't get rid of him (it) but it did harm him a lot and trash his reputation even more. He's hated by a lot of people. He has to have a string of very pissed off, vengeful people behind him in the wreckage he's created. eric begged me often to stop thinking about him as the rapist he is. I will always remember that.

What kind of moron uses a TI as an open chat line, an open server, after showing them tons of self-damaging stuff... a huge moron.

navy seal captain eric, the colossal rapist, sadistic torturing idiot who unfortunately has power that only a tiny handful of people on the planet have.

It has 2 ugly, stupid daughters, a dog and a wife who is a literal 'stepford wife' meaning she's under total remote control all the time. It lives in a large house, probably on acreage, in Milton, GA, and rapes lots of local women who will never even know. And much much much more.

It rides a motorcycle and it would be unfortunate if an accident occurred.

navy seal captain eric the rapist and dumbest individual to ever enter the military.

12:25pm this idiot told me the truth after torturing me that it has to go to a picnic now, to rub it in. This will be at the private school his daughter(s) go to.

I'm fantasizing about its whore daughter(s) being strangled at their picnic.

Hey, why all these posts? Well let's see... how about the horrific lucid nightmare this morning of my dead grandmother being defiled? How about the fact that this monstrous pig murdered a pet recently then interjected it's sick voice and perverted essence throughout my whole body everytime I started to grieve? How about when I even think about my pet that it says 'ha ha I took that thing out' in my head. When it's not on shift it has the cowardly skinheads do it. It forces them to. It thinks they are the stupidest creatures and treats them like complete retards. It audits every single second of their shifts. It forces them to programmatically (overrides) them somehow via the computer to make them only say scripts, talking points, over and over. It has zero trust in them and treats/uses them just like robots. Talk about trading your pride for a paycheck.

What are these 5 loser skinheads like? Jackyls. They are total cowards. I call them quivering rabbits. They are total pussies mentally and otherwise. They have severe PTSD and related mental problems now. Severe "impulse" problems - which technically means mental illness/damage. I've mentioned this before at length. Anthony can only stay on now for a short period of time before he starts to crack. They are extremely weak to  begin with. Now they are actually a type of TI themselves, they are irrepairably damaged. They break down and switch control back to eric whenever I think of them in certain ways - like the consequences that are coming to them. They start uttering code words like 'heavy' then switch to eric. I've recently started mentally beating them with my escrima stick - and visualizing the skulls cracking and blood flowing out of their bald heads. That flips them out as well and they switch me to the imbecilic monster. 

eric destroyed everyone on his team. They are all trashed.

I managed to interrupt his time with his stupid ugly whore daughters at their picnic. I take any victory I can get.

The best thing is just thinking about the incredible damage, about the reality of this idiot, it's track record, that gets to it the most. It can't take that.

3:12 a.m..  anal-scat-obsessed rapist pervert navy seal capt eric showed up, woke me up with voice. He's close by in his basement in his secure hitler room with his ugly dog next to him on his couch and his torture software. As soon as I heard his synthesized voice I started slam things with my escrima stick visulaizing that I was beating it's ugly daughters' heads in. I can expect to be sleep deprived rest of night and tortured. I vow everything it does and has done to me will be inflicted the same on its ugly offspring. It's repsonsible for a massive butcher bill including chattanooga.

One of the things eric likes to do with its dog next to it in it's "gamer" room is jack off while plugged into other human victims it's mapped into. See the movie 'Gamer' for reference.

This retarded pennsylvania hick doesn't like the thoughts I have after he tortures me so he tortures me more for my reactions. That's how ignorant this retarded hick is. It has done this every day and night for the past 5 years. I'm overjoyed at the casualties in the military that this traitor has caused. They got/get what they deserve for their stupidity and corruption, blind order-following.

8-16-16 Same tortures by this evil pig. Heart is in bad shape. MURDER.
Shocks to testicles. Hard mental re-wiring of brain, forcing thoughts to left side and forced facial expressions and laughter, coughing. Sleep deprivation. I will be dead soon. Only when Donnell is on though. It's only Donnell, never the skins and rarely was them, they usually disobeyed and took it easy. Donnell is the murderer, sadist. All the worst, evil tortures over the past 5 years done by Donnell itself. Evil, torture is all it knows. 

I am basically logging my murder. That's what this site always was but especially so now. Nonstop sleep deprivation. There's no way to survive this. Donnell's slow brutal agonizing mentaciding murder. I will be publishing as much as I can about its perversions, it's sick sexual stuff, rapes, everything I can think of. It's the least I can do. As soon as I hear this retarded hick's voice in the transceiver in my head I know I'm fucked, torture is starting. "I'm taking it easy on you now... then slowly it ramps up the dialog and testicle shocks, and mental head-splitting, etc.... then sleep deprivation. No power in existence can get this pig off me, can stop it from killing me. It's a hardcore rapist, and I'm the greatest thing there is to rape and it can't stop.

Oh, Elizabeth has a mustache. How do I know? After years I've gotten good at querying the AI system, meaning the torturer's brains, and with only a few 'handlers' I know them all well. I am usually accurate. Yep, she's got one. Sleep is almost impossible unless a skin is on. Dead soon.

Kept in highly vibrating state now, like on speed, at 5:30am. Now images of my kid.

More sick images of macabre stuff, evil, and of course non-stop dialog.

He loves Adolph Hitler, time travel.

7am Another night, no sleep, nonstop torture in every form. it's constantly telling me to 'take him on'.
I make it pay, but I can't survive. Someone had to put a bullet through this sadistic rapist torturer murderer's head. I begged but nobody would do it.
Everyone who's ever dealt with this imbecile will be sorry they didn't kill it. That's a promise.

How did things go 2 nights ago when it wasn't on? That's right!!! How did things go last night when it was on? That's right!!!

Apparently the skinheads did get some extra money. Sounds like it's a lot relatively, but I have no idea how much.

I love that the whole intelligence community reads what a moron this clown is. I love trashing it.

Torture hasn't stopped all day and sleep deprived and it will sleep deprive and torture me tonight too. It won't stop now until I'm dead. I can't even nap during the day.

9:02pm he will use lots of staged AI recordings to cover his ass.

I'm being tortured to death and I'm defenseless. One of the only ways to hit back is to do stufff like get out my glock and pretend I'm shooting him and his stupid ugly kids and his retarded 5 skinhead helpers. It makes me feel better. I'm tortured into it.

8-14-16 Same mental tortures. I have massive mental damage beneath the surface, same with physical damage. It's an irony that the same technology is used as an electronic override of my system to sustain me, keep me patched up in a way. Just the madness that this evil pig who's destroyed every aspect of my life, is breathing itself electronically into my entire body with constant taunting chatter into the brain, usually the left side, non-stop. I've had these demonic imbeciles speaking into my brain nonstop literally every second since December 2011. I'm being murdered. As another TI said, "it's a slow agonizing death."  Visualizing extreme violence and actually smashing stuff with my escrima stick and fists etc - pretending it's this evil roach's face etc - helps. I need this demonic rodent's address, more info.

8-11-16 Heart attack symptoms continuing every single time they let up on the zombie computerized-bio-override and let me feel how I actually am a little bit. Every time.

8-10-16 While I tried to grieve a loss lately this evil murdering pig - who caused the death - would totally control the left side of my brain and inject a sick evil laugh into my voice as soon as I made any sound. Can you imagine being in grief and having your emotions and brain controlled and made to have the perp's voice when you talk? That's how sick this monster is. When it dies it's going somewhere special with the rest of them, a place called hell. I visualize killing its 2 kids and its beloved dog with an escrima stick, beating them to death, then spearing an AK-74 (more blunt and nasty than regular AKM style) bayonet through their necks to telephone poles. A live tree is too good, it must be something dead like a telephone pole. I also visualize kicking its two stupid daughters to death. Every torture this evil pig(s) did to me and my family they get back a quadrillion plus-fold. I fuck it up by constantly posting here. This forces it to take time away from it's retarded family. It admits it's kids are stupid, which is a real turn on. How couldn't they be like their retarded whore creator, defective and stupid. They were in a christian school but now they've been moved to a regular private school.

Another great fantasy is based on the countless car-accident terror nighmares it has given me. Always this evil pussy does this sittng on its couch in it's evil gamer room in its basement with its dog next to it. My fantasy is that this evil retard is in its new luxury car and it gets t-boned at an intersection then another car slams into it from the other side -- and both its whores and dog are in the car and they are mortally injured, in severe pain and trauma, until they finally die. This is actually petty compared to my ultimate fantasy of doing a home invasion like they do - except much more brutal. I would need his powers removed - he would have to be cut off from the network. 

8-9-16  Why is he trying to make me contact the military? Ok. MacDill AFB
Oh, I heard they let Rich Rogers out of the program in order to keep the coverup going. Think I'll email him and chat a bit.


Tortures continue, usual stuff. I keep posting since it's my only outlet. He won't stop, no matter what. Now continuous shocks to my testicles, mental tortures... A great movie is Gamer. You should check it out. He obviously wants me to keep posting this. Ummm ok. He's trying to get me killed. As long as I keep getting tortured by this pig I keep doing stuff.

Torture nightmares etc continue. Figured out, confirmed his oldest kid's name is Elizabeth. Anyone around Milton, GA see if you can find Elizabeth, a navy seal captain's (eric) daughter, at a private school. I think eric has tried to get her into horses (riding them) and takes her to horse farms. 

8-4-16 eric's favorite sexual fantasy is older women, grannies, doing dominance/abuse to young pretty women. Trust me, I know. That's his favorite, and it fits his sadistic personality totally. He is down in his special 'gamer' torture room with his ugly dog masturbating a lot as well as committing heinous torture. His wife and two kids have no idea what he does down there. He loves using the HE software for tandem virtual sex.  More on this monster pervert's sexual interests later....

I am being killed by this evil, sadistic, ignorant pig and his 5 bald helpers. Torture is worse than ever. Will be shooting my mouth off as I'm being killed, driven to say things I shouldn't because I'm being tortured out of my mind. Air Command higher ups in the past had to come down on him to keep him from killing me. This evil imbecile has its own fiefdom now. I have to act out to try to save my life for another day. Is also creates bogus mental conditions/states to be able to do recordings of bs of me for it's purposes.

I am republishing the books because the torture won't stop. Will do it first thing tomorrow.

It used Craig Cobb in time travel stuff.  It's mission was to use psychotronic weapons jade helm stuff against Israel and Jews worldwide, to counter Zionist NWO as potential threat/conflict with military. See above at top of page for how this unfathomable idiot psychopath actually had to go begging these same people who he was hired to fight, to pull strings to release me from Air Command -- all to cover up his incredible incompetence and barbaric butchering of me. It still won't stop. Never, until a bullet is put through its head. NEVER. TORTURING ME IS ALL IT LIVES FOR, THAT'S LITERALLY ALL IT KNOWS HOW TO DO. This entire website etc is 100% due to his unending torture. All of it. Nothing except a bullet will make it stop. Indescribable confusion and incalculable damage will to many, many people are what this idiot does. It thinks this is 'psyops'. The amazing thing is that it actually thinks it's intelligent. Only a bullet will stop it. It sits in it's 'hitler room' close by in it's basement with it's ugly dog on the couch beside it torturing me into this, constantly. The other handlers, skinheads, are very mild now, only this insane retard does this and non-stop. I am tortured worse now than ever before.

8-1-16  These idiots won't stop recording me in grief for their dog and pony show. Keep it up!!  Now it's 4am and this sadistic idiot comes and starts torturing me again making its mock fake ai recordings. Publishing this is the only way to get it to get off me. It's mentally retarded. Every single thing it has ever done backfires. It has a 100% failure rate. 100%. It is mentally retarded. That's how it ended up in this situation. Who else could go from the position it was in, into this position? Nobody.

monster idiot pig Donnell recorded me being tortured by it as I had to go through very hard grief, for display. Can you imagine losing a loved one, murdered, and the murderer is there at the funeral breathing themselves into you, tormenting you, in the hardest, most painful moments?


The skinhead handlers claim that Donnell is going to give them a million dollars. Not sure if that means each of the 5 idiot pigs gets $1m, or it's a million for them to split up. I tried to get the idiots to quit by ripping on them about how they're abused and work for peanuts. This is what led to their 'raise'. So these monster murderers get a million dollars and their morale is suddenly up. What idiots. They burn in hell.  Look what this retard Donnell did with Milend. What a moron. All it had to do was write them an anyonymous money order to pay off my pidly balance. What an idiot. He outed his whole team instead by exposing his payroll front. The only thing I know moron Donnell has ever delivered on is wreckage and catastrophe but he probably will find a way to make his personal baldheaded suckslave slimebags rich. Millionaire morons.

7-27-16 Major heart attack symptoms (not fake ones either) going on for past few days, especially past 24 hours, and sleep deprivation on top of that all night. The evil pig doesn't have it's skinheads on shift to firewall for it so I torture the evil imebecile back. All I have to do is mentally review it's 'accomplishments', review reality and it can't take it. I love hurting the evil pussy. I am being murdered in the most evil way possible.

7-23-16 Sleep deprivation continues. How would you like to have the biggest rapist in the world breathing throughout your whole skeleton all night long? The evil pig who electronically molests your kids in front of you and has been torturing, murdering you slowly. This pig doesn't have the 5 skinheads on at night, just itself. It goes to bed around 7 and is up around 2 a.m. to start the tortures. Per usual recent schedule, it will let the skinheads have most of the day off while it tortures me keeping my blood pressure sky-high, making my body vibrate, creating heart failure conditions. I now have instant heart palpitations whenever they turn the electronics down enough, briefly. The irony is in zombie-computerized mode your system is much more stable and you are stronger. The underlying damage is hidden. Like being on PCP, resistant to pain, trauma etc. I begged for someone to kill this pig.

7-22-16 Tortures-nightmares continue. Massive sleep deprivation on Wednesday night to screw me up before an important day, then nasty nightmare this morning. I pray its whole family will get killed in a car crash.

7-21-16 this evil IDIOT is torturing me into doing more stupid crazy stuff I don't want to do. It won't stop. It just won't stop.

7-20-16 More torture, sleep deprivation for hours - just for fun he says. Donnell says he doesn't really need to but he just enjoys it. Nobody else is on, skinheads are off-shift. It's just this pig and he has nobody to firewall for him so I hurt him severely. Worst tortures often happen when it's just this pig, he hides the worst stuff, lies about it, to skinheads. Torture is all it knows. I can't live much longer.

7-15 this evil pig won't stop torturing me, never. I am being killed. The only thing that will make this ignorant pig stop is a bullet in the back of his head. So I'll do anything I need to do to ease the torture and live another day, whatever forces this monster to let up a little.

You ever see the losers playing slot machines at casinos, glued to their chairs, totally addicted. Obsessive and can't stop, literally can't stop. That's how this mentally ill idiot is. It cannot stop using its gadgets, software to torture me. It just cannot stop. That's all it's done since 2011 non-stop and it is obsessed. It's SADISTIC and mentally ill and it's only method, only way to function, only technique for anything is TORTURE. It will not stop by itself. It can't.

7-14-16: A quote from another TI's blog on sleep deprivation and torture:

"Sleep is essential for life. I am convinced that these cruel tests are designed to create a pattern of sleep deprivation and distress intended to mentally cripple or kill me. Daily sleep deprivation combined with artificial stimulation of stress hormones is a dangerous combination, almost certain to induce death in its victims if continued over a long period of time. It increases the risk of diseases including stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It is a known cause of mental disorders, including depression, and schizophrenia.

There is a secondary effect that my attackers seek to exploit: The likelihood of stress induced violence. Sleep deprivation impairs our emotional control in a way similar to alcohol intoxication. As my attackers combine this effect with their daily pattern of harassment, it is clear that they want me to respond in a way that destroys my reputation and leads to incarceration or suicide or death."

He's torturing me to suicide or something that leads to it. I play images in my head of strangling his two little daughters and wife, over and over, to retailiate and it works, but doesn't stop the torture.

July 14 more sadistic tortures, sleep deprivation. I am being murdered. One sadistic imbecil and his 5 damaged skinhead helpers. They are close by but I don't know where and can't stop them.

I don't care how much they torture me tonight, and their retarded games. I'm not even listening anymore. I'm not publishing anything else tonight, I'm not running anywhere. I just lay here and suffer. I will just lay here. I know where the perps go in the end. Nothing will change that. Everything they do to me will have a huge backlash on them, they'll suffer beyond comprehension. They fry. Promise.

June 30 massive tortures by this evil pig. Sleep deprived since about 2:30am with constant torture and put into a state of electrocution with entire body vibrating intensely, being shaken violently with almost no self control. He's been telling me he's going to give me a heart attack. Every time this pig is on he tortures me. Nothing will make him stop.

June 14, "ok kids, I'm back" says assman (Donnell), as he finishes dealing with me. His North Carolina vacation is hampered by anything I do that fucks with his torture system. Imagine having your head computerized fully like his, and he has to respond to all the alerts he's set up.  I've wrecked other holidays for this evil control-freak. I hope this one ends up sucking as well. I need this pig's address. I wish I knew exactly where he was in North Carolina.  "I don't spend time with my kids anymore," says assman. Its wife says the same thing. For a while he got fat, and also drank heavily. Well I'd love to spend time with its kids. Quality, intimate time. I don't have the remote control software to make them shake their ass and lick and suck things so I'd have to just do things the old-fashioned way. It's a crazy world isn't it? Hey, it's kids are going to hell, not mine! Its living 'the life' in this fake dimension with all of its elite transhumanist toys. But.... it's a crazy world. It has lots of enemies. Things can change. Boy would I be pissed if I had to constantly keep leaving my kids to read what my torture victim is writing or doing. Your kids are ugly Donnell. I plan on enjoying them one day, with necessary bags over their ugly heads of course. Well, actually I don't do that sort of thing and they aren't worthy of my junk and seed. But I'll get someone who will. It will be extreme. just joking of course!

Unreal soul-rape nightmares, torture of my soul continues every morning by eric and the 5 evil skinhead pussy helpers. It's the worst it's ever been. I don't know how I exist, other than how they lobotomize/numb me a lot during the day but even still that's less and less. Instead massive brain/thought control, mental pain torture is inflicted during the day, and they mix soul-rape impressions in with it. If I think about how they've tortured me and what fuckups they are they intensifiy it. The overall damage is off the scale. I know for a fact that this is backfiring on the NWO and their aims, inflicting nasty damage on them. It's the underwater wave, the one you don't see, that's the most devastating. Eric and his idiot helpers are effectively fucking the NWO in a weird way by this. It's a very nasty backlash.

Thinking back to air command lietuenant 'uncle john', who turned out to be one of the better handlers towards the end of that era... he warned me that this was a cult and I had to break free of it. That's right, that's exactly what it is. Delusional cult leader eric thinks I'm actually one of them. It's incredible. It tortures the fuck out of me to the point of suicide then turns around and talks to me like I'm his friend. This evil pig is sick beyond description. I fanatasize about torturing it and its family in front of it almost every waking second. 'Uncle John' told me eric is killing me, 'just look at yourself now'. 'You're the victim of *endless* continuous trauma, mind rape.' Those were his words. He showed me how the mkultra psychology works, the techniques that Donnell uses, the black psychology. Very cool of him. He also clued me in on how to fight back, how to gross them out. This was back in Sept 2012 and onward. Did Donnell stop though? Nope. Did virtually everyone involved want out, want him to let me go? Yep. Were there actually fights over it? Yep. What would possess one 'person' to do all of this - against resistance from everyone else around him? Who did this whore go begging to on his knees for help to keep him from being court martialed, to 'get me out' to protect his reputation from total disgrace and avoid court martial after he'd dug himself into an impossible hole?

BACKLASH.  When things start going wrong, remember this.

June 13, I'm in very very bad shape despite best efforts to stay alive. Have sustained massive pounding, intense brain/mental torture with whole body pulsing, vibrating. I just got my blood pressure checked and it's sky high, heading into stroke range. My blood pressue is usally very low. My whole body has basically been vibrating from incredible frequency tortures. Why? The perps don't like my attitude about being murdered. They have to experience my pain and hatred etc. Who are they? That's the good part. It's this retarded pennsylvania hick Donnell and 5 desperate beaten down skinhead inmates. They are in horrible mental shape themselves. They are abused by this evil idiot mercilessly. These pussies whimper about their abuse and conditions they're in. How do I fight back? The most effective way is to just think of these sad clowns how they are, and think about what's going to happen to them. I think about what Donnell has done to them -- taken away their self-esteem, ritualized them into a demonic system. They have to 'be me' meaning they experience my thoughts/feelings (brain waves). They are agents in the luciferian planetary prison grid. Period. I can actually see-perceive the demonic darkness and  sick black countenance coming from their electronic voices, tones, harmonics. You'd have to be under synthetic telepathy to really know how you can experience someones voice etc directlly in your brain (bypassing your ears). It's totally demonic. These skinheads are like terrified, shaking little rabbits. They have nowhere to go, like a beaten wife who keeps returning to the husband who keeps putting her in the hospital. They'd have tremendous power and perks but instead their lives now suck beyond comprehension. There was another senior officer at Air Command who told me a number of times that I have to get away from Donnell. One of his codenames/nicknames was 'doctor john' or just 'john'. He told me Donnell destroys everything and everyone he comes in contact with. Large numbers of the original group are traumatized and scarred indellibly. The skinheads have had the worst abuse. They are in very unstable condition.     

I've failed at finding this pig's address so far. I need to find this pig and kill it before it kills me. I AM DYING. I AM BEING MURDERED.

It's actually an honor to be tortured to death by luciferians. I know where this pig is going when its all over - and it will be soon, maybe 10 more years at best. And I know where I go! I say this to the retarded skinhead pussies and they shake in their shoes. Donnell knows what he's done to them. They're section 8 now. They're cracking and weren't too bright etc to being with. They're crumbling, they have severe PTSD and are too fucked up to actually see/know how fucked up they are. So Donnell has the RNM system programmed for by brain to be split instantly when things get too tough for them. The system is great at neural-adaptive stuff - it can know when I'm saying certain things to them that wake them up to reality, to the conditions they are actually in and what he's done to them, and will do to them. He has a 100% failure rate at everything he's ever done, unless you count total catastrophe as success. All he knows how to do is keep up torture and use the 'madman behind the wheel' stunt. The system will block off all communication from me to skinheads or him when I start being effective i.e. just recapping the outrageous catastrophes he generated. It feels like my head is split in two. I can think and internally verbalize but only on my left side - which is highly computerized. I have almost no natural left-brain function anymore. It's totally the computer - after 5 nonstop fucking years of this. They also make me (beyond my control to stop) do this stupid laugh like a beavis and butthead kind of laugh, a stuttering retarded kind of laugh, as they talk to me in a fast and 'important' sounding tone. When they do this my blood pressure goes sky-high as I shake like a bad car engine stalling out. My whole body vibrates and tightens and death sometimes seems close.

If anyone needs more help identifying mcconnel, he has an accent a lot like Sean Hannity. I staccato type of speech pattern. 

Donnell may be in North Carolina on vacation. I do know he's on vacation, and I've belted this pig in the face by forcing him to deal with me and the current 'crisis'. I am trying to fuck up his vacation, take time away from his ungly loser family. Any way I can hurt the perps I will.

This is a longshot, but it may be close to his birthday.

Donnell gave me a heart attack back in 2013, one night.  He rapes tons of women. Various other personnel at the time told me to just keep thinking about my knowledge of his raping activities and it would create problems with air command personnel who were mixed in and result in my being released. A good number of them hated him. Unfortunately it didn't get me released but it created massive embarrassment and problems for Donnell and a couple others close to him. The idiot had conditioned me to constantly think about the worst possible things, to think about exactly what I'm 'not supposed to think about'. That's how uneducated this stupid hick is. So he threw gasoline on the fire by breaking into the dialog and constantly telling me to stop thinking about his  being a hardcore rapist. I simply couldn't stop thinking about it with him constantly seeding my mind with the content. He is truly mentally retarded. So one night he, via directed energy/forcefield, pinned and choked my whole upper body while I was sleeping face-down, basically asphixiating me, while he told me to stop thinking about rape. It lasted maybe a good 5 minutes total.  Well, last night and this morning the attacks that sent my blood pressure through the roof I think basically generated a stroke of sorts. I'm not well and am still vibrating and very tense. They can re-start this anytime. It's the same principle. I simply think something this idiot doesn't like - something true, simple facts about what an indescribable fuck-up idiot disaster-maker he is, the insane catastrophe's and incredible personal damage he's done to everyone around him... and of course rape, murder too. I simply have thoughts about the reality of this perp and he responds by even more hardcore torture. He thinks that will make me stop thinking about the very thing he's doing to me.

It will actually because it will kill me, is killing me. But that's how retarded this evil cockroach is. This evil rapist pervert monster is on vacation now and whining along with the 5 retard skinhead inmates about how much it sucks to have to be plugged into my brainwaves as they slowly but forcefully kill me. That's how ignorant these pieces of shit are. Not much point in writing-posting anymore but it helps me mentally a bit. Like every TI knows, it is a slow-motion murder and you just have to accept it and stagger along until you drop.

They burn in hell.

May 9, torture doesn't stop. This sadistic pussy's options are running low, and mine are increasing but I'm being murdered, losing strength, sleep deprived and horriffically soul-tortured almost every night etc. He has to kill me. Oh, a nice story about him. This big navy seal (navy kneel) got his ass humiliated by an unarmed black guy at a hotel some years ago (yes, he was a seal then). There was a little dispute over something in the lobby about a room or something and this navy kneel wussed out - the black guy got in his face and intimidated, humiliated Donnell in front of his kid, and mcconnel gave in and walked away - had to leave the hotel.  This led to his burning hatred of blacks. He's still scrounging up and intaking as many white trash assets as he can, everyone he sees with any characteristics of a patriotard, redneck, or rightwing xtian type. His lame 5 skinheads are suffering mentally badly, they're cracking. One can't handle himself anymore in the 'gamer room'... he's so mentally damaged by Donnell that he can't control his impulses anymore and he misfires effects. He had to take time off but he nor the rest of them can leave... it's damned if they stay, damned if they go. They hate Donnell. He monitors every single thought they have when online. He has set up the system so that the slightest critical or negative emotion or thought or mannerism etc expressed by them -- the slightest hint of something that's 'hidden' or private -- instantly trips an alert sent to this psycho who then crashes in immediately and starts the interrogator. The loser skin handlers are having nervous breakdowns from 3 years almost non-stop of this abuse and terror. I've never seen anyone or anything so obsessively micro-managed as this idiot's RNM system. They've been online almost constantly since 2013. They need the money and otherwise go back to prison or worse. Donnell screams at them constantly, treats them like idiots - which they are but he's untouchable in that department. A moron who shoots himself in the foot and blames everyone else around him.  I need Donnell's address. I have to get him before he kills me.e.

May 7, 2016 Donnell's 5 skinheads hate his guts. They are suffering mentally badly. The only reason they stay in this evil little cult is because they have no choice. They are no longer fit to be around guns etc. Their condition will continue to worsen. Eric Donnell. I have his real full name. I need his address now. Ultimately I need all perps dead. There were around 30 military personnel total I think. The main thing is getting Donnell. Motorcycle riding is dangerous.

April 23, 2016 the worst soul tortures and mental tortures in years are going on now. this evil pig who lives close by in Milton is torturing ME TO DEATH right now. I am being murdered. It is a slow agonizing death with periods of intense unreal torture - like tonight, the past 5 hours or so. there are only 5 skinheads (ex-inmates) helping him. without them I'd be free. They're all he has. I don't know how much longer I can live. I'm being murdered and for no reason other than that it's part of war on heaven, its evil and this retarded hick loves to torture, rape and murder. Even if I linger longer a little I'm actually dead now, I'm being soul tortured, murdered right now in mind and spirit. I AM BEING TORTURED OUT OF MY MIND.

March 13, 2016. Kill this evil pennsylvania hick, u.s navy kneel (seal) captain, Eric or Erik. Kill him. He lives somewhere in the area of Forsyth, Cherokee or Dawson county Georgia. Kill this evil torturing pig. It has at least two offspring. He rides a motorcycle, has a black beard and black but graying hair. Everyone should hate this despicable slimy duplicitious switchhitting whore. He can't be that hard to find. The above are facts about him. Aside from torturing me to death, this slimy whore is a massive threat to anyone and everyone. SOMEONE, ANYONE, KILL HIM, MESS WITH HIS FAMILY, DO ANYTHING TO HIM, JUST LIKE HE DOES. GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES.

Dec 20, 2015




YAHWEH: 'Ain't your nigger, ho'.

Dec 19, 2015. Confirmation from MOSSAD - Moloch's slimy talmudic bastards, on what they did. Watching my mother in a hospital bed, bloody from head to foot, with tubes running through her, my main thought is revenge. The zionists win, that's how the planet is set up. Interdimensional beings administrate over and directly through them. They are like the viceroys of this evil shithole prison planet. But perhaps it could be more of a nobody wins kind of thing. I'm defenseless and helpless. I'm set up to be royally ritually slowly tortured to death by these NWO pigs. In the big picture that's what this. I will relish any kind of damage they get in the process of their aims. I'll take what I can get.

By the way, Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to all Starseeds of like mind, and sympathies to all other TI's - the real Holocaust victims.

The most important thing to say regards the Universe beyond this evil matrix planet. And it's a direct plea to Putin. TAKE OUT CERN. Make it happen.

Aug 31, 2015. Don't know how or when the new management will knock me off. No TI knows but the end of the road is bad for us.

What should the the response of the labrat TI be to the perps: Why can't I check you out? I want to study you. Why don't I go to your place of worship electronically and monitor your spiritual experiences, clone you, do soul rape, mind rape, put you in time-travel machines, CERN type stuff, desecrate you in every way? Comply and things will be easier for you.

Aug 24, 2015. New time travel project mission by new group.  Hmm, let's say you'd get to go back to the 70's! The way this would work is that the "doctor" or your fake relative would mentally walk you back there to the time when you were a kid just like a regression therapy... but ... would you stay there in the 70's? No, that would be a starting point. Imagine there is a starting line, the voice says. And  the starting line is the day you were born. Now let's imagine that that line is gone. Try and see past it, let's go back further... etc etc.. Going back to WW eras and before etc... That would be one way. They do this stuff, I promise. Are doing it, trying to continue it with me. NO FUCKING WAY. MY WILL AND COSMIC COMMAND AND RESPONSE TO ALL THIS IS THAT IT BACKFIRES WILDLY. 

Aug 23, 2015. Help. Help. Helping me is helping you. Show up now. I need protection.

Aug 10, 2015 early morning, CIA and Capt Eric "seal" now known as "Agent Ho" or pimp rather, are at it again doing more experiments. I can't stop them. I only vow cosmically and in every way I can influence that it will backfire. In a way, I'm glad this group of zionists joined the Titanic crew. Welcome aboard. Oh Vey!

SEAL coward team is pulling out. I think the higher level members have physically moved away from the area, scared of the CIA who are brutal killers who kill for fun. The SEAL based zombie houses in my neighborhood are vacated now and CIA teams are creating new zombie houses now.

Coward loser idiot Air Command is TOAST! These fucking idiots. And I'm toast because these retards wouldn't help. There's no military base I can run to, nowhere to go for frequency help or at least physical protection. It's a countdown until I'm physically abducted.

The greatest event in human history is playing out, and possibly in the cosmos. Those in the know, know this. Yet these intel-mil groups including my original group - air command, stand there reading this (and I know agencies around the world read this) and do nothing. They could step in. As amazing as it sounds, they could actually send a contingent of men under frek protection and rescue me. Nobody would stop them physically. CIA would try to control them neurally, no further comment on that.

My house is set up now where CIA has designated rooms where they get full access, labs. Actually there are no more safe zones. This would sound ludicrous to those not familiar with remote wi-fi control of humans and the territories they occupy - house, car, favorite restaurants etc... but this is how it works. Modern intel agencies know. Most of the world in terms of modern war would be wi-fi (directed energy) software based. Everyone is under the same umbrella but... as always, who knows. This is another story. Meanwhile, I wait to get killed - fully zombied.

One person did and does all of this. Capt Eric. Every single bit of the damage to myself and many others is totally because of this cunt taking the most insane measures to save his career. As amazing as it sounds, it's nothing more than this. He's pulling out now. It's been a measured, slow withdrawl - handoff with lots of psyops to make me think it's 'going to work out'.  No, the absolute worst course of events that could happen have/are happening. 

The incredible thing is how the military never even investigates once. If even 1 hundredth of what I say is true they'd be insane not to totally remove SEAL capt and check me out directly instead of going by 'ignore him' orders and the out of context hacked 'human effects' reports.

Time is running out fast.

Listen to me you fucking idiots, the same psy-ops good-cop bad-cop scam doesn't go on and on for months. This isn't a red herring scam. I've been in this a long time, I know what's what. You stupid fucking idiots. Just sit there.

Anyone, any military group with frek protection, help. Or help anyway you can, anyone anywhere in the world, use your muscle anyway you can. I need protection immediately.

Aug 7, 2015 - like the bs cherry-picked reports, pics of me smiling, maybe drinking a beer, etc. 'see, he's doing fine'.

Aug 6, 2015 - by the way, for the millionth time, if and it's a gigantic if, any air command actually tried to read me they'd fail. SEAL team firewalls me very well and does other smoke and mirrors so AC would get bogus data. Physical is the only way at this point.

Aug 4, 2015 - book now republished and hitting mass markets in both languages.

4:49am CIA ("Upper Brethren Illuminati") now getting totally free unrestricted electronic access to my brain and system at night. When I woke up a little while ago the first word I heard coming through was "Murder". Over and over "murder" in the hissing voice. Yep, that's what they do and like nobody else. It's a countdown until they kill me. At moment I'm almost certain CIA agents are actually still talking on the line. Possible it could be impersonation but not likely. I do KNOW for sure that they are listening. They pick up everything now except when very tight, powerful frequency fence is on - that's all I'll technically elaborate on. We will NOT be having a brain-hacking syntel communication relationship. This isn't going to fly. CIA sure makes a lot of referneces to your children. "You have a kid" ... "kid" this, "kid" that. So you get the point. I am totally unprotected physically now for the most part too. Local SEAL team will not come in my house at night anymore since they will be surveilled by CIA. That's scary. I actually need their physical protection badly now. I'm a totally open target. CIA would be glad to kill me like Robin Williams or John Nash and keep the real me in their lab - this is the immortality they talk about in transhumanism. As Robert Duncan put it "you don't even get the benefit of death."  See the movie Transcendence as a reference.

Well, I do plan on getting the book re-listed again and translated to Chinese. Air Command gets full credit for that.